Monday, July 11, 2016

Gallery 992 hosts Sister Sai, Asumaya, and Shanti Om pop-up show

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Gallery 992 in the West End is hosting a pop-up show tonight, Mon., July 11. The lineup includes local soul-chanteuse Shanti Om, experimental cellist and soundscape composer Sister Sai, and Asumaya, a one-man post-punk world music phenomenon from Madison, WI.

This is the gallery’s first show since its July 4 grand opening. Sister Sai, aka Saira Raza who has worked closely in the past with gallery owner Kebbi Williams, is excited to see the return of a live music community to the West End. “I used to own a coffeehouse in that neighborhood, and Kebbi used to do a free Monday night jazz there,” Raza says. “I had to close the shop in 2010, and it was completely devastating. So it's deeply rewarding to do this show at Gallery 992, which is bringing back that much needed creative gathering space to the West End community.”

$5. 7 p.m. Gallery 992, 992 Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard. 678-974-8144.

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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Alton Sterling and Philando Castile shootings prompt Atlanta musicians to march

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click image protest_march.jpg

A protest march over the police shooting deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile is set to begin tonight (Thurs., July 7)
 at 7 p.m. The march begins at Five Points Station Downtown and leads to Piedmont Park where it will end around 8:30 p.m. An open call for musicians to join the march is spreading across the city. Musicians are encouraged to bring drums and horns to make noise out of respect, not just for Sterling and Castile's deaths, but for the many black lives that have been unnecessarily taken by police around the country.

"The continued devaluing of black life at the hands of the state, and the continued disregard for accountability, stands as a testament to the State-sponsored terror that erodes our sense of safety, trust in law enforcement and government, and permeates our emotional well being and mental health," says Christopher Hollis, an Atlanta musician and WRFG Labor Forum member who was spreading word about the march and the open call for musicians this afternoon. "The level of fear, anger, and pain in our communities across the globe are such that the well being of our society depends upon justice. This is people power. Because the system has proven time and time again which side it is on."

For more information regarding tonight's march, check out the ATL Is Ready Facebook page.

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

VON ALLEN and Culture Cartel get VAIN

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Photographer Elliott Liss sparked one of Instagram's more adorable trends last year with his #Elliotsbushseries. - PHOTO BY ALEXANDRA BAIGAS
  • Photo by Alexandra Baigas
  • Photographer Elliott Liss sparked one of Instagram's more adorable trends last year with his #Elliotsbushseries.

Atlanta bursts at the seams with events showcasing talent from across all spectrums of the local art scene. Culture Cartel collective and VON ALLEN take some of the risk out of choosing poorly with VAIN, a night of art and music crossing scenes, people discovering new artists and trends, and everyone getting a little loose. Tonight's VAIN event (Thurs., May 26) is no exception. On the fashion side they’re featuring Oni Roman whose Fresh I Am summer collection came out last week, and Elliot Liss, a photographer who sparked one of Instagram's more adorable trends last year with his #Elliotsbushseries, think more PG than XXX.

Providing the soundtrack will be Divine Interface, Florista, and Milan. Trévon Von Allen, who also runs VON ALLEN, took a few minutes to catch us up on the ins and outs of being VAIN in Atlanta.

How and why did you chose artists for this edition?
VAIN’s featured guests and DJs are selected by myself  and Deng. We are advocates, supporters, and admirers of our guests work and their contributions to Atlanta's creative scene. Oni Roman has been setting trends globally with her brand Fresh.i.Am for years. Her keen eye for design is seen throughout her work. Elliot Liss's photography is absolutely amazing. His distinct aesthetic is refreshing amongst the vast amount of ATL photographers.

Why throw these events?
We throw VAIN to connect Atlanta's creatives in real life. In a time where people are so reliant on having an Internet presence or being established digitally, we just like to remind people how it is just as important to get in the streets and connect with your peers offline. There aren't a lot of places where our folks can be stylish, have a few drinks, connect/build with dope people, and groove a little. Shannon and Earl of Studio No.7 gave us this opportunity and we are forever grateful. On top of that, we honestly get a kick from getting seven or more segments/subcultures into the same room; especially to celebrate our peers who happen to be true tastemakers and influencers on global scales.

Tell me more about VON ALLEN and Culture Cartel?
VON ALLEN is a U.S.-based agency specializing in visual production and brand communications. VON ALLEN implements creative solutions for brands within art, entertainment, fashion, and hospitality. Culture Cartel is a global collective that aims to spread tolerance by defying cultural norms through producing progressive visuals, and curating innovative events.

If you want to get into the mix, RSVP at, and be prepared to put down your phone and connect in real life.

VAIN 17 starring Oni Roman and Elliot Liss with music by Florista, Divine Interface, and Milan happens tonight (Thurs.,May 26). Free. 9 p.m. Studio No. 7. 393 Marietta St.

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Monday, May 16, 2016

Thelma and the Sleaze bring low-brow, high-octane rock to Smith's

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Nashville power trio Thelma and the Sleaze’s irreverent take on rock’s back pages fuels one of the best live shows this side of the Mason-Dixon Line. Singer and guitarist LG’s cheeky between-song banter and thick Tennessee accent adds humor and Southern charm to the band’s set. It’s not all laughs, though. Set list mainstays “High Class Woman” and “Summer Fun” show off a mastery of blues-tinged rock ‘n’ roll, informed by everything from the Bob Seger System and ZZ Top to modern garage rock. This mix of low-brow humor and high-octane rock gains new followers every time the band plays Atlanta.

Thelma and the Sleaze, Midnight Larks, and Rod Hamdallah play Smith's Olde Bar's Atlanta Room on Mon., May 16. $10. 7 p.m.

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Sunday, May 8, 2016

WRAS DJ Nadia Deljou hits the airwaves for a farewell 24-hour set

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  • Photo by Sahar Sabet
  • Nadia Deljou

Armed with a 13-page setlist, snacks, and copious amounts of caffeine, Nadia Deljou is in the midst of her last great adventure as an Album 88/WRAS DJ, attempting a 24-hour set. Her last broadcast dubbed Delirium 88 kicked off Saturday night (May 7) at 10 p.m. and runs through 10 p.m. tonight (Sun., May 8).

For the past two years Deljou has pumped out late night tunes with the electro-centered late night show Beatscape Lounge. As tradition dictates for a graduating WRAScal, Deljou is joining the scores of others who have hosted graduation sets, which average about six hours. But Deljou, who has spent days and nights dedicated to scouring new sounds and listening to new albums, says “there’s no way in hell I can fit everything into that time.”

Evidentially, 24 hours still doesn’t make the cut but she’s willing to try.

Raised on a healthy dose of ethnically diverse sounds and classics such as Sting and Pink Floyd, Deljou attributes her musical roots to her parents. Now she searches for “melancholy, dark melodies, and seductive soundscapes; songs that cradle you into the night and beg to be held,” she says.

Delirium 88 follows in the footsteps of Beatscape Lounge with “trip-hop, lounge, downtempo, chillwave, ambient, experimental, UK garage, and dub” tracks peppered with additional vinyl offerings.

Catch Delirium 88 until 10 p.m. tonight at

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Friday, May 6, 2016

The Music Room celebrate two years with DJ sets by Greg Wilson and Josh Hughey

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  • Courtesy Music Room
Although the Music Room has been hosting live music for much longer than two years, tonight, the space celebrates its second anniversary since relaunching under the direction of co-owners Kieran Neely and Mike LeSage. Since May 2014, the duo have pushed the basement venue, underneath Vesuvius Pizza, from a typical, live music room into a bastion of the burgeoning Edgewood music scene. Coupled with the Sound Table, The Music Room facilitates top-shelf sound in an off-the-beaten-path locale that's perfect for locals and outsiders alike. Tonight, the venue celebrates with sets by Greg Wilson and Josh Hughey. Don't miss the party!

2 Years of Music Room. With Greg Wilson and Josh Hughey. $15. Tonight (Fri., May 6). 10 p.m. The Music Room, 327 Edgewood Ave SE.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Coco and Clair Clair commune with the 5 elements

Posted By on Wed, May 4, 2016 at 5:52 PM

  • Photo by Daniela Rodriguez

Water, earth, fire, wood, and metal — these are the five elements found in the Taoist tradition that are believed to be the sources from which all our energies are derived. After a long chat with Coco Coco and Clair Clair of Coco and Clair Clair, I realized I had been unknowingly schooled in the lessons of the five elements and their energies in our Internet age by two quick-witted professors of life. Spending time with them is as if all the best parts of the Internet have gained consciousness (often considered the sixth element) and become hilarious friends. Rapid-fire answers, amazing animal videos, obscure pop culture references, intelligently funny critiques on modern culture, connecting with your best friends and realizing that everything you ever put on the Internet can make you a recognizable stranger. Dreadlocked skater outside of Aurora with the dance moves on Vine, we’re looking at you.

The production of their songs are perfect for parties, and it can be easy to overlook their lyrics when blasting their songs at full volume. But a careful listen reveals tales of love and life in our digital age. Below are some of the nuggets of wisdom gleaned on a picture perfect spring afternoon.


“Water” offers sage emotional advice. Feeling angry at someone? Thirsty for a fight? You could feed those negative emotions or drink some water and cool down. “Hydrate or burn in hell” is their chorus to remind us all it’s better to go with the flow and just take care of yourself then “look a little dusty.” Full disclosure: I'm old, and I had to Google what that means, and am probably misusing it.

We come from dust and end up as dust, just like all animals on our planet earth. Coco connects with a special animal, the koala drop bear. “My spirit animal is a koala bear because they are vicious. I'm cute and you think she's a good girl and then you get to know me and gah gah gah I scratch your eyes out! Drop bears sound like they are in a metal band”

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Monday, April 18, 2016

Ohio Giants bring ethereal noise to the Cleaners

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  • Photo by Brigid Oxhorn

The Cleaners boasts a stacked lineup for a Monday night. Tonight (April 18), the Cleveland-based Ohio Giants headline a show featuring performances by Brainworlds, Small People's Music Ensemble, RC CNTR (Blake Helton, Kevin Scott, and Ben Shirley), Jen Genlineau (of Phurnne), and Eye in the Sky Guy.

Ohio Giants features Mark McGuire, who's best known for his solo albums released via Dead Oceans, Ben Osborne of Tusco Terror, Rot Ton Bone, and experimental jazz outfit Fire/Death (and founder/curator of Millstone, West Virginia’ Voice in the Valley Noise Rally), and Leslie Keffer of Laundry Room Squelchers. There's no music to post, and not much evidence online of the group's existence.

But according to Keffer, Ohio Giants wield ethereal synths, vocals, guitar, bass clarinet, trance-influenced rhythms, and chants.

It'll be a noisy performance — noise of the well-composed, head-cleaning variety. Venture out to the Cleaners and check it out in the flesh.

$5-$10 (donations at the door). 9 p.m. Tonight (Mon., April 18). The Cleaners, 1714 Jonesboro Road S.E.

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Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Sewing Room brings rustic appeal to the house show scene

Posted By on Sat, Mar 26, 2016 at 10:03 AM

SEWING CIRCLE: House resident and Sewing Room co-founder Hayes Hoey gives a guided tour of the music facilities. - BOBBY MOORE
  • Bobby Moore
  • SEWING CIRCLE: House resident and Sewing Room co-founder Hayes Hoey gives a guided tour of the music facilities.
At the dead end of 1614 Hazelrig Drive S.E. stands an old white house with a long gravel driveway. Passersby on Moreland Ave. wouldn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. But on some nights, the house transforms into an all-ages DIY music spot. The Sewing Room, as it has come to be known, is an addition to the house’s original structure, and it’s far enough away from any neighbors to feel more like a slice of rural Georgia than a residence tucked away well inside the Perimeter.

The house is shared by Hayes Hoey, singer for local indie rockers Slang, and local DIY arts and music supporter Isabella Corwell. Initially, they opened up the space for musicians to use as a pay-by-the hour practice space. Since January, however, it has become a homespun music venue. The extra room once housed a former tenant's sewing business, thus the venue's name. Now it's a destination for touring acts that, for one reason or another, didn’t landed a club show in town.
According to Corwell, the overhead for putting on a show at the Sewing Room is only $40, which includes use of the in-house mixer. The space shies away from accommodating acts unwilling or unable to draw enough of a crowd to raise that amount.

Among the touring bands Sorry Mom Productions’ Ari Fouriezos has booked for the space are Minneapolis-based indie-pop group Carroll and Philadelphia psych-pop trio Museyroom — and that’s just counting bands that played there on March 13.

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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Absu brings occult metal from Texas to the Basement

Posted By on Thu, Mar 24, 2016 at 10:13 AM

OCCULT TRIO: Absu's Ezezu (from left), Vis Crom, and Proscriptor McGovern continue the band's 25 year legacy. - PHOTO COURTESY CANDLELIGHT RECORDS
  • Photo courtesy Candlelight Records
  • OCCULT TRIO: Absu's Ezezu (from left), Vis Crom, and Proscriptor McGovern continue the band's 25 year legacy.

Tonight (Thurs., March 24), Dallas,Tex.-based extreme metal legends Absu’s ongoing 42-date U.S. tour stops at the Basement. It’s a rare chance to see the self-proclaimed "mythological occult trio" in the flesh. Absu hasn't toured extensively since 2013, so who knows when they’ll be back. The bill also doubles as a showcase of local death and black metal, highlighting the creative chaos of Vimur and Birmingham, Ala.’s Ectovoid

Absu, Vimur, and Ectovoid play the Basement tonight (Thurs., March 24). $13-15. 8 p.m. 1245 Glenwood Ave. 404-622-8686.

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