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Quadiliacha's latest and final chapter, they swear

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Depending on the setting, mention the name "Quadiliacha" and you'll get assaulted with enthusiastic nostalgia riddled with "I saw them" and "Remember when's" to bowl you over. The Atlanta band's raucous take on poppy grindcore and melodic hardcore made waves outside of the city's local rock scene, as Quadiliacha's impact empowered legions of eager kids with guitars to start up their own local hardcore scenes. Through the band's frantic live shows, handful of 7-inches, and most notably the Es Muerto 10-inch, Quadiliacha left behind its indelible mark before disbanding in the winter of 1998/1999. Now returning for another round of one-off reunion activity - the first time since one-off shows in 2007 at the Drunken Unicorn in Atlanta and Richmond, VA in 2008 - Quadiliacha will perform a packed bill with Regicide (which includes Quad members Greg King and Mathis Hunter), Levelhead, and Tres Kids. King, who also plays as G.G. King and with Carbonas, took some time to provide an oral history of the celebrated band and how he sees Es Muerto 15 years later.

Quadiliacha, as told by Greg King:

APRIL 1993
Band begins when we were 10th graders at North Springs high school. We recorded our first demo (Surprise) two weeks into our existence and played our first show about a month in (with a ska band on a tennis court in a wealthy persons' yard somewhere in Dunwoody). The original band was Will Greene, Greg King, and Justin McNeight. The sound was a combination of Will's interest in poppy punk and Greg and Justin's history of playing thrashy hardcore and grind.

(continued after the jump)

More shows (mostly at the Somber Reptile) and another demo, Vamanos A La Playa is recorded with the infamous "PeePee" at 7th Plane Studios.

FALL 1993
First 7-inch (split with Broken) "A Boy and His Car" is released in a pressing of 200 on Standfast Records, a label operated by the band Act of Faith.

EARLY 1994
Clay Kilbourne joins on second guitar.

REST OF 1994
Numerous shows are played (at the Somber Reptile, Wrekroom, Driverdome, Godless Red, I Defy, etc.), numerous compilation appearances, a second 7-inch (split with Levelhead) is released, and Justin quits and is replaced by Mathis Hunter.

First attempt at a national tour is undertaken with Levelhead. It is both a disaster financially (robbed in New Orleans on the second day) and a whole lot of fun. Some highlights are playing at Gilman St in Berkeley, and crashing in Rorschach singer Charles Maggio's parents basement in New Jersey (and staying up making tapes of all of his rare Japanese hardcore records). Also, we left on this tour right after graduating high school.

A Discography CD is released on Passive Fist records compiling all 7-inch and compilation tracks up to this point. Mathis Hunter quits and is replaced by Mark Walters. The band travels to death metal epicenter Tampa, Florida to record a 7-inch at death metal mega studio Morrisound Recording with our friend Steve Heritage of the band Assuck (we are snuck into the studio in its off-hours and recorded clandestinely). The Keeper of the 7 Bass Players 7-inch is released by a fly-by-night Japanese label who poorly master it and confusingly add an extra song from an older record. More touring as well.

We travel back to Tampa and record some more songs at Morrisound. These recordings are added to the previous session and released as the Es Muerto 10-inch. We embark on another summer tour that includes an epic VFW hall show in upstate New York with Spazz, Drop Dead, Devoid of Faith, Monster X, and Judas Iscariot. Years later during a trip to New York, I find a bootleg VHS tape of this very show for sale in a forgotten record shop.

A split 7-inch with Tres Kids is released on NO! Records out of Berkeley (our side is a tribute to Nasty Ronnie, a Floridian wrestler/hesher who fronted the legendary Nasty Savage). Another national tour is mounted with the Tres Kids, and it would turn out to be the last. Highlight of this tour is a generator show in the Mission district of San Francisco on a random street corner. When the bands were finished, a mariachi group materialized from nowhere and began playing.

At some point during the winter, Quadiliacha ceased to exist. (There were no hard feelings, we had simply run our course).

Quadiliacha reunites to play a couple of rowdy shows at both the Drunken Unicorn and a fest in Gainesville, Fla (with old pals Asshole Parade).

Quadiliacha reunites to play a super sloppy and short set at a fest in Richmond, VA "curated" by Municipal Waste.

For some godforsaken reason we are doing it again. Rest assured that this is the last time!

Greg King reflects on Es Muerto:
Going down to Florida to make this record was a lot of fun. It is definitely a record that could have only emerged in the '90s, with it's strange mix of poppy hardcore, lightning speed thrash, and black metal inspired guitar harmonies. At the very least, I can say we had our own sound and approach, whatever that amounts to. How well it translates into modern times, I'm not so sure, but that wasn't the point anyway!

Quadiliacha, Levelhead, Tres Kids, and Regicide play the Earl on Sat., Sept. 14. 9 p.m. $7.

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