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The Televangelist: 'Lost' season 5 premiere

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click to enlarge CALL WAITING: “I’m kinda alive ... I’ll have to call you back.”
  • CALL WAITING: “I’m kinda alive ... I’ll have to call you back.”

Oh boy, oh boy, where to begin? Season 5 picks up exactly where season 4 left off, with Jack and Ben looking at who everyone and their mother now knows is Jeremy Bentham John Locke. I wish I could pinpoint a specific theme of tonight's episode, but it wasn't about getting one's bearings so much as losing them completely. Just as many of us speculated, Ben (looking particularly reptilian this week, no?) "moved" the island out of time. As Faraday explains it, "like a record spinning on a turntable, except now it's off its rotation and skipping."  Uh-oh!

As if that wasn't disorienting enough, tonight's updates on our heroes were no less confusing. It seems everyone's favorite felon Kate is on the run again — this time taking Aaron with her — and meeting up with Sun who has some suspicious "unfinished business." Hurley, too, is on the run thanks to International Badass Sayid, who "rescued" him from Santa Rosa, killing a few folks along the way. And I'm pretty sure Ben (and new BFF Jack) are keeping Locke's body in a meat freezer for the nonce. Back on the island, Juliet, Sawyer, Bernard, Rose and "Frogurt" (RIP), plus the Freighties, wandered around through space and time and were eventually attacked by some flaming arrows and ... hang on, let me catch my breath.

Holy nosebleed ... put on your conspiracy caps and grab your constants!

As I penned this episode recap, I realized all of my shorthand notes ended with exclamation marks:  Yemi's plane!! Ethan!! Ana Lucia fake out!! Let me tone down the fangirl for a moment and attempt to make some cohesive commentary here, even though the episode left me with a time travel-induced headache.  I'll have to watch these back-to-back episodes again, because it was altogether too much to take in one sitting.

Basically, we learned that it's going to be terribly hard to bring the Oceanic 6 back together to the island (which we knew in season 4), that Ben has 70 hours to do it, and that these facts are non-negotiable. Frankly, the gathering of the Six is the least intriguing of the scenarios. Far more riveting is what's happening back on the island and why. The premiere episode was a great recap of prior seasons because it reminded us that everything's connected. We revisited the Orchid station, the hatch, a pre-discovered Desmond, Yemi's plane, the Mary statues (each one reminding us of "Lost" cast members of yore ... Boone, Charley, Mr. Ecco, and others), bouncing us through time and setting up some exciting revelations that I would be foolish to even try and contemplate at this point.

Next week: Everyone has to go back to the island, dammit! Desmond leaves Penny ... again. And Charlotte gets a killer nosebleed!

Musings and Miscellanea:

- Back to that Ana Lucia fake-out: Was anyone else fooled? I couldn't remember if Hurley had traveled in time or if she had or the island had or Farady .... Ah! My nose is bleeding!

- "He is my friend ... who has this crazy double life where he does ninja stuff."  Ah yes, thank goodness for Hurley. I love how, generally, Hurley is the spokesperson for the viewers, asking questions, expecting answers and tellin' it like it is.

- Speaking of, Hurley's summation of the first 4 seasons is amazing and should be used to catch up new viewers. I'd quote it but it all went by too fast ... "we did crash and then there was a smoke monster and some bad people we called the Others and then more bad people on the Freight and ..." etc, etc.

- I enjoyed Sawyer's bout of insecurity: "Can I please borrow somebody's shirt?"  O hai thur bb ... you don't need one.

- How is Jack allowed to walk into a hospital and use its equipment without suspicion to revive an unconscious Sayid? Details...

- "That chick likes me."  Definitely not enough Miles in this episode.

- So who was that mystery woman at the end? Did I miss something? Are we supposed to know who she is?

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