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Monday, December 17, 2012

Ethereal talks 'Car Therapy'

After just a slight delay, Ethereal's Car Therapy arrived over the weekend. If you haven't checked out Will Stephenson's feature in the current issue of CL yet, give it a read.

Upon delivering the album, the man behind the wheel, Obie Rudolph, broke down what he had in mind as he put the album together, and how he's grown since releasing Abstractica and Da Etherbeets EB [Extended Bump].

Abstractica and Car Therapy differ but coincide with each other in so many different ways. In terms of technical skill behind the production and boards; mixing, and such, Car Therapy is loads better than Abstractica. I've come a long way from the summer of last year and I've learned so much, especially working on Da Etherbeets with Kosherbeets. I actually stayed with him for a span of some months working on the album alongside him in his studio. We knew of each other in high school, became friends afterward, and have done tracks and shows here and there, but we really bonded/connected with Da Etherbeets. A lot of the things I've learned in terms of mixing and sound came recently after studying him in sessions. I'm a visual learner, if I can see what you're doing I can emulate it and learn from there so that helped a lot. He also gave me a lot of pointers and tips as I worked on the majority of Car Therapy at his studio.

They all string together in a sense because of the organic process that transpired as I made them. Abstractica and Car Therapy were both ideas that I had conceptualized at least a year's time before their said releases. I took my time and the recording process for them was fun and laidback - really relaxed sessions. Everyone who is on those projects are coincidentally great friends of mine so recording and getting everything together was easy in a sense. Both of them came from a very deep place in my mind, really driven by my emotions and situations I was enduring at the time. Abstractica is much darker because I was going through a breakup, somewhat homeless/couch surfing, and more of life's hardships. I worked on that album at all kinds of different places so the mix and flow is a little shifty I feel, though I love it because of the overall process that went down. Car Therapy, though, is an album I put together to really show my technical and musical prowess in the game, but like Abstractica, in the end, I am just glad it's out and I'm elated for the world to hear it. It's a much lighter feeling, although the sound is still heavy. I wanted to keep it mostly instrumental, only featuring my favorite female vocalists and sparse rap verses from my brother, KeithCharles Spacebar and me. I'm really glad the girls were all so super down and helpful, they really brought the album together honestly. All of them are amazing artists/songwriters and I'm ready to get these awards and money with them hahahah! But honestly just happy the world can see that Atlanta has more to offer than what is displayed to the mass of others under the pretense of mainstream, and all this other nonsense going on in the politics of music. Don't want to stray into that but I'm glad my friends and I put out a solid record. Hope Atlanta and the rest of the world digs it.

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