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The Televangelist: 'Lost' Season 6, Episode 5 / 108

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click to enlarge QUESTIONS ANSWERED? "Mission unaccomplished, dude!"
  • QUESTIONS ANSWERED? "Mission unaccomplished, dude!"

(Sigh). Episodes written by Carlton and Damon are simply so superior to the average "Lost" fare.  Not only do we often get a healthy dose of Hurley one-liners ("And I just lied to a samurai!") and conjecture ("so like, if we went back to dinosaur time ... these corpses could be us!"), but we get a satisfying amount of island mythology to satiate us for another week.

Per usual this season, the off-island happenings are of very little interest to any mythological movement.  Once again we see things that didn't go well in Timeline A being rectified in Timeline B.  Jack, divorced, is the father of a musical prodigy, David.  There's not much else to that except Jack's mother learns about Claire, and Jack repairs his relationship with his son - something he and his own father were never able to do.  Jack also runs into Dogan, another hovering parent of an unnaturally accomplished child, at his son's recital.

The mention of Claire is relevant of course because crazy Claire, with her skull and pelt baby, is not dead, and has in fact been living on the island for three years. 

She captures Jin who stupidly wastes an opportunity to have Claire kill Kate, and instead tricks her into going to the temple.  Claire has always been a weak and one-dimensional character, but Crazy!Claire shows promise.  Her friendship with Flocke also has intriguing implications - when she was hanging around with Christian (now assumed to be another face Smokey tried on), it appears she was not dead but rather controlled by the Man in Black.  Why? Perhaps Aaron factors - the Man in Black knows that if he controls Claire he controls Aaron. Is Aaron #108?

My friend DeKalb gave me notice during the episode that this was indeed the 108th episode of the series.  A perfect time to coincide with Jacob bringing #108 to the island.  But who might that be?  When I posed the question to the Twitterverse, half the responses were "Aaron" (which would be apropos) and the other half "Desmond."  I'll also throw out a few other names: Faraday, Charles Widmore ... and Walt?  If Walt's entire story arc was a red herring, I'll never forgive Darlton.  I think Faraday is out since he was killed in an earlier timeline - also, I think his stabilizing the timelines was his final contribution, (unfortunately for me and my love of skinny ties).  I don't think Widmore was ever in cahoots with Jacob, but I'm a little foggy on his storyline at this point, so I can't be sure.

As much as I adored last week's episode emotionally, it was really just a lateral move story-wise.  This week we moved towards something - Jack finally realizing his fate on the island?  The Man in Black invading the temple just as someone, #108, comes to the island (to save it?).  The promos for next week were a complete cop out - from what they have now inferred, every moment will be a spoiler for the ages, and to even show one segment would be to reveal all ... I hope so, anyway!

Musings and Miscellanea:

  • Hey Adam and Eve!  I remember early guesses for the corpses were Rose and Bernard or Jack and Kate.  Any updated guesses?
  • Speaking of things from early episodes - Shannon's inhaler at the caves?  Was it there to (a) foreshadow her appearance (b) give a nod to avid fans or (c) it actually have significance?  My feeling right now is just that it's a "hey, there were other people on the plane, remember?"
  • I keep wanting to believe that Jacob is pure good, but he sure is a crafty master manipulator ...
  • Jack tear count: 2
  • Some good Jackfaces are bound to come from this episode
  • Was Jack's ex-wife and son's house bearing the #23?
  • Jack took the words right out of my mouth with "why haven't we seen this lighthouse before?"
  • Another great Hurley delivery: "I'm just looking ... cause I like temples ... and history ... Indiana Jones stuff ..."

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