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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

How to smear a Democrat: Conjure up McKinney

Those folks at the Georgia Republican Party are just so, um, Ralph Reed-ish. As in, smear-and-distort, Reed's favorite campaign tactic. Remember, these are the folks (despite their publicist, the AJC's Jim Wooten's recent obfuscation and denial) that pasted Osama's and Saddam's picture next to war hero Max Cleland's. That ad was on behalf of chickenhawk draft-dodger Saxby Chambliss.

Now they're doing it to Mark Taylor. Now, as we know, Taylor himself is no stranger to mud slinging. But a July 25 GOP release advances the cause of dirty politics far beyond Taylor's finest moments.

The release conjures up Cynthia McKinney to shoot down Taylor. He's a Democrat. She's a Democrat. They must be twins. (If I'd been writing the release, I'd have found a way to say, "Big Guy meets Big Mouth.")

"Will Cynthia McKinney be able to count on Mark Taylor's support?" the release hisses.

Of course, there's just a little tinge of hypocrisy in the release, but we are talking about the GOP. Would Gov. Sonny Perdue have supported the demonstrably corrupt Ralph Reed? Does the GOP stand behind Tom DeLay? Not even in her wildest antics has McKinney besmirched herself or her party as much as Reed, DeLay, Linda Schrenko and a host of others in the Republican cabal of corruption have done to their party.

The climax of the release makes some claims about McKinney. They're a hoot. McKinney, according to the Republicans, is guilty of (my rejoinders follow each charge):

  1. "Accusing President Bush of having prior knowledge of the 9-11 attacks and doing nothing to stop them." Well, on May 19, 2002, the conservative New York Post had a front-page headline that declared: "Bush Knew!" Just weeks before 9/11, an intelligence briefing warned Bush that Osama planned to attack by flying planes into buildings. The Bush administration did nothing (other than John Ashcroft stopped flying commercial airlines), the nation was left vulnerable, and 3,000 innocent Americans died.
  2. "Joining only three other members of Congress to vote in favor of immediate withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq (HR 571)." Much, if not most, of America agrees with McKinney in this clearly mainstream opinion.
  3. "Co-sponsoring HR 635 seeking the impeachment of President Bush." According to the Boston Globe, Bush has violated 750 laws. Sounds like grounds for impeachment to me.
  4. "Supporting the Communist regime in Castro's Cuba." I can't find much on this. McKinney, defying the GOP claim, voted against easing travel restrictions to Cuba. Whatever, the Bushies have all but given America away to a much more dangerous Communist country -- China.
  5. "Dancing with Cindy Sheehan at her primary party." Looked like a darn good party in DeKalb County to me. Sheehan is a hero to millions of Americans for speaking the truth -- and her son is one of the soldiers dead because the Republicans misled us into a quagmire. Knowing the GOP's gay-baiting, that might be the insinuation in this accusation.

Posted by John F. Sugg


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