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Salts talk music, collaborations, and Lovecraft

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Courtesy Salts
  • Courtesy Salts
Atlanta punk trio Salts, featuring Jacob Anderson (bass and vocals), Jason Shubert (drums), and Joey Comonte (guitar), sat down for an interview outside of 529 before playing a recent Wednesday night show. Between marveling at a kiddie-sized Grave Digger replica parked in the bed of an electric purple El Camino, Joey's fascination with "broners," and catching up on everyone's dating lives, the boys were kind enough to shed some light on their new project, how they work together, and where they're going from here. Oh, and they talked a lot about the Hell's Angels' wing system. You don't wanna know ...

You are all veterans of the Atlanta music scene. How did you end up coming together?
Jacob: Well, you know Jason and I have played together for a long time. Our old band, Resons, started ... I was playing in Abby Go Go, and I would go over to Jason's car shop and jam out with him a lot. We were just screwing around, but then, about four songs in, we thought, "Shit. This is really good." It was fast. It was hard. It was angry. It was what we wanted.

Jason: It was fun.

Jacob: Then we started fucking around at Kirkwood Ballers Club. I'd wear this funeral shroud that monks wear when they die. My mom had one. I don't know why. Anyway ...

Jason: We didn't even have any songs.

Jacob: Yeah, I was just singing German lyrics about my cat.

Joey: And then I saw em, and said, "Lemme join your band."

Jacob: It turns out Joey's into HP Lovecraft like me. It was a really good fit ... We had Joey play bass at first, during practices and at this one show in Athens. Then one night we were just fucking around. We were all really drunk ...

Joey: You mean, YOU were really drunk.

Jacob: Okay, well, anyway, I was drunk, sure ... and I switched to bass, and it just sounded better ... It was easy for Joey to get in as a bassist. Everybody gets into bands as the bassist ...

Joey: Little did they know!

How is Salts different from your previous projects? What excites you most about this band?

Jacob (laughing): Is that an insult? ... No, seriously, we have a thicker sound, a lot more complex guitar work and rhythms. Joey does backup vocals, and he does a lot more intricate riffs on the guitar than I did.

Joey: Yeah, they're layered. Like Coral reefs. Did you get that? Coral reefs.

Jacob (laughing at Joey): Right. Reefs. Anyway, yeah, Jason's gotten really good on the drums. The rhythms are a lot more complex now ... And all the lyrics are about necromancy, incantations, and Lovecraft.

Jason: Yeah, all of Resons' songs were about Jacob's ex-girlfriends.

Joey: We still have some pissed-off songs about girls, though ... You know, for the kids!

Salts is a reference to HP Lovecraft, right? Are you all really into Lovecraft, or is that just Jacob's thing?

Jacob: Yeah, it comes from Lovecraft's "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward."

Joey: Man, I hate it when people ask us if it's about bath salts.

It also conjures images of smelling salts, waking someone who's fainted, and rubbing salt in a wound ... Anything like that going on thematically in your songwriting?

Joey: Yeah, I like that ... But, see, the difference is you have glasses, and you're smart. It's not about the latest meme, people!

Any upcoming excitement?

Jacob: We have a 7-inch coming out soon on No Breaks (the record company, not the defunct bike shop of the same name). It's called "Hass und Blut." We're pretty excited about that. That and we're doing an East coast tour in October.

Joey: Oh, and we're super into burning Churches ... Chicken.

Jacob: Yeah, put that in there. We really like burning chicken chains.

Salts plays the 2013 Indie South Back to Cool Fest in Athens on Sat., Aug. 17.

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