Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Today’s MARTA observation

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I�m a friendly person. So when a stranger � among about 60 packed on the westbound H.E. Holmes train -- asked me how my morning was going, I gave him a friendly response:

�Good, thank you. And you?�

�Oh, I�m just wishing it were warmer, spring or summer.�

�Well, I don�t think you�ll get that for a few months,� I said with a smile.

�Yes, I guess you�re right, maybe three or four months.�

Earlier, while waiting on the Inman Park/Reynoldstown platform � for a train that was �experiencing technical difficulties� and wouldn�t reach the growing number of commuters for another 12 minutes - I�d noticed this man eagerly chatting away on his cell. He was talking nice, but almost too deliberate about it. After the conversation, he started swinging his arms and clapping his gloved hands together. I couldn�t tell if he was trying to keep warm or just wanted everyone to notice his pleasant demeanor.

The both of us � and damn-near all the passengers � got off the train at Five Points.

�Take care!� I said, wanting to reward this man�s efforts to be cheerful.

�Uh, you, too. ��

I walked toward the stairway headed to the northbound platform. His voice trailed me.

�Oh, looks like we�re headed the same way. Northbound?�

My cheer wearing thin, I continued through the crowd and found a place near the north end of the platform, and away from my new friend. Or so I thought.

�Guess who?�

Like I didn�t know.


Yikes, Spike!

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My mother sent me this picture. An animal receiving a bath has never looked so evil.



Kidd to lead Democrats

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It was old-timey Democratic Party politics.

You had Jane Kidd in the front of a union hall getting a bear hug from Tommy Irvin of all people: agriculture commissioner and icon of the old Democratic Party of Georgia. In the back of the hall and surrounded by a small band of supporters you had insurgent candidate Mike Berlon of Gwinnett County.

Up at the podium was Bobby Kahn announcing that the delegates were going to have to recast their votes for state party chair. Again.

The first vote count had Berlon at 100 to Kidd's 84. The other three contenders for the office trailed in a pack, with inside-the-Perimeter candidate Hattie Dorsey receiving 23 votes, evangelical Jim Nelson getting 19 votes and hinterlander Carol Jackson receiving 15.

"We have no clear majority," declared the outgoing party chair.

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Monday, January 29, 2007


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Today�s photo is from the Battle of the Bands at the Georgia Dome over the weekend.

This was the group that performed before the start of the festivities and they ripped it up. I love all the expressions and energy in their faces.

January 29, 2007



Daddy Needs New Shoes

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January 29, 2007

Record thus far: 18-19-2

Daddy is ready for January to end. With a new month comes a new beginning � or just a continuation of the abuse my pride has taken since this column�s inception. Be that as it may, I�m pretty excited for the Super Bowl on Sunday. I�ll try to make good picks until then, when I, along with the rest of the betting world, will gamble way too much on a team we don�t really care about, eat too much from a bowl of chili we didn�t help cook, and drink too much around girls who aren�t nearly as attractive as they become by halftime. Here are tonight�s picks.

1) Utah Jazz �3 vs. New Jersey Nets

This is more than just a basketball game, it�s a battle of lifestyles: The Moral Mormons vs. the Jersey Who-ores. While I�d take a Who-ore over a Mormon any day in most cases, these particular representatives of the Garden State have been on the road for four games in a row, and they�re playing without one of their studs, Richard Jefferson. Utah is also one of the best teams in the league, and they�re extremely tough to beat at home.

2) Phoenix Suns �5.5 at Minnesota Timberwolves

Everybody keeps waiting for the Suns� winning streak � currently at 16 games � to end, but it ain�t gonna be tonight, no matter how much Kevin Garnett scowls and screams in an attempt to intimidate.

3) New Orleans Hornets �4.5 vs. Portland Trailblazers

Every time I�ve bet against the Hornets this year, I�ve lost. Mama always said, �If you can�t beat �em, join �em.� Maybe that makes me a pussy, but at least I�ll be a rich pussy.

Please bet responsibly, although I probably won�t.


Smothered, covered, and on home video

Posted By on Mon, Jan 29, 2007 at 10:22 PM

If you�ve visited the ladies room in the Villa Rica Waffle House recently, you�ve been on candid camera! Except when we say candid camera, we mean the manager videotaped you doing your biz and then made DVDs of the wireless video stream. Check out the article here.


We�re down with diversity, just not too much of it

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After much heated discussion, the Gainesville, Ga., school board has decided it will relocate the school�s Avenue of Flags display so as not to give any illegal immigrants walking by the wrong idea. The display was intended to celebrate the school�s diversity, but it will be moved to the cafeteria after critics claimed it would encourage illegal immigration. Check out the AJC article here.


Rompan Rock

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It's an odd thing to be headed for a Spanish rock concert in the middle of suburbia, especially one that's hosted by Tony's Sports bar in Duluth, beaming ESPN, CNN and Fox Sports on giant screens.

But this is where almost every Saturday a group of dedicated enthusiasts make their scene. They don't call it rock en Español; that's already taken, and it refers to a much mellower brand of pop rock. That's not their style. They go after the hard stuff, like shunning a pint for a shot.

So that's what I did. On a cold and rainy Saturday night, I headed over to Tony's for "Rompan Rock."


The e-mail I received a few days before announced a half-dozen bands, busting (Rompan) rock on two consecutive nights. Cuenta Regresiva, UMO, Carrilla Zurda, the Ladrones, F.D.O. (Fuera de Orden), La Suegra, Filtro. I know two of the bands, the others are garage dreams of some, spontaneously making a cameo for two years before fading away, or moving away – same difference.

As I get close to the door, memories of far away rock clubs, from decades I never lived, somehow make me feel at home. I know the Ladrones are the main attraction; they're on tour, they come from Queens, N.Y., but for what it's worth, they look as if they just drove to the place from Norcross or Doraville.

The show hasn't started. Nowhere is it evident that Spanish rock is about to be played. No posters, no signs, just an empty stage and a few mics.

A few minutes later, a bassist gets on stage. As Metallica's the Black Album plays in the background, he follows along, warming up for the show. A guitarist joins him on the sound check – a good 20 minutes after the show was supposed to start. He loosely imitates Kirk Hammett.

The drummer joins them, making the best Lars Ulrich impersonation he can, trying to get the blood flowing through his hands.

10:45 Cuenta Regresiva


Metallica takes a seat; they fade away as the first band, Cuenta Regresiva, is set, launching into a melodic hard-rock intro.

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And The Actor Goes To…

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The Screen Actors Guild presented its 2006 awards last night, which seem to solidify Helen Mirren�s lock on the Academy Award for Best Actress, confirm Forest Whitaker�s frontrunner status for Best Actor, and indicate, via its Best Ensemble win, that Little Miss Sunshine may be a dark horse contender for the Best Picture Oscar. (The film won a Best Picture award from the Producers Guild recently, too.)

The thing that always bugs me about the SAGs is the nickname for the little gold Oscar-style statuette holding the masks of comedy and tragedy. They call it "The Actor."

Could the name be any lamer? Couldn�t they have named it after some beloved, legendary bit player? Now, I have several friends who are current or former actors and I hold them in high esteem, but to me "The Actor" confirms every stereotype there is about actors being airheads. I can just imagine the SAG meeting when they decide to give an award, and what they'll nickname it: "We need to call it something actory, something that sums up what acting is all about, something that really says 'actor.'" "I know! How about..."

It's like "The Simpsons" episode when the big greeting card company is trying to come up with a lucrative new holiday for the July/August slump ("We had great penetration with Christmas 2!") and the CEO says "No, make it something like 'Love Day,' only not so lame." Cut to Marge: "Happy Love Day, everybody!"


Question of the Week: The Vomit Comet

Posted By on Mon, Jan 29, 2007 at 3:41 PM

I have no idea if this is true, but I once read an article that said that one of the four major TV networks considered developing a show called �Most Embarassing Throw-Up Moments.� It sounds preposterous and awful, but at the same time, strangely plausible. Probably most of us have such a moment or two in our pasts, which make for, um, colorful pages in our personal histories.

So this week�s question is, What is your most memorable and/or embarrassing throw-up related incident? It doesn�t have to involve you personally as long as it concerns someone you know.

I�ll just say that mine harks back to my time at Christ the King elementary school and coincided, unfortunately, with standing beside our desks during morning prayer.



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