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New Allen Buckley ads chide Chambliss on Vietnam, Imperial Sugar

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Allen Buckley, the Libertarian nominee for U.S. Senate, has three new radio ads targeting incumbent Republican Saxby Chambliss. Whereas the first ads focused on Chambliss' spending policies and his first term in the U.S. Senate, these spots — which don't mention Buckley's name or say he approved the ads — look at the incumbent's ties with Imperial Sugar and his "bum knee" that got him out of serving in Vietnam. One even depicts a phone call between a soldier in Iraq and his mother talking about Imperial Sugar, the Savannah sugar refinery that exploded earlier this year and killed 14 people.

Just like the first set of ads, these ones are quite interesting. The Imperial Sugar ad will be targeted around Savannah, the "Chambliss deferments from Vietnam" ad will be aimed at Columbus and Augusta, and the one that discusses Chambliss' alleged role in the nation's faltering economy will be geared toward smaller Georgia towns where workers are most likely feeling the pinch.

The gentleman who dropped off the ads at CL's offices — the same man-in-the-bad-Hawaiian-shirt who gave me the first set of spots a few weeks back — says the Buckley campaign has been working with a 527 to promote the candidate's message. He declined to name the group, but said it's "not a Libertarian one." He said the campaign is also reaching out to Chambliss' old Sigma Chi brothers from the University of Georgia for information about his deferments. ("We hear Saxby used to like to play football behind the house," he said.)

Follow the jump to hear the ads and read the scripts.

"Fistful of Deferments"

("The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" Theme playing) "Did you know that Saxby got a pass on serving his country in Vietnam because of a fistful of college deferments? And when that ran out, he got a 1-Y for a bad knee [1-Y deferments mean a person can only be drafted during a declared war]. Good thing the bad knee that kept him out of Vietnam hasn’t hurt his golf game. Saxby’s rated no. 33 out of the top 200 golfers in Washington, D.C. Max Cleland didn’t get a deferment — he just got both legs [dramatic pause] blown off."

"Imperial Sugar"

(phone rings)

Mother: Hello?

Son: Hi, mom!

Mother: Son, it’s so good to hear your voice. How’s it going over there in the sandbox?

Son: Oh, I’m OK, mom.

Mother: You know I pray for you every day.

Son: Mom, grandpa was fine in D-Day, dad was fine in Khe Sanh. I’m all right.

Mother: Did you hear about the tragedy at the Imperial Sugar plant in Savannah?

Son: I read that 14 people died in the explosion and fire. Ma, we didn’t lose that many people over here last month. And I heard that a whistleblower stepped up and testified in front of Congress. How’d that go?

Mother: It was just terrible. Saxby threw the poor man under the bus and he just beat him like he owned him.

Son: Mom, Saxby’s taken tons of money from special interests over the years. They expect to get their money’s worth.

Mother: It’s terrible. Just terrible.

Son: I’ve seen a lot of heroes here in Iraq, mom. Georgia sure does need one in the U.S. Senate.


Wife (speaking through bathroom door): Honey, have you seen all our life savings?

Husband: No, Saxby needed it so he could stuff more pork in the farm bill. (toilet flush)

Wife: Honey, have you seen grandma’s social security check?

Husband: No saxby needed $126 million for the horse racing industry. (toilet flush)

Wife: Honey, have you seen our economic stimulus check?

Husband: No, I had to put 10 gallons of gas in the truck. (toilet flush)

Wife: Honey…(toilet flush)

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