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Newmerica gets a facefull of Danzig/accosted by Black Lips at Bonnaroo

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Glenn Danzig can be a little sensitive about getting his picture taken. It's only natural considering the media has persistently goaded the former Misfits/Samhain vocalist over YouTube videos of him getting KO'd by a meth-metal dude, or the paparazzi-style photo of him lugging around a box of kitty litter - he makes it too easy.

Regardless, if you were in his boots, you'd probably have a no-photo policy at your shows, too.

However, none of this excuses the pro wrestling-style tantrum the little whip threw on stage at Bonnaroo last weekend. Take a closer look at the grainy video above (or any of the myriad alternate angles), and you'll see that the accused is actually Max Cooper of Newmerica Productions, who was there this year with fellow Newmericans Bryan Bankovitch and Dennis Mora, on assignment for Billboard.

Cooper relives the experience of finding himself face-to-face with Danzig:

"All of the sudden, the music shut down, and I didn't notice this until I saw the video a little later, but [Danzig] went to the corner of the stage and said something to one of the stagehands who came toward us. A few seconds later Danzig jumped down the stairs and came running toward us, and the stagehand guy was already there. It really seemed like it was staged, like Danzig said, "I'm going to run over there and start some shit, and I want you to stop me."

So he came over and said "Hey you! Yeah you!" I believe he said motherfucker, too. He was pointing and looking directly between Bryan and I, like literally between us. I just looked at him and thought, "I'm not doing a thing unless he comes after us. I don't want to get thrown in jail, or kicked out, or sued or some shit.

All is forgiven? Newmerican Dennis Mora ponders his near Danzig experience
  • Max Cooper
  • All is forgiven? Newmerican Dennis Mora ponders his near Danzig experience
So I didn't even turn around to see if there was somebody behind us, because I thought, "This guy might attack me!" I thought he was pointing at me, but I didn't know what I had done.

What's funny is that they controlled him, and he went back to his trailer area and was talking some shit, and then went back to the stage, and the crowd loved it. It was a great show, too! He played Misfits shit. People went crazy, there was a pit, and it sounded great - everything was great, aside from him acting like a 12-year-old.

... All he had to do is tell his stagehand guy, "Hey, these guys are taking pictures. I don't like people taking pictures at my shows, and that's why you're here." He didn't have to do it personally, but he was showboating.

Within 30 seconds after it happened, everyone that was standing around me in the video, was gone. I thought, "I'm not going anywhere because Danzig pointed in my general direction!"

At any rate, if Danzig wants to fight with me, he can fight with me, as long as there are some people there who are going to break it up, and nobody gets hurt too badly. And I'm not talking about gouging eyes or cheap shots or anything like that, I mean man-to-man! Fisticuffs, you know? Greco-Roman-style! Let's do this! I'll defend Newmerica and Billboard's honor, and I'm out of shape! I'll need a few weeks for "training." Feel free to print that, too."

There's been no follow-up from Danzig. Aside from that near scuffle, Newmerica did manage to get some pretty intense screen time with Black Lips ...

They landed interviews with Rhys Darby, Alice Cooper, Ludacris, and LP too.

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