Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Blotter

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SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY: A passenger reported a Florida man talking strangely on a shuttle bus at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. The man reportedly said this was the third time Delta had made him miss his flight and made him stay overnight in Atlanta and that someone needs to blow up the airport.

A Delta Airlines employee called police, and an officer spoke with the 61-year-old man from Palm City, Fla. “I asked him if there was anything said on the shuttle bus on the way to the airport,” the officer wrote. “[The man] advised that he was mad because this was the third time Delta made him miss his flight. They made him stay in Atlanta costing him to pay for a hotel. He did say he wanted someone to blow up the airport, but he was mad and was not serious, he is just tired of Delta making him miss his flight and costing him more money. He said he was sorry and didn’t mean any harm. He will just never fly Delta and not fly through Atlanta anymore." No charges filed.

SUNSHINE STATE STRIKES AGAIN: A 36-year-old man said he called a personal chat line while he was waiting for his cousin to pick him up from the Greyhound bus station. He said he talked with a woman he knows as “Little Florida” on the chat line — and Little Florida offered to give him a ride from the bus station if he gave her gas money. The man agreed. When Little Florida arrived, the man put all his personal belongings in her silver pickup truck and they drove away. The man said they stopped at a gas station on Northside Drive, and he went inside to pay for gas. He said while he was inside, Little Florida drove away with all his stuff. He says his stuff is worth $5,000 and Little Florida won’t return his calls.

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(Illustration by Tray Butler)

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Monday, November 2, 2009

5 things to do: Monday

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1) Sukey Hughes and the World of Japanese Paper continues at the Robert C. Williams Paper Museum.

2) Nicole Atkins performs at the Earl.

3) Craft hosts a Brooklyn Brewery beer dinner.

4) Contrasts continues at Anne Irwin Fine Art.

5) Philip Lee Williams discusses The Campfire Boys at Decatur Library.

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(Photo courtesy Robert C. Williams Paper Museum)

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Streetalk: What is Mayor Shirley Franklin's legacy?

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Robbie: She fixed a few potholes, she kind of got the Beltline started, and that's about it. The sewer still isn't fixed, crime is out of control, the budget is a mess. She'll go down as the mayor who didn't do much of anything. She fixed a few potholes, but there are still potholes. She fixed the budget a little bit, but the budget is still a mess. She started the Beltline, but the Beltline is still so far out of reach. She'll go down as the mayor who never finished anything she started. Her legacy is eight years wasted.


David: A lot of people give her shit, but she revamped the damn sewer system. It wasn't popular, but she made tough decisions that had to be done. She's a decent person. She's got family issues with her kids, but her legacy will be that she made Atlanta face up to the fact that we were 100 years behind in our infrastructure — and she started the foundation to correct it. She had the guts to do what was necessary. She's going to come out historically very well.

Zen: Bullshit. People came to Atlanta to party. That's what we were known as. She took that away. She took away the essence of Atlanta. Now it's, "What time are the clubs closing? When is the booze going to be cut?" Now it's, "Why did I even go out?" Ray Lewis had nothing to do with regular old Atlantans. People who do crime are going to do crime, regardless. People who go to clubs go to dance and have a good time. They don't go to kill people. How in the hell did they get it in their minds that the nightlife was the cause of any crime? She ran this city into the sewer.

(Photos by Jeff Slate)

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5 things to do: Sunday

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1) A Life in the Theatre continues at Alliance Theatre.

2) Atlanta History Center celebrates Day of the Dead.

3) Ray Lamontagne performs at Fox Theatre.

4) Atlanta Pride Festival winds down with the Pride Parade and Starlight Cabaret.

5) The Woman in Black closes at Theatre in the Square.

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(Photo by Lia Chang)

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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Photo of the Day: Masquerading

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Masquerade Halloween-28

The Masquerade held a Halloween costume party throughout all three of its venues on Oct. 30. A few hundred people showed up for the Halloween-style rave as some danced with light, some hung from silk and all were treated to the techno sounds of the live band.

(Photo by Dustin Chambers)

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Word: Environmentalists cry foul over EPD boss

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On Oct. 28, Gov. Sonny Perdue named King & Spalding partner Allen Barnes the new state Environmental Protection Division director. Environmental advocates cried foul over Perdue’s decision, as Barnes’ former employer represents two proposed coal plants, as well as the state of Georgia in the ongoing “water wars” debacle with Alabama and Florida.

“Generally, if you get a partner coming over from a big firm when there is activity going on between the firm's clients and that agency, there is a lot of potential for conflict.”

— Environmental lawyer Gil Rogers in an Oct. 27 Fulton Daily Report article.

“[Proposed coal plants Longleaf and Washington] are both being handled by a team at King & Spalding, and now a member of that team is going to be making the decisions [as to whether those plants will be built]. How is the public going to have any faith that the decisions made about the two biggest new pollution sources ever to come into Georgia have been made impartially?”

— Environmental lawyer Justine Thompson in the same Fulton Daily Report story.

"A single law firm that represents a large number of polluters is suddenly moving personnel into state government positions that directly affect its clients. It's hard to put it in a happy light if you care about natural resources and the public interest in them."

— Sierra Club lobbyist Neill Herring in an Oct. 27 interview with the Savannah Morning News.

“I need to sit down with the counsel and make a very thoughtful and deliberative decision as to what’s proper and what is required in that are. We’ll certainly make that decision.”

— Barnes on if he'd recuse himself from decisions involving King & Spalding, in an Oct. 28 interview with Capitol Impact's Tom Crawford.

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13 Days of Halloween: Which (obscure) scary movie to see?

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Somehow I missed Drag Me to Hell when it played in theaters earlier this year, but I caught up with it last night. It's smart and nasty in all the right ways, while being totally icky -- it could just as easily had the title Don't Put Stuff in My Mouth. Director Sam Raimi seems to be having more fun plaguing Alison Lohman's loan officer than he did in all three Spider-man movies combined. This weekend it's playing at GSU's Cinefest if you'd rather see it on a big screen in a dark room for Halloween.

For scares at your local multiplex, you can still find ultra-violent Zombieland and the lo-fi sleeper hit Paranormal Activity (which outgrossed Saw VI last weekend). Two other lesser-known horror flicks have been highly touted, but I can't vouch for them (yet). Critics like the 80s-retro bloodfest The House of the Devil, which hasn't yet opened in Atlanta. A cult following surrounds the Halloween anthology flick Trick 'r Treat, which was long-shelved but has recently been released on DVD:

Nearly every horror film that's off-beat or extreme in some way has champions, even dreadful ones, so it's hard to separate the superior from the shlock. Here's a list of more chilling choices from the darker corners of the video store, as well as intriguing ones that I've been meaning to see.

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Add It Up: Ghost town

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Estimated number of metro Atlanta office jobs lost in the last three years: 50,000

Number of square feet of vacant commercial office space in metro Atlanta: 24 million

Number of years real-estate experts estimate it might take to fill the region’s empty office space: 12

Estimated cost of two full-page Wall Street Journal ads purchased by the Buckhead Coalition to market vacant condos and commercial spaces: $554,000

Number of years since Atlanta's annual population growth was as small as it was over the past year: 19

Number of single-family building permits issued in 2009 in Atlanta, as of September: 114

Number of single-family building permits issued in Atlanta in October 2006 alone: 178

Number of years real-estate experts estimate it could take to fill vacant condos in such intown areas as Midtown and Atlantic Station: 4

Number of floors proposed for a new Midtown office tower that law firm Alston & Bird might build: 30

Sources: Atlanta Business Chronicle, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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Speakeasy with Megan Gogerty

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About five years ago, the Alliance Theatre asked me, possibly due to a clerical error, to take part in a panel discussion with the winner and runners-up in its first Kendeda Graduate Playwriting Competition. The clear winner for “funniest person in the room” that day was Megan Gogerty, whose Kendeda contender Love Jerry was produced — to no little controversy — at Actor’s Express in 2006. Gogerty returns to Atlanta to perform her one-woman show, Hillary Clinton Got Me Pregnant, at Synchronicity Theatre Nov. 5-22. A professor at the University of Iowa, she recently recorded an album of songs about "Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

What are the origins of the show?

It’s a sort-of true story. I take some liberties with my life. It’s about two things. The first is my journey as a Democrat wandering through the Bush years, which coincides with a personal narrative about me deciding to have a family. It began when I was in Iowa City at a theater company that does a monologue festival. I performed one that I’d written a while back about meeting Hillary Clinton at a book signing. It went over super well. I used to do stand-up years and years go, so I thought maybe I should expand the monologue. Riverside Theatre said, “Do it! Great!” It had a short turnaround time, so I came up with a generic title, Megan Gogerty Loves You Very Much, which is true. I am Megan Gogerty and I do love you very much. And I decided to do Hillary Clinton.

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(Photo © 2009 Megan Gogerty)

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The Blotter

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SPOOKY VISITOR: A 33-year-old man said he heard the doorbell ring at his home on Euclid Avenue. He saw a woman around age 30 standing outside his door, peering in his windows. He said she had blond dreadlocks and she wore black pants and a high-visibility green traffic vest. According to the man, the woman walked around to the back of his house, then she returned to the front and broke open the front door. The man said he confronted the woman and she tried to give him a piece of paper saying her name was Denise and she was looking for her stolen television. The man said he was going to call police and the woman walked away, threatening that the man’s stuff would get stolen later. The man wrote down the woman’s tag number before she drove away. Police ran a computer check on the tag — it came back on a 2009 Jeep Wrangler stolen in Atlanta. The woman reportedly caused about $500 worth of damage to the man’s front door.

JACK-O-LANTERN DENIED: Around 3 a.m., a man in a brown coat tried to buy a pumpkin and some flowers at a grocery store on Piedmont Avenue. The cashier said he couldn’t buy them because the grocery store was closed. The man reportedly got very agitated, walked outside and flung the pumpkin at the store, damaging the pumpkin. Then the man reportedly kicked the flowers. The man left on a red bicycle. Police arrived and searched the area but couldn’t find him.

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