Thursday, September 30, 2010

Here is Justin Bieber's tour rider

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Around here, I'm allowed one Justin Bieber-related post per month. At least, I think that's the cap. So here goes this month's #Biebfeed.

OMG you guys it's Biebs' tour rider! (Click to enlarge.) You know, the list of shit that famous entertainers need from Frito-Lay Amphitheater or wherever in exchange for their hallowed presence at their scheduled gigs. To be fair, the Biebs' list of demands isn't that ridiculous, as far as these things go. Give the kid some Swedish Fish, for crying out loud! Although he does ask for an aberrantly large number of socks and white shirts. And in all different sizes, no less. Oh man. Is Justin Bieber running an illegal clothing-sales racket? I'm not asking, I'm just asking. Either way, you heard it here first.

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Yelawolf covers new issue of the FADER

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There's the cover for the new issue of the FADER. You might recognize that mug from around town. The FADER explains:

Alabama especially figur[es] into the career of catfish rapper Yelawolf, an undeniable force whose quick diction and mudflap haircut are going to worm their way into the hearts of many, many different types of people. As you may know, rap is the new pop (by new, we mean the last 20 years minimum), and that’s basically the time folks like Yelawolf have grown up, this self-proclaimed redneck running through his tracks with a predilection for gross glamor, Chevys and Xanax. We didn’t fish him up from the bottom of the swamp, he came up for air himself, but he knows where he’s from. That’s why we went there.

Issue 70 hits newsstands next Tuesday, October 5. Yelawolf is set to play an end-of-tour show at the Masquerade with Twitter fiend Wiz Khalifa on November 6.

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A conversation with Other Sound co-organizer Eric Holder

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Listen to The Other Sound 2010 comp.

On Sat., Oct. 2 The Other Sound music festival returns to Little 5 Points for its sixth year of providing a platform for Atlanta's brightest indie up-and-comers. But this year the festival expands its reach to cover a larger part of L5P proper with shows happening at The Star Bar, Java Lords, The 5 Spot and Criminal Records. Check out the lineup.

Eric Holder of ISP (marketing and publicity), Justin Sias (booking) and Kathryn (Kat) Colohan of Containment Theory Records (branding) make up the managerial triad at the heart of it all. As Holder explains, it's a labor of love that keeps him in touch with the local music scene, and literally grounded in the community

Chad Radford: What motivates you to come back and put on The Other Sound Festival again this year?

Eric Holder: Personally speaking, I was one of the original organizers of AthFest and the excitement of putting together a festival that isn't driven by corporate motives really gets in your blood. We have sponsors but they're on board with us because they like what we have already put into motion. This isn't a commercial thing, it's an underground thing and half of the bands that are playing this year might not be around this time next year.

Also, I'm getting older and The Other Sound keeps my senses alert. I'm not out clubbing every night and I don't play in a band, so this keeps me involved and it keeps the conversation going; and it's a fun conversation.

When you say The Other Sound is not driven by "Corporate motives" you're essentially talking about not letting the almighty dollar influence who get's booked, correct?

Yes, and I have been approached by some bigger potential sponsors who have asked "why don't you get some bigger bands to play?" But that's not what this is about.

Continue reading »

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Tracklist: Courtney Love, Beyonce, Danny Elfman, Jimmy Fallon, Justin Timberlake, Wolf Parade, Kanye, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Chunklet

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So this is happening.
  • So this is happening.

>> No love lost between Rihanna and Nicki Minaj, apparently. PHEW!

>> The History of Courtney Love, in cartoon form. Fitting.

>> Beyonce, always the best dancer in the room and or suburb.

>> The Danny Elfman boxset is for Simpsons-on-VHS-tapes geeks, only.

>> Stuff White People Like: Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake rapping.

>> Kanye cancels holy day to commemorate the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ.

>> Watch: Wolf Parade's new video for "Yulia," off Expo 86.

>> Warning: One cannot unsee Henry Chunklet in a boy scout uniform.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Young Jeezy: The Last Laugh mixtape

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Jay Jenkins' much-anticipated TM103 was slotted to come out yesterday. It did not. Instead, Jeezy's just dropped yet another in a series of (mostly middling) 2010 mixtapes. The Last Laugh features the Yo Gotti collab "All White" and eleven other tracks, including the Shawty Redd-produced "Rap Game". In fact, Shawty Redd is all over this thing. I can dig it.

Download the tagged (ugh) tape here. (Via Nah Right)

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Tracklist: Roger Waters, N.E.R.D, Kanye West, The Morning Benders, Pavement, Madonna, The Moondoggies, Broken Social Scene

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Show me on the doll where you want to be touched by the doll.
  • "Show me on the doll where you want to be touched by the doll."
>> Be the first Kid A on your Tron grid to hear some new Broken Social Scene tracks featured in the upcoming Galifianakis movie, It's A Funny Kind Of Story.

>> Did Roger Waters just make The Wall anti-semitic? Ha ha, charade on who?

>> New Kanye Bon Iver track is worth breaking your don't make me listen/watch/do things that are longer than 30 seconds rule.

>> A bunch of cute girls in white tank tops and N.E.R.D. did a new one, "Hypnotize You," on Letterman last night. What did you think?

>> Pretty new tune by The Morning Benders. But really, this is exactly the kind of awesome stuff you expect from a band called called The Morning Benders.

>> Were the Pavement reunion shows any good? Better.

>> Madonna is a human being who has been photoshopped. THE HORROR.

>> Filter talks to The Moondoggies about, you know, all the basic, good stuff.

>> Bieber dolls, pervo.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Eyedrum is moving

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It looks like Eyedrum will be moving out of it's current location at 290 MLK Dr. in December of this year.

According to the press release from Eyedrum's board chair Allen Welty-Green:

Eyedrum Art & Music gallery announced today that it will move from its current location as of Dec. 31, 2010. It has occupied its current location since 2001. The organization extends its gratitude to property manager Braden Fellman for the many good years at Eyedrum's 290 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive location.

The move reflects the organization’s resilience and value to the greater Atlanta community, demonstrated by Eyedrum’s recent programming, such as the nationally and critically acclaimed Living Walls exhibition, Tristan Perich's Atlanta premiere of his Dual Synthesis for Harpsichord & 1-Bit Electronics and Blake Beckham's dance/installation American Muscle — as well as the group's recent award for Best Underground Art Space, from Creative Loafing’s Best of Atlanta Reader’s Poll (for several years running).

"We have received attractive offers for a new space and will finalize our decision about relocation shortly,” said Board Chair Allen Welty-Green. "Wherever Eyedrum winds up, though, the organization intends to continue its mission and remain essential to Atlanta's underground and alternative arts scenes," he added.

Details about the new location, a yard sale, and volunteer opportunities to help Eyedrum move will follow later this fall.

Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

(Photo courtesy Eyedrum)

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Gucci Mane: The Appeal: Georgia's Most Wanted

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“Coulda been a doctor, shoulda been a lawyer/ Go to court so much I coulda been my own employer.” This line from album opener and Bun B collab “Little Friend” is a veritable thesis statement for The Appeal, the long-anticipated new full-length from the equally venerated and vilified Radric Davis. The song should be another hackneyed rap attempt at Scarface appropriation, but it works, partly because of Darkchild’s ominous backing track, but mostly because Gucci sounds like he’s finally done giving a fuck. Older tracks like “Wasted” put Gooch’s nihilistic bent on display, but it always seemed forced; now it’s less nihilism than the sound of a man who’s used his time locked up to get free. Don’t misread me: Gandhi he ain’t (see the grossly hedonistic “Making Love to the Money” and “Dollar Sign”). But I dare say The Appeal displays a new, more enlightened Gucci. And you know? It’s a good look for him. (1017 Brick Squad/Warner Bros/Asylum) 4 stars out of 5

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Check out Still Flyin's Georgia-centric new video

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San Francisco reggae-jam-party collective (it's better than it sounds, I promise) Still Flyin' have strong Georgia connections - the band features past and present members of Masters of the Hemisphere and Maserati, among others - so it makes sense that the group's new video for the late-night pop tune "Victory Walker" would be shot over in Athens.

Still Flyin' honcho Sean Rawls explains:

"Our only opportunity to do [the video] was a Sunday night. In Georgia, you can't sell alcohol on Sundays out of respect to their Lord Jesus Christ, so everything is totally shut down on Sunday night. A city of shadows. Add to that that it we filmed until 4am (those bits of me walking the streets were the last thing we did), and it was this very surreal and perfect foundation - a town without a single soul on the streets except for one: the Victory Walker."

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Get Fashion Bliss tonight at Halo with Vagabond, DJ Kemit

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Vagabond Arts will debut its fall line tonight at Halo, with tunes provided by Spread Love's finest, DJ Kemit.

The last installment of Fashion Bliss was truly that, with an authentic runway stroll, complete with fierce poses and fly jewelry, from the top of Halo's second level down the stairs near the main bar. It's a perfect venue, with the juxtaposition of modern lighting and accoutrements and Vagabond's exotically earthly elements. The party continued on after the show, with Kemit venturing from the soulfully groovy tunes backing the models to a broader, party-hearty uptempo mix for the growing crowd.

Expect the same tonight when the Vagabond show starts at midnight. Founder/creator Meghan Mckendree promises plenty of new designs, to be adorned by both fashionably dressed and body-painted models (courtesy Rio Sirah) — some of whom might be familiar to Atlanta's nightlife scene.

Maurice Room Exquisite Salon and Spa, and Divin Clementine's Dope Soap-On-A-Rope will also be on hand for the night.

Halo Lounge, corner of West Peachtree and Sixth streets. 9 p.m. 678-310-5535.

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