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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Get your flashlights out boys and girls- Royal Thunder spooks it up

Clockwise from top left: Josh Coleman, Lee Smith, Mlny Parsonz, Josh Weaver
  • Clockwise from top left: Josh Coleman, Lee Smith, Mlny Parsonz, Josh Weaver

Royal Thunder album release. With Stone Rider, Spirits and the Melchizedek Children. $8. 9p.m. Sat., May 26th. The Earl, 488 Flat Shoals. (404) 522-3950.

CL chatted with Royal Thunder, a metal rock band that calls Atlanta home, on the eve of their first album, CVI (106 in numerology) dropping. Josh Weaver, lead guitar, shared a morbid story with us about experiences he's had while working in an old folks home.

Where do you work?

Josh Weaver: I've been working at a retirement home for close to nine years doing maintenance work. I've driven the bus, called bingo before.

[Rest of band laughs]

There's like 300 condos total.

Does it make you think about death?

It does. It's so crazy.

Mlny Parsonz: You should tell a story. Let's turn the lights off.

Lee Smith: Does anyone have a flashlight?

JW: It's weird. The craziest thing I've ever experienced is probably when I went into work one morning. It was like four or five years ago. A resident found out that he got terminal cancer again. He'd been fighting it and then he thought he beat it, but then he found out that he was not going to live from this one. I went into work and there were all these cops, and part of the road was blocked off and I go inside and they said that this guy had committed suicide. This was the craziest part. The dude wanted to make sure it was done. He lived on the seventh floor, so he climbed down from his balcony, he had a noose around his neck, he was on the edge, so he climbed down the edge, shot himself, and he fell seven floors. The noose was so long that it decapitated him. Dude made sure it was done.

MP: Didn't a dog find the head or something?

JW: No, no no. There was a resident on the first floor walking their dog, just sniffing around.

LS: Just another day at the office.

Josh Coleman: I'm surprised nobody heard the gunshot.

They're all hard of hearing though.

[Band laughs]

I didn't mean that as a bad joke or anything.

LS: But it's totally true.

JW: It's morbid but at times you've gotta make it kind of comical. The dude did what he wanted to do, and I don't blame him for not wanting to suffer through terminal cancer again. I mean, shit. I saw the coroners come put the head in the bag.

You saw the head?

JW: Yeah. But it's just weird. There's this lady, living alone, and she's given me two gifts. She was telling me yesterday that she had an aunt that lived to be 112 and she's 105 years old. And I'm just like, she's at least going to make it to 106.

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