Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Stone Rider talks classic rock in a parking lot

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From left: Neil Warren, Jason Krutzky, Matt Tanner
  • From left: Neil Warren, Jason Krutzky, Matt Tanner

As Jason Krutsky (drummer) and Matt Tanner (lead guitar/vocalist) of Stone Rider share an unlabeled bottle while standing by the bed of a gold pickup late on a February night, I get the feeling that they’re not the type to put on a show for anyone — writer present or not. That same unassuming confidence is also deeply ingrained in the Atlanta band’s new LP, Fountains Left to Wake, which dropped yesterday. In an age consumed by micro-genres, it takes a certain fearlessness to create a straight-ahead, ’70s-inspired, classic rock album, which is the best way to describe the follow-up to their 2008 debut, Three Legs of Trouble. Though third member Neil Warren (bassist), was busy printing tees during the interview, Krutsky and Tanner were eager to talk about the tenacity it takes to chase dreams into adulthood, getting lifted with Jimi Hendrix, and finding spirituality in death and drugs.

The song "When I Was Young" begins "Well now when I was young couldn't listen to nobody else/take the world on by myself." How does that resonant with you all?
Jason Krutzky: It's a fearlessness that you're kind of always chasing as you get older. It's a fearlessness that I can do anything that I put my mind to. Any wildest dream that I have, it's obtainable. It's this idea of maintaining that mentality now, as an adult. As a bill paying, working class, adult-type of person with so much other shit to deal with and worry about.

Have you guys ever felt discouraged as musicians?
JK: Sure [laughs]. Moment to moment. You can feel completely discouraged and then five minutes later feel on top of the world.

Matt Tanner: During a show, during a practice, during a conversation, while you're making breakfast, spill your eggs on the ground [you] feel pretty shitty.

JK: Cause that's all your eggs.

MT: The goal is to sustain yourself in what you love. When people say "I don't give a fuck about whether people like this," well, you do in a sense because you want people to hear it if you're releasing it.

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The Left Field Experiment returns

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Over the last few months, the Left Field Experiment at 529 has become host to the vanguard of Atlanta's underground hip-hop, electronic, and experimental beat wizardry.

Tonight’s installment (Wed., Feb. 29) features performances by 10th Letter (from Anderson, NC), Unda (Blunt Guts Nation), t8r(tot), and Somatoad (featuring Chris Case of Samadha, Cadillac Jones, et. al.). DJs on the decks include Divine Interface, Ty-vishnu, Dr. Conspiracy, DJ Nervex, and more, and it’s all hosted by DT of Clan Destined.

Free. 9 p.m. 529, 529 Flat Shoals Ave. 404-228-6769.

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Tracklist: Frank Ocean is actually looking forward to being sued by Don Henley

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Portrait of Bob Dylan?
  • Portrait of Bob Dylan?
>> You were saying, Blur?

>> "It's fun, very young children like it." ~ Mick Jagger on "Moves Like Jagger"

>> Phlo Finister does some extended brow-furrowing, pretends to talk on the phone in her new video for "Wrong."

>> Everybody gets animated and hungover for Gorillaz's "Do Ya Thing."

>> "Selective amnesia is only a heartbeat away." ~ David Lee Roth

>> Macy Gray* on Conan. (*Ken Marino)

>> This video contains an audio track that has not been authorized by all copyright holders. The audio has been disabled. Sincerely, Don Henley

>> Pitchfork fest to feature so many of your favorite bands, says Pitchfork.

>> Juicy J got himself a new bitch! YAY!!!!!! GOOD FOR YOU, JUICY J!!!

>> Christgau on Etta James.

>> Welcome back, Kaiser Chiefs.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What Odd Future's 'Loiter Squad' has in common with gangsta rap's most-loved villain

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Atlanta's Adult Swim recently released the trailer for the new Odd Future TV show “Loiter Squad”.

Dickhouse, the production team behind "Jackass," brings us this 15 minute live-action show featuring sketches, man-on-the-street segments, pranks, and music from the LA-based rap collective Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, set to air March 25 with a promotional March tour to several cities including the A.

Interestingly enough, the show airs the same date that Odd Future plans to stop by the Tabernacle, marking OF's second Atlanta date since appearing at Center Stage last October. The concert will include a pre-screening of the show along with the typical hyped up, break your ankle, crowd-surfing performance from OF.

Shooting videos has been a part of the OFWGKTA shtick for a good minute, but an official television spot is a new milestone. Every so often a simple homemade video finds its way onto OF’s Tumblr page and racks up hundreds of thousands of hits. Tyler the Creator has even appeared on Adult Swim before in a cameo on the "Regular Show" alongside Childish Gambino. OF crew members have some experience with acting, too, appearing in a Funny or Die sketch.

We can speculate on whether or not this show will exponentially increase OF’s popularity, but that’s really not the point. After all, OFWGKTA’s bread and butter comes from Internet heads, but there's a takeaway here.

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Radiohead premieres two new songs in Miami

Posted By on Tue, Feb 28, 2012 at 3:54 PM

Remember when every new Radiohead song was a worldwide media event? Well, it sort of still is. Video has been circulating 'round the 'net all day today of the Oxford lads' show last night in Miami, where the group played not one but TWO new tunes.

Since the vibrant In Rainbows emerged a few years ago, new Radiohead songs have generally fallen into two distinct categories. There are the nervous, skittering dance tracks (think "Lotus Flower" and then there are the droney, druggy slow jams (e.g., "Nude"). Of the two new ones, "Identikit" (video above) seems to be more the former, while "Cut a Hole" (below) is the latter. Both are quite good, though as we've learned before, we'll have to wait for the album to really get a feel for them.

Don't forget: Radiohead swings through Atlanta on Thursday.

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Cee Lo's new memoir title: Forget You? (wink, wink)

Posted By on Tue, Feb 28, 2012 at 2:22 PM

Cee Lo Green has announced plans to release a memoir in 2013. And his statement about the book sounds as CRAZY as his artistic evolution from original A-Town hard head to Goodie Mob front man to international soul man has been: “After reading my book, there will be no doubt that I am meant to be. You will enter into the supernatural, the surreal, and extraordinary. As CeeLo Green, a.k.a. ‘everybody’s brother,’ I will make you a believer. I talk about art imitating life; YOU discover CRAZY.”

The memoir, to be penned in conjunction with Rolling Stone reporter David Wild and fellow Goodie Mob member Big Gipp, will be titled Forget You?, with an intended wink being that it's the same radio-friendly title of his original 2011 solo hit, "F*ck You." Which reminds me of last year's SNL skit in which Cee Lo and Gwynneth Paltrow kept cussing all over the forgetting place.

Really, I could care less about the title, as long as he tells the story behind Shannon McCollum's photo above. But like the yin/yang title of his first solo album Cee Lo Green and His Perfect Imperfections (2002), I imagine it will also focus on the serious stuff, revealing the personal and spiritual side that has consumed and inspired a large part of his discography, including the loss of his parents — both of whom were ministers — at a young age.

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5 reasons why PLS PLS is a way better band than Dropsonic

Posted By on Tue, Feb 28, 2012 at 11:52 AM

Sometime in the midst of 2011 Dropsonic called it quits. It was the end of a 12-year legacy that saw the group churn out six albums while bouncing around between five different labels, and the end came rather unceremoniously. No big announcements, no public farewells, and no hurt feelings. But while singer and guitarist Dan Dixon was laying the old warhorse to rest, a whole new crop of songs were being kicked around in the studio. By November of last year, he unveiled a new moniker, PLS PLS, with the arrival of “River Song,” a darkly textured and rhythmic excursion into a decisively more atmospheric sound, defying the decade-plus of accusations of unabashed Led Zeppelin worship that Dropsonic drew like a magnet.

With PLS PLS, Dixon played all of the instruments for the recordings, aside from the drums, and after releasing a few more songs he assembled a crew. The PLS PLS live band features Asha Lakra (guitar), Andre Griffin (keyboards), Dave Chase (bass), Derek Murphy (drums), and Dixon handling vocals, and now they've got a show — Friday, March 2 at the Drunken Unicorn with the Life & Times and Silent and Listen. So what makes PLS PLS so much better than Dropsonic?

Dan Dixon tells it like it is:

1. Dropsonic was 33 percent balding and PLS PLS is only 20 percent balding. It's only one bald guy per band, but there are five of us playing in PLS PLS.

2. PLS PLS has a hot 22-year-old Indian girl on guitar.

3. You might actually see a girl that's not dating or married to a band member in the audience at a PLS PLS show. … Maybe.

4. No wanky guitar solos.

5. PLS PLS only knows like eight songs so if you hate it, it'll be over in 30 minutes anyway.

PLS PLS, "Exes"

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Washed Out remixes Pains of Being Pure at Heart for RSD EP

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Ernest Greene of Washed Out

Here's some pleasant wallpaper to help keep your mind focused on the chores that lie ahead on this not-so-sunny of Tuesday afternoons. Washed Out's remix of the Pains of Being Pure at Heart's "My Terrible Friend" surfaced on the Internet last week. This is only one of the four remixes that will appear on a POBPH EP coming out for Record Store Day in April, titled Acid Reflex. It’s due out in the U.K. via Play It Again Sam, but there’s no word regarding a U.S. release just yet. Twin Shadow, Violens, and Saint Etienne handle the other three remixes.

Head over to the PIAS SoundCloud page to hear the rest of the EP.

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Tracklist: Badu tattoo not welcome in Malaysia

Posted By on Tue, Feb 28, 2012 at 9:15 AM

Im going out west
  • I'm going out west
>> Stream a faintly Radiohead-esque new Regina Spektor tune, "All The Rowboats."

>> Legendary English DJ John Peel's record collection is headed online.

>> Of course Pete Doherty is attempting to reinvent himself as an artist who uses his own blood as a medium.

>> GQ talks to Gillette ProGlide adman Andre 3000 about no more Outkast.

>> Former Hole guitarist Eric Erlandson to publish 52-chapter book on "Rock ‘n’ roll, drug abuse, and the loss of Kurt Cobain."

>> Radiohead played "Meeting in the Aisle," the band's first instrumental off their '98 EP Airbag / How Am I Driving?, in Miami, last night.

>> "Give me back my millions!!!" ~ U2 Bassist Adam Clayton

>> Malaysia not a fan of Erykah Badu's ink.

>> Blurman Graham Coxon invited some fans to be in his new music video.

>> New York Times reviews for Estelle, Lambchop and Matthew Shipp Trio.

>> Listen to NPR's excellent piece on Bayou piano man Antoine Dominique "Fats" Domino, Jr.

>> Dev has non-carry-on baggage in her new video for "Take Her From You."

>> File under: Like, Whoa, Katy Perry!

>> Butts, boobs, bikinis, and 40-year-old father of three, Snoop Doggy Dogg.

>> John Mayer tour dates, ladies.

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Warm Art brings EDM heat and drunken lust to the Sound Table

Posted By on Mon, Feb 27, 2012 at 3:57 PM

Rob Dowell of Warm Art, The Sound Table, Atlanta
In one fell swoop, a man with greasy bangs side-stepped from the bar to stand in front of a woman — not to dance, but to stare, without blinking. She, in her white t-shirt and flowy skirt, had already started to twist her arms and hips into curlicues. But as soon as he appeared, leaning in close with stretched-out arms in an attempt to touch her shoulders, she averted her gaze toward her feet, to her side, anywhere but directly at him.

It was Saturday night at the Sound Table, and by 2 a.m., the crowd's inhibitions had long diminished as Rob Dowell's rhythms began to loosen up. Dowell, a founding member of Warm Art, an EDM collective that participated in last year's Edgewood Electronic Music Festival, is fascinated and fueled by the down-tempo music that house DJs usually play to warm up an audience. (Get it?)

The Sound Table crowd is usually an easygoing one. Whether a dozen or four dozen people are on the floor, they're always dancing if not strutting themselves into circles, or popping and locking, room-size permitting. On its long-running Proton Radio show, Warm Art doesn't toy with the bombast usually expected at clubs — not the bass artillery that dubstep seems to deliver every few minutes, or the radio shoutouts, or even the DJ dancing to his own shallow beats. As Dowell pumped his right hand into the air, ducking down every few minutes, he appeared to be playing some well-executed mixes. But even when the mix was left unattended, the whirring attacks and shrapnel of releases managed to send hands into the air.

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