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Atlanta mayor's race is a hater's playground

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Can't decide who you'll vote for in the mayoral election next Tuesday because you're just not fired up about any of the candidates?

May we suggest you try process of elimination? Sometimes choosing a candidate to support is best approached by determining who wouldn't get your vote even in the event of ice-skating on the River Styx.

Fortunately, there are plenty of people with Internet access who are only too willing to help eliminate some candidate options through the careful application of innuendo, character assassination and good old-fashioned trash-talking.

As a rule of thumb, you haven't earned your stripes as a candidate yet unless you're the target of an anonymous opposition website. So, without further ado, here are selected hater sites:

Going in alphabetical orders by candidate, first up is:

The Real Truth About Borders — This site addresses the question all of Atlanta is asking, namely: "Who is the REAL Lisa Borders?" According to the site, the City Council president would seem to be a closet Republican who wants to privatize the city, take your property and cover up her ethical problems. And did we mention she's a Republican?

Frankly, TRTAB seems a bit slapped-together, using news clips recycled from other media outlets, including the one you're reading now. There's really nothing new here. The whole thing seems like an excuse to use the word "Republican" a dozen times on a page about Borders.

REED Between the Lines: The truth about M. Kasim Reed — Now you're talkin'. Judged solely on presentation, this is one kick-ass attack site. It's got a nicely designed header, well-chosen photos and a good volume of original material. According to this site, which is better known as www.notkasim.blogspot.com, the state senator is a potential continuation of the Franklin administration, another Bill Campbell and a nepotistic career politician.

Note how subtly the website author tantalizes readers with Reed's first initial, but isn't gauche enough to actually invoke the name. (Hint: Similar to BHO, Reed has a given name that might not sit well with Islamaphobes.)

Both of these sites make you wonder if maybe a few years back, the candidates ran over the bloggers' dogs. There's some serious hatin' going on.

Norwood Unfiltered — I couldn't find an anti-Mary Norwood site per se, but someone has edited together a YouTube video titled, "Norwood Unfiltered Pt. 1." A compilation of the councilwoman's forum misspeaks and interview gaffes, it's simply designed to show that "Mary Norwood isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed."

Personally, I'm disappointed by the superficiality of this effort. Certainly, Norwood isn't as skilled a public speaker as are Borders and Reed. Simply stringing together clips of her stumbling over words doesn't present a compelling argument against electing her mayor. If the haters wanted to prove Norwood is a lightweight, then they should've used clips of her saying dumb things. I'd start with something like her claiming not to recall whether she voted for George W. Bush.

Oh, well, I guess we'll have to wait until Norwood Unfiltered Pt. 2.

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