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'True Blood' season 2, episode 2

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click to enlarge LIKE AN EPILEPTIC WITH A METH HABIT: Andy Bellefleur gets his dance on thanks to Maryann
  • LIKE AN EPILEPTIC WITH A METH HABIT: Andy Bellefleur gets his dance on thanks to Maryann

Jesus freaks. Bus ride sing-a-longs. Honesty rings. Third-rate entertainment provided by jailbait performers ("Jesus Asked Me Out Today" coming soon to a Target/Wal-Mart/Sam's Club near you). Simmering sexual frustration emanating from a repressed preacher's wife. Sounds like a Jo Bros concert, but it is, in fact, the Light of Day Institute.

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Jason Stackhouse is off to church camp and all seems to be going swimmingly — he has a bunkmate and dominates in Capture the Flag — until he nearly runs a stake through Sarah Newlin's heart and his roomie, Luke, calls him a fraud ("You just think you walk on water, don't you?" "No ... I believe that was Moses." "No ... Moses parted the Red Sea. Jesus walked on water." Oh, Jason.)

Back in Fangtasia's dungeon, Eric splatters Lafayette with Royce chunks as he finishes his feeding frenzy. Eric becomes worried about his hair, layered through with carefully placed highlighting foils. Eric: "Is there blood in my hair?" Lafayette: "Yeah, there's a little bit of blood in there." He drags Lafayette upstairs to question him about another sheriff, Godric from Dallas, who's gone missing. Lafayette rats out Jason as a possible vampire napper and Eric throws him back into the basement. (Of note, one bottle each of Southern Comfort and Tabasco are sitting on Eric's desk. Who ever said these guys weren't trying to mainstream?!)

While sitting in a festering pool of Royce bits, Lafayette notices something glimmering inside the redneck's sinewy thigh — a metal rod. He barely hesitates before plunging his hand into the goopy spaghetti factory of a leg to wrangle it out. He manages to snap the chain apart and make a break for it, but is ambushed by the over-glamored blond barkeep Ginger, who shoots him in the leg. Lafayette ends up back in Eric's office where he propses that Eric turn him, but the sheriff and his goons feed on Lafayette before making any kind of decision. I'm a little freaked out about what Lafayette would be like as a vamp? He's "already of questionable moral standing." I wonder who his first target would be. Jason?

Over at Merlotte's, Maryann's using her psycho-sexual powers to start a borderline orgy, which annoys Sam because, among other things, he started up Merlotte's so that folks "would have a place to come for a drink without anyone bothering them to dance." Spoilsport. Everyone can use a good pool table grind every now and then. The sexual tension's building between Tara and Eggs, too: "I'd take a shower in your sweat if I could" she says while grilling him about his past. TMI, Tara. TMI.

During Bill and Sookie's post-coital canoodle, the couple gets to discussing Jessica. Sookie thinks Bill's being too hard on her and proposes that he treat her like any other teenage girl. The next evening, Sookie and Jessica get some alone time together while Bill hits up the Junior's department at Macy's for some more appropriate attire (for Jessica, of course. Sookie's skirts can go as short as they'd like). A freshly coiffed Eric appears and requests Sookie's help in locating Godric, which Bill staunchly refuses. Sookie overlooks the difference between not telling and lying when Jessica starts crying blood, and drives the new vamp over to her parents' house for one last look at the family. Bill makes it to the Hamby's just as Jessica's fixing to feed on dear old dad and he is P-I-S-S-E-D. He forces Sookie out before turning back to Mr. Hamby, fangs out. Will he feed on the abusive father? (And people, if you already know the answer, please don't ruin it for the rest of us.)

Til next week: Bill cleans up Sookie's mess, and things between Jason and Mrs. Newlin could get dirty.

(Photo by Jaimie Truebloo/HBO)

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