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The Televangelist: 'Lost' Season 6, Episode 8

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click to enlarge SO MUCH CONNING: So little time for shirts
  • SO MUCH CONNING: So little time for shirts

For all the nuggets in this episode, I would give it everything up for it to be March 23rd right now.  A Ricardos episode is on the horizon, folks! Questions may (or may not, you know how that  goes) be answered!  Honestly, last night's "Recon," for a Sawyer episode, was not so bad (and what's with the really uncreative episode titles this season?  Last week was just called "Dr Linus" - really?).

As I have preached for long since before I began covering "Lost" last season, one thing the show has always remained consistent with is finding new ways to split up the gang.  From different parts of the island to different journeys through time, new alliances are constantly being formed, only to be broken down and restructured as soon as we start getting too comfortable.  In "Recon," the battle lines have been clearly set.  On the one side we have who I refer to as The Innocents (minus Ben): Sun, Jack, Hurley, Miles, Lapedis, Ilana, Ben.  Across the way, we have Flocke's Flock: Sawyer, Jin, Kate, Sayid, Claire, and Flocke himself.  Now enter Charles Widmore.  Sawyer spent part of "Recon" setting up Smokey and Widmore to fight each other, but what are guns when compared to a column of smoke?  Did anyone else expect the poor man's Tina Fey to say that she wandered off into the woods and then heard a cash register (instead of screams) and everyone was dead?  We can probably assume Smokey killed The Ajira Others, but it's also possible Widmore is at fault.  After all, we have no real idea of Widmore's motivations and end game at this point.  And Flocke is getting a lot of sympthay right now, what with his crazy mom and growin' pains and all, shucks.

In the alternate timeline, once again we see another cast member making the right choices - Sawyer is a cop, not a robber, as is Miles.  He has a half-night stand with that slutty snoop Charlotte (seriously Faraday, what did you see in her?), and ends the episode by catching up with Kate in her full feral cat mode.  These throwbacks, plus the remembrance of Anthony Cooper (whose part in Sawyer's life evidently stayed the same in the alt world), gave us a little something for our time, but not much. "Recon" was all about setting up the battle lines - and with next week being all about Richard, we might finally start seeing some payoff in the back half of this season for mysteries of the entire series.

Next Week: YES. RICHARD'S STORY. A RICARDOSISODE.  The episode title, "Ab Aeterno" means "since the beginning of time" (or "since a very long time ago").  Also, next week's episode will include AN ADDITIONAL SIX MINUTES, so DVR accordingly.

Musings and Miscellanea:

  • It's interesting how casually I treat certain information now.  Nothing brings back fond memories of confusion like talking to a new or lapsed "Lost" fan.  What if you had known, in Season 2, the spoiler that Locke was the cash register sound, which was a column of murderous smoke?  You would have lost your damn mind!
  • Nice little egg: Sawyer's secret word = LeFleur.
  • Sawyer and Miles should absolutely have a buddy cop spin off show.
  • Aw, memories: Sawyer returns to Hydra, the place of former imprisonment, and remembers banging Kate (sigh).
  • Curt Homan postulated that Claire's skull baby could possibly be made out of, in part, Vincent's bones and fur.  However, Dekalb reminded me that Darlton have said the only one who for sure comes out alive is Vincent, so she must have found her pelts elsewhere.(
  • Obviously I don't condone violence of any kind, so don't even get worked up about it ... but Locke slapping some sense into Claire was kind of awesome.
  • Ah ... just like in Season One - Locke leads one group, Jack the other. One good, one evil?
  • Kate: "Very insightful ... coming from a dead man"  Locke: "Well, no one's perfect."
  • This week's "Mommy Issues Tuesday" is brought to you by your host, Old Smokey.
  • So Sawyer knows how to pilot a sub?

.... RICHARD-SODE NEXT WEEK!  Even Jack is happy:


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