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Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Televangelist: 'Lost' episode 11

click to enlarge YOU CAN LEAVE: But I will shoot you in the leg, dingbat
  • YOU CAN LEAVE: But I will shoot you in the leg, dingbat

We've definitely returned to (un)necessary flashback-/character-driven mode in Lostville these days. Most of us had guessed that Kate gave Aaron to Claire's mother before heading back to the island, and that she'd been keeping tabs on Clementine Ford as well. Kate-isodes aren't typically the show's strongest, but despite a quick surfacing of the "Jate/SKate" relationship quandary, last night's offering was, on the whole, solid. The best moments may not have included Kate, but credit must be given to Evangeline Lily's excellent portrayal of anguish over leaving Aaron behind.

"Whatever Happened, Happened" had a touch of "Grey's Anatomy" to it, with two doctors battling it out over whether or not to save a young boy who will grow up to be, well, Ben Linus. In an interesting twist, Jack's refusal to help young Ben turned out (of course) to play right into the realities of Ben becoming a Hostile.  Facing certain death among the Dharmas, young Ben is transported to Hostile territory by Kate and Sawyer, looking for help from our old friend Richard Alpert. Instead of being stitched up and growing up to be the village sandwich-maker, Richard will, er "take his innocence," and Ben will become a Hostile and remember nothing. Anyone else feel like this was a cop-out? Since meeting young Ben, many speculators have started putting together the pieces of what adult Ben may remember from his Dharma days. Did he love Juliet because he remembered how she tried to save him? Did he make Sayid's life hell because Sayid had tried to kill him? Would it explain why he had that list of specifically Hurley, Sawyer, Jack and Kate to take hostage in season two?

Speaking of the trouble that time travel causes one's cranium, one of the best exchanges of the evening came courtesy of Miles and Hurley:

Miles: You can't change the past. This is what always happened, we just never experienced how it all turned out.

Hurley: That was confusing.

Miles: Look, when Ben turned that wheel, time no longer exists as a straight line. Our experiences in the past and the future occurred before these experiences right now.

Hurley: So how come Ben doesn't remember that Sayid tried to kill him?

Miles:  ... I don't know? I didn't think about that.

I could sit through a whole episode of just Advanced Lost 301 lecture. But, my weekly disappointment at not seeing Desmond or Faraday (whose presence usually means more theories and amazing things) has been quelled by the awesomeness that is next week's Ben-centric episode, with special guest Old Smokey. I'm a little concerned that "Penny" is listed as appearing in next week's episode, and that we get a flash of Ben with a gun on the dock. I'm really hoping that Lost Deathwatch doesn't end with Penny's demise.

Next Week: "Dead is Dead" — Ben returns to be judged by the island!

Musings and Miscellanea:

- Jack has been pretty quiet since he's been back on the island, so to hear that he's so merciless now in the face of little Ben dying struck me as kind of funny. New Jack is fairly content to sit on his ass and let everyone else do the work for now. His exchange with Kate was also great:

Jack:  I've already saved Ben Linus once, Kate, for you. I don't need to do it again.

Kate:  I don't like the new you.

Jack:  You never liked the old me.


- I was really happy to see Sawyer stay totally faithful to his love for Juliet despite Kate's interference. Saying that he was saving Ben for Juliet hearkened back to the above quote, which was a great little moment. To me this episode helped redeem Kate for the time being.

- Is it wrong for me to want Richard to have taken my innocence?

- Oops, forgot one of the biggest moments of the night: Ellie! Charles! They're leaders of those Dharma-age Hostiles! I cannot wait for the epic Richard episode that is to come.

- How can Juliet wander around doing surgeries all the time when she's supposed to be a grease monkey?

- Badassness Alert: Locke's evil grin as he confronts adult Ben.

- Clementine's mother, Cassidy, is played by Kim Dickens, who also portrays a fugitive-esque mother on "Friday Night Lights."

- End of the episode theory: Is the Orchid station a sort of life giver? Ben, Richard, Christian and Locke all seem to hang out there.

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