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The Televangelist: 'Lost' episode 6

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Merry Lostnesday! Thanks again to Curt Holman for filling in for me last week when I actually happened to be on a remote island without TV or internet but plenty of crazy. I caught up with the latest episode only hours before this one, and boy howdy, I rejoiced. This has to be my favorite season so far, if only because of the payoffs to theories and setups from the past. I might even go so far as to declare last week's episode the best one since the Constant (gasp!)

In a recent Entertainment Weekly article, producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof (known as Darlton from here on out) said our current season 5 was going to be an all-out sci-fi fest (holler!), but that the final season would go back to focusing on the relationships among the characters, a la season 1 (so enjoy this while you can). They also promised the long-awaited Richard back story, a resolution to the "what-the?" regarding the freaky four-toed statue, and of course, more Smokey. For now though, we travel back to L.A. with the Oceanic 6 (minus Aaron) leaving on a jet plane.

After about 20 episodes of dallying (or so it felt), the O6 finally made its way to the island. At the episode's onset we learned a little bit about the island's movements and some of its rules. (Why did they all have to go back? To recreate the original plane trip as best as possible to crash again, of course). Sayid is now a fugitive. Hurley shows up out of federal prison, (one would assume, yet with Charlie's guitar?) and has no trouble getting through airport security. Kate was moody (shouting at Jack, "Don't ever ask me about Aaron again!" Where is that tyke? And don't worry Kate, this is "Lost"— no one asks obvious questions). Even Ben shows up at the last possible moment, looking worse for wear, facing no inquiring about his copious injuries (courtesy of Sayid?). The Oceanic Six and Friends are far from the only passengers on the plane, but as far as what's going to happen to "the others" when the plane crashes, as Ben puts it, "who cares?" The show finally got around to killing off Frogurt and the remaining Red Shirts. The last thing we need is for this plane to be carrying some more Nikkis and Paulos or Tailies 2.0.

Last night's story was written by Darlton, and was a "Jack episode," meaning it was doubly primed for exposition. The "Whose episode is it this week?" format the show stuck to diligently for the first few seasons has been more subtle of late, but still in action. So far we've seen devotions to Desmond, Kate, Faraday, Jin/Sun and now Jack. Jack's quandary here (that of the Doubting Thomas) might mirror that of fans. As Eloise says, "Stop asking yourself how ridiculous it is and ask yourself if you believe it's going to work" — an apt commentary on how devotees might feel about the series right now. Yet all signs seem to be pointing to a huge payout.

Not a great deal of action this week, though, besides collecting the O6 together and putting them (all, without explanation) on the plane with a painless crash, only to find a Dharma-clad Jin greeting them when they arrive! Presumably this is why we'll see Faraday all Dharma-ed out from the beginning of the season.  Will he also meet young Charlotte? That seems pretty fast after the reveal last week that a creepy, scary old Faraday freaked her out as a child, telling her never to come back. Oops on that.

Next Week: A Locke-centric episode that backtracks to fill in some serious blanks, potentially including why he was called Jeremy Bentham. Do you think we'll glimpse Taller Ghost Walt? Last I saw he was in a Hot Pockets commercial.

Theories, Musings and Miscellanea:

- When last week's episode flashed "L O S T," I screamed "ARE YOU SERIOUS??" I would have done the same this week if I hadn't happened to glance at the clock next to me at 9:58 p.m. Please, ABC, if "The Bachelor" can run in two-hour blocks, why not "Lost?"

- I didn't get a chance to comment on last week's ep of course, but RIP to Charlotte (although I'm not going to sink to calling her Eric-Stoltz-from-"Mask" like everyone keeps saying to me. Oh ... oops again.)

- Inside Joke of the Episode: The comic Hurley was reading at the airport was the Last Man series by "Lost" writer Brian K. Vaughn.

- Was it just me or did Jack look near tears for most of the episode?

- Jaw Dropping Moment: Lapidis is flying the plane!! He cleans up nicely.

- Speaking of good-looking, Grandad was looking pretty young considering how old Christian looks. Was he a father at age 12? Do you guys think Christian is an integral part of the island, or just a convenient vessel in which Jacob appears?

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