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‘24:’ Episode 21, 4-5 a.m.

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click to enlarge MY NAME IS JONAS: Er, Robert Tippett, er, Dead Meat Pete
  • MY NAME IS JONAS: Er, Robert Tippett, er, Dead Meat Pete

A list of things that would suck:

1. Sharing an office with Janeane Garofalo

2. Being framed for a terrorist attack

3. Getting blown up on your way into witness protection

4. Accidentally assassinating someone

"24's" always about things that would suck, but we're usually so distracted by all the yelling and shooting and torture that we don't take the appropriate time to consider the characters' crap luck. Sometimes they get what they deserve: Take Olivia, for example. She's conniving, two-faced and self-righteous, so it's hard not to do a little happy dance when her evil plots come back to bite her. Then there's Jibraan. Poor Jibraan and his brother Hamid. Not only do these guys start their day before 4 a.m. (that sucks), but they're now being framed as Jihadists (really sucks) by Tony and Cara. (Well, at least Jibraan, Hamid will have to live with the stigma if the plan succeeds.)

Jonas Hodges falls into the Olivia category, although he was such a searing villain, his departure this week was definitely a bummer. Finally there's Jack, God bless him: Exposed to a lethal compound with no known cure, betrayed by his BFF, ignorant of his grandaughter's existence, and on top of all this, forced to share an office with a naggy liberal. Oh, the humanity.

The action didn't move forward too much this week. Tony and Cara are still laying the groundwork for the season-ending terror attack, with Jack and Renee close on their heels. Given that little transpired apart from Hodges death, I'd like to pose a few questions about plot and characters as we enter the home stretch of Day 7.

What's the real reason(s) behind Tony's corruption? For me, this is the season's biggest question. Why did Tony go bad? That he's still mad at the world and government for Michelle's death feels too trivial at this point to justify his actions. Is there something we don't know about Jack and Tony's relationship? Some unresolved drama for which Tony wants revenge?

— Does Aaron Pierce carry a torch for Olivia? This question's been swimming around in the back of my mind ever since she brought him on as her personal agent. I can't tell if that look in his eye is inappropriate attraction or conflicted disapproval. He must know that she slept with that TV journalist, and they did share a weird moment when she said, last week, that he could help by killing Jonas Hodges. So that fact that she chickened out on the hitman, but Hodges was assasinated anyway has me entertaining the possibility that Aaron stepped in to TCB.

— Will Jack's illness be resolved by the season's end? When Chloe confronted Jack about his health, he told her he had one, maybe two, days left. That's a long time for a show that only encompasses one day per season. I guess it's entirely possible that Jack's condition could be carried over into next season as a way to reunite him with kim and baby Teri, perhaps?

— Will Tony make it out of Day 7 alive? I'd love for Tony to stay around, but honestly don't think it's possible. He's burned his bridges and I fully expect him to go down in a blaze of glory. I don't think any "Tony Almeida — Redemption" specials are in the works.

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