Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Everybody's getting Stoned on Marta

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Ever since suburbanites stuck MARTA with that Jim Crow acronym "Moving Africans Rapidly Through Atlanta" back in the day, the homegrown transit authority has been trying to shake its bad rap. But with Soulja Girl spazzing out on Rosa Parks and the Southwest Dekalb High School drum majors making a diss anthem out of "Bitch U Ride the Marta Bus," it's been one hell of an uphill battle in recent years.

Now here comes a rapper named Will with a new album Stoned on Marta available on Bandcamp for free. (That's 2 dollars cheaper than a one-way fare, FYI.) As far as I can tell, Will — who hails from Zone 4 according to Maurice Garland who discovered him on Twitter — is not out to clown Atlanta's alternative mode of transportation. He's merely chronicling his story as a hustling-class brother with a BREEZE card whose preferred pastimes include smoking-out, drinking-out and riding-out — often at the same time, hence such titles as "Toast to the Occasion," "Twisted on the Highway," and his between-stops mack-down "Sex on the Ceiling."

The 16-track LP ain't bad, in fact it could be the best PR boost MARTA's had in the ’hood since that whole "Take marta, itsmarta" campaign. The title alone lends instant street cred. It's probably not on MARTA CEO Beverly Scott's iPod, but Will should get as much mileage out of the project as he can: Shoot a viral video while stoned on the train. Call up Soulja Girl for a cameo. Get the SWD drum majors to do the Dougie on it. Then drop that sequel, Stoned on Delta. TSA will have a fit.

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Killer Mike feat. T.I. - 'Ready Set Go' video

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Never you mind those pesky allegations concerning the supposed disappearance of his prized gold chain and the subsequent kidnapping/assault of the man suspected responsible: Dungeon Family cohort Killer Mike would prefer that you focus instead on his upcoming album PL3DGE, which is set to drop in early 2011. Above, check out the newly released video for the song "Ready Set Go." It's passable, if a bit passionless, and features the talents of MC/caged bird T.I. (Tip's Fuck A Mixtape was the original host of the jam).

And, oh yeah, Killer Mike has now changed his stage name to the family-friendlier Mike Bigga. That is all.

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Yelawolf: Homeless in Berkeley

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Yelawolf "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" from Yours Truly on Vimeo.

Before ’Bama native and Atlanta resident Yelawolf became the Interscope artist-on-the-rise that he is today, he paid some unorthodox dues — doing everything from working on an Alaskan fishing boat to being a skate-rat in Berkeley, Ca.

Turns out dude was pretty much homeless for most of the year he spent in Berkeley. He relives it while revisiting his old stomping ground there in Peoples Park. The most haunting party of the video follows, when he performs his blog hit "Pop the Trunk" with bare-bones piano accompaniment. Chilling stuff, courtesy Yours Truly.

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Hawks need your help

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There’s been no progress made in recovering any of Hawks' musical gear, which was stolen from in front of vocalist Mike Keenan and drummer Shane Patrick’s house near Oakland Cemetery on Nov. 10.

The trailer containing most of their musical belongings and merch (T-shirts and records) that was padlocked to the hitch of Keenan’s car was stolen, leaving the group pretty high and dry.

Read the original Crib Notes post about the incident.

Tonight (Tues., Nov. 30) a handful of bands are getting together to play a benefit show at 529 to help raise money to buy some new equipment. Turf War, Demonaut and a few other unannounced bands and DJs will be on hand. Hawks aren’t playing, but they’ll be there with a table set up to sell the few records the thieves didn’t take. The cover is $5 and the music starts at 9 p.m.

If you can’t make it out tonight but would like to donate some money to the cause, you can do so via Paypal with Keenan’s e-mail address: michael@younganimals.org

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Atlas Sound silenced UPDATE

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After posting a four volume series of Atlas Sound home recordings, dubbed Bedroom Databank last week, Bradford Cox received an ugly notice from Sony Music Entertainment on Fri., Nov. 26 after they deleted the posts which contained downloads of volumes 2-4. The Reason for their action: "unauthorized reproduction and distribution of copyrighted sound recordings owned or exclusively distributed by Sony Music."

Cox has since put them back on the Deerhunter / Atlas Sound blog.

Update: On Mon., Nov. 29 Sony admitted its mistake when a spokesman told Billboard Magazine: "The Bradford Cox tracks were mistakenly removed. We advised Mediafire that the titles were mistakenly taken down. We have communicated all of this to Bradford Cox and his manager."

Along with the albums, Cox also included the messages he received referring to each of his blog posts, along with the phone number included with the messages, adding "Feel free to call or email and let them know what you think."

Read Cox's post containing the notices.

Cox also says "I can understand them requesting for me to remove a cover but the only one I can imagine that happening with is Dylan. Which was on Vol. 1. Which was not deleted."

That's just speculation, but it almost makes sense. Sony is the parent company of Columbia Records which is Bob Dylan's label. But again, the one volume of Bedroom Databank that was not deleted is the only one that contains a Dylan cover. So why did this happen? Did some sort of key word seeking software misfire? Who knows? But in the bigger picture, Sony claiming ownership of songs recorded in anyone's bedroom and posted on a blog is absurd, and Cox's label 4AD is in no way related to Sony.

I called the number listed in the message that he received hoping to find out why the posts were cut but was sent to a voice mail box.

In the meantime, all four volumes of Bedroom Databank have been reposted. Go get them before big brother strikes again.

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Tracklist: Finish Folk Metal

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Truth or dare?
  • Truth or dare?
>> Sony to Bradford: "Erm, our bad."

>> And now a message from our Lady of Gaga.

>> Kid CuDi on Conan. Does not compute.

>> Fefe Dobson stoked, can't explain.

>> More like Bob Grinchdof, amirite????

>> Handwritten lyrics to “The Times They Are a-Changin’” expected to go for $200,000 to $300,000.

>> New Daft Punk Tron: Legacy tracks up at NPR

>> Exercise machines, Madonna's mug, and your flabby muscles meet in Mexico City.

>> "The Error Of Your Ways” is the new single from Microdot Recordings artist Glassheads.

>> The Line of Best Fit talks to Tamaryn about the male-female divide in rock.

>> Wolf Parade call it quits indefinite hiatus. BOOOOOOO!

>> Tracklist for Korpiklaani's upcoming Ukon Wacka revealed!

>> Download: The Rolling Stones :: Brussels Affair 1973 (Definitive Edition)

>> MERGE!!!!!!!!!!

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Jarvis Cocker digs Carnivores!

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  • Carnivores
While in the thick of a three week West Coast tour playing songs from their latest record, If I'm Ancient, Carnivores received a pretty significant shout out from the other side of the globe this week.

Pulp vocalist and all around wild man Jarvis Cocker played "Dressed For Rain" from the Carnivores' side of the recently released UK split 7-inch with Brooklyn's Dinosaur Feathers, during his Sunday Service radio show for BBC 6.

You can listen to the entire show on the BBC's website, and it's a pretty good one. Jarvis has impeccable taste and the Carnivores track sounds right at home amidst the Jam, the Velvet Underground and the Flying lizards.

If you don't have time for the whole show, check out the CliffsNotes version (above) with the song sandwiched between Cocker's commentary about the song and his sign-off.

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Black Lips were harbingers of mayhem Saturday night

Posted By on Mon, Nov 29, 2010 at 5:48 PM

Atlanta got a face full of what the Black Lips have in store with their new album when the band played Variety Playhouse on Saturday night (Nov. 27). Even though the new record promises to show the group crafting a cleaner, more exact approach to the noisy and untamed rock and roll that they’ve made their own over the years, there’s a whole new crop of young faces in the crowd, and they don’t give a damn about musical evolution. These kids are hell-bent on upholding the traditions of wreaking just as much havoc as Black Lips songs and shows have always wrought.

And that’s okay. It has been like that since the earliest days spent playing at the original Die Slaughterhaus in Home Park, and it’s always been the kids in the crowd getting ramped up and causing all of the property damage. But Saturday night’s show felt different, ritualistic. Audience participation is part of the Black Lips' mythology now, and like Pavlov’s dogs, when the crowd heard the opening jangle of “Bad Kids” or the rolling bass of “Oh Katrina” they became a mass of snarling, drooling beasts.

Beer cans, shoes and other projectiles rocketed over the crowd while geysers of beer spray erupted all around. One by one, elated young girls and awkward dudes stormed the stage to clown around, dance and eventually fling themselves back atop the sea of bouncing heads and fists. One guy in the crowd was so worked up that he beat another guy over the head with an orange road cone, which just kind of happened to be lying around for some reason. He hit the other kid so hard that the cone broke into pieces. The cops took him away and the bloodied victim disappeared into the mob scene. This happened right after I saw a young heathen child whip out both breasts, neither of which looked old enough to vote, but I can’t be sure. I didn’t check her I.D.

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Everybody was Butch Vig Fighting

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Ah, good times.
  • Ah, good times.
>> R. Kelly, AKA I.P.Freelyonyourface, took a break from peeing freely on your face to serve up some hot medley at the Soul Train Awards.

>> The Strokes are beyond thrilled with their 10 new songs. The rest of us are just beyond it.

>> Gird your snark: Taylor Swift Speak Now World Tour.

>> Dave Foo Fighter talks new Foo, Butch Vig, fucking a girlfriend you had 20 years ago.

>> The Mary Halvorson Quintet put out the album of the year? According to Heartonastick, pretty much.

>> Willie Nelson had weed on the bus? Way to go, McGarnicle. You really cracked that case wide open. You're sure to make detective, now.

>> Download a song by 70's model and actress Isabelle De Funes.

>> The new Iron & Wine gets all over your internet.

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Chad Rad's concert picks Nov. 29 - Dec. 2

Posted By on Mon, Nov 29, 2010 at 11:04 AM

529 Flat Shoals Ave. 404-228-6769.
Mon., Nov. 29 — Wrister, Die Benny, Eskimo Fuck Party, Black Panther Party. Free. 9 p.m.

Wed., Dec. 1 — Dead Rabbits, Six Shot Revival, Hip to Death and the Humms. $5. 9 p.m.
Thurs., Dec. 2 — Siamese Twin, Transvestite, Glue. $5. 9 p.m.

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