Friday, January 28, 2011

Schemes + Dreams killing 'em softly with Roberta Flack

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A young man jams with Navasha Daya of Fertile Ground (from left), N'Dambi, Rhonda Thomas, Roberta Flack, and Eric Roberson (far right). Roberta Flack
  • Courtesy of Rick Cook
  • A young man jams with Navasha Daya of Fertile Ground (from left), N'Dambi, Rhonda Thomas, Roberta Flack, and Eric Roberson (far right).

Inspiration can come from anywhere. Just ask promoter Rick Cook. The White Plains, NY native-turned-ATLien has witnessed the full evolution of hip-hop from the Fresh Fest of the early ’80s to the global tours of today. When he’s not gearing up for shows like the Robert Glasper Experiment in Atlanta this Saturday, he’s building his newest endeavor, the Schemes + Dreams Foundation, future home of the Inner City Music Academy.

The still-developing ICMA is a program designed to expose youth to live music and performance, composition and instrumentation, through a series of workshops with the help of well-know artists — including the legendary Roberta Flack. He got the idea to start the organization after he saw his then 11-year-old nephew completely light up after hearing live jazz music.

How did you get involved in music since you’ve also worked as a substance abuse counselor?

Rick Cook: I met a gentleman by the name of Ricky Walker. We began to do things and he created an event called the New York City Fresh Fest. It was the first hip-hop tour back in the day with Run-DMC, Whodini and the Fat Boys. I got married and my wife got pregnant and I chose my marriage and got out of the music business. I got back in the music business roughly six years ago, promoting local shows here in Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Seattle and different cities. I tried to create different experiences at my events. I didn’t want to be a typical concert promoter. I wanted to make a difference.

How did you start Schemes + Dreams?

RC: I had a show two years ago. My 11-year old nephew who helps me at my shows listens to Gucci Mane and Jeezy, and the jazz of Fertile Ground just completely blew him away to the point that he actually wrote a paper about it. I don’t want to see kids who have no concept of the history of jazz. My daughter and I talked about it. She said “You’ve got to start a foundation.” Henceforth, Schemes and Dreams was developed.

How did you get artists like Robert Flack, N’Dambi and Eric Roberson to get involved?

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Chad Rad's weekend picks, Jan. 28-29

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Cameli's Pizza
699 Ponce de Leon Ave. 404-249-9020.

Sat., Jan. 29 — The Clap, Balkans. Free. 10 p.m.

529 Flat Shoals Ave. 404-228-6769.
Fri., Jan. 28 — Sons Of Tonatiuh, Wolves & Jackals, Demonaut, Black Pussy. $5. 9 p.m.
Sat., Jan. 29 — Cinemechanica, Manray, Lazer/Wulf. $7. 9 p.m.

The Earl
488 Flat Shoals Ave. 404-522-3950.
Fri., Jan. 28 — Ninja Gun, the North Trolls, Author's Apology. $8. 9 p.m.
Sat., Jan. 29 — Soulphonics & Ruby Velle, the Distribution. $10. 9 p.m.

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Song of the Day: Siamese Twins' 'Vocal Dischord'

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Siamese Twins blend elements of grindcore and punk to lend a hand to their catchy hooks. Frenzied riffs, chanting, and constant drum rolls give a sense of urgency translated perfectly as an example of taking classic punk elements and updating them with skill and efficiency. Be sure to download their 3-song EP for free on Bandcamp.

Siamese Twins with the Bums. Free. 9 p.m. Mon., Feb. 7. 529, 529 Flat Shoals Ave.

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jamal Ahmad premiering Donnie's new single from The American Anthology today at 4

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Don't act like you don't remember Donnie, he's only the most politically provocative artist to emerge from Atlanta's turn-of-the-millennium soul scene. Got word from him today that WCLK-FM's Jamal Ahmad is premiering his new single on 91.9 in about a half hour.

No word on the song's title yet, but it's the debut single from Donnie's upcoming LP, The American Anthology. I had a short convo with Donnie while he was in the midst of creating the new album last year and he said some surprising things in regards to the old soul, live instrumentation sound of his previous releases (The Colored Section, The Daily News) — a sound he said he intended to avoid altogether on his new release.

Should be very interesting. After all, it's Donnie.

Tune in to WCLK's online stream at 4 p.m., if you can't break away.

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Tracklist: His Silver Bullet Band

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Do it. Click it. Do it. Do it.
  • Do it. Click it. Do it. Do it.
>> Download the new Bright Eyes song called "Haile Selassie." I'm not saying you have to listen to it. Just download it, like a good person.

>> Rihanna, by Kanye West.

>> The internet's own Tyler Coates went to Chicago and hung out with my girlfriend Liz Phair for four hours.

>> Kings of Leon vs. Glee. Who ya got?!

>> NPR talks to Dan Bejar about Kaputt.

>> Riff City looks at Kate Bush.

>> Bob Seger tour, album happening!

>> Jimmy Buffett fall down go boom.

>> Shine on, you crazy rich bastard.

>> God-fearing/loving/dry-humping Arkansasians shielded from picture of Elton John.

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Balkans, the Clap and pizza this Saturday (Jan. 29)

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If you've been looking for an excuse to break those New Year's resolutions and throw down with some gourmet pizza, look no further. Cameli's Pizza (just across the way from the murder Kroger on Ponce) is hosting a pizza party with the Clap and Balkans this Sat., Jan. 29.

The bands are setting up by where they normally do Karaoke. It's a free all-ages show and the music starts at 10 p.m.

Cameli's is located at 699 Ponce de Leon Ave. 404-249-9020.

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Jib Kidder Lives in Your Dreams

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Jib Kidder - Always Now
from Jib Kidder on Vimeo.

Jib Kidder fights the information overload of the 21st Century with, well, an information overload. As a director, his videos take their cues from somewhere in between Koyaanisqatsi and Everything is Terrible!. As a musician, his songs land him somewhere in between musique concrète originator Pierre Schaeffer and cut-and-paste pioneers Double Dee & Steinski. And then we have his amazing, meticulous online collection of regional Southern hip hop, Twankle & Glisten, along with his archive of NOLA Bounce sample sources. In his spare time he makes Lindsay Lohan fast food t-shirts and weed-rap mixtapes as DJ Kid Slizzard, and turns out "So You Think You Can Dance" with club killers. Jib Kidder, a former Atlanta resident, is heading to town this Friday, January 28th, for a 9 o'clock show at the Highland Inn. He was kind enough to stop by Crib Notes for an it below.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Moondoggies talk sleepless songwriting in Seattle

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The Moondoggies. Beard rockin their way to a town near you.
  • The Moondoggies. Beard rockin' their way to a town near you.

From the Pacific Northwest, the Moondoggies (Wednesday, 1/26 @ the Earl) are an on-the-rise quartet from Seattle that delivers a solid blend of lushly harmonized, upbeat folk rock. Not far removed from a tour with regional torchbearers Blitzen Trapper and with an acclaimed sophomore record (Tidelands) in hand, the Moondoggies are beard-rocking their way to a permanent spot in your iPod. (Sidenote: Someone should open a L5P joint called "Beard Rock." Any takers? No? Moving on...)

I know Northwestern bands sometimes get tired of being lumped into a certain sound and aesthetic. Still, you've got to have a sense of being part of some greater and larger musical fabric, I imagine?
Kevin Murphy: With the way people get music these days, it’s just harder to [attribute] a specific “sound” to a region. [But] I think there’s regional pride in the sense that there can be a feeling that some see it as a little removed. I wouldn’t say it’s overwhelming or intimidating, but it’s more of an appreciation for what’s happening there. There’s not much separation between generations — the older people that were there before are still there. It’s a great support system.

Sonically, I’m sure you can see the link with some other buzz bands from that region right now and how people classify your sound in that sense?

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Gold-Bears release 'Something To Think About' 7-inch

Posted By on Wed, Jan 26, 2011 at 10:13 AM

Gold-Bears released a new four-song 7-inch via Miami's Cloudberry Records this week. If you've been paying attention, CL has already paid some lip service to two of the record's cuts, "Something To Think About" and "So Natural." Those are the record's A-sides, both of which carry out the ultra-distorted and high-energy pop dirges that represent the Gold-Bears sound so far.

But as the B-side spins, it becomes clear that the group isn't so one-dimensional. "Train Song" sheds the noise component to show off a cleaner side of their twisted pop sound. At first vocalist Jeremy Underwood's naked and barreling voice belts with such natural, human sway, unaffected by any recording embellishments, that it's a bit discomforting. But an awkward aesthetic has been brewing underneath all of the feedback and haze from beginning, creating rich and alienating tension. Here it's blown out to reveal new aspects of a the group's sound, which is still revealing itself, one song at a time. "Yeah Tonight" continues the trajectory, moving into a much more surreal pop terrain. In a word the song is majestic as it simple, dreamlike and droning melodies converge on a love-afflicted mantra that wouldn't feel out of place on a Love and Rockets records. It's not quite psychedelic, but it's intoxicating to the end, and it closes the record on a curious note as to how it will all pan out when their Slumberland Records debut arrives this spring.

Gold-Bears don't have any shows booked anytime soon, but they're playing shows in Atlanta and Athens with The Pains of Being Pure at Heart coming up in April. Stay tuned for more.

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Tracklist: Life Is Simple in the Moonlight?

Posted By on Wed, Jan 26, 2011 at 8:34 AM

A pretty picture

>> The Slut talks to Rye Rye about the album.

>> When David Byrne went to London.

>> In case you missed it, Wanda & Jack stopped by Coco's place, last night.

>> Daily downloads (Amanda Palmer, Deerhoof, and more) courtesy of LHB.

>> The NYT examines The Decemeberists decision to return to verse chorus verse.

>> The 10 worst best songs to sing at a urinal.

>> What the i. in stands for now.

>> Strokes inspired by MGMT, Arctic Monkeys, and Crystal Castles on new album.

>> Poet punk priestess Patti Smith tries something different. Bloc Party's Kele Okereke, too.

>> Pitchfork not feeling Cold War Kids' new direction.

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