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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

“24:” 5-6 a.m.: The Jack Attack Resurrected

click to enlarge Please, please, please let there be a Keifer-Anil spin-off!
  • Please, please, please let there be a Keifer-Anil spin-off!

So, now that it is official that “24” will be airing it’s final episode on May 24 it seems appropriate that we take the week before Easter to ask all dedicated “24” viewers to respond with their favorite Jack resurrection moments and how you think they are finally going to kill off our favorite force of destruction in the end.

Anyways, “Good morning, President Taylor! So nice of you to join us again.” Now that she has had her beauty rest, President Taylor has decided to grace us with her presence after three episodes, and just in time for her to have terrorist, Samir whisper sweet nothings in her speaker phone about wanting President Hassan in exchange for not destroying 40 square blocks of Manhattan with his nuclear rods. What followed next was President Taylor giving her very own rendition of the Team America theme song: “America! Fuck yeah!” Oh, and “Bring me Jack Bauer.” Taylor knows what’s up. Who other than Jack would be capable of bringing Hassan to the safety of Jersey Shore?

Enter new plot line and Mike Novick-President Palmer deception tactics from President Taylor’s Chief of Staff, Rob Weiss and some new defense dude, Gen. Bruckner begin planning to undermine Taylor’s direct orders not to turn Hassan over to the terrorists. Just as there covert op gets underway though, Taylor’s BFF, Ethan Kanin decides to walk in and give a moral talk to Weiss about betraying your president. If he wasn’t taking up enough of their time already, he goes and has a heart attack. As of 5:59 a.m., we still have no word on whether Ethan’s alive or dead.

Luckily, before Kanin’s heart decided to stop being helpful, he attempted to call Jack. Having a keen sense of deception in the works, Jack immediately knows something is up and cancels the Hassan’s evacuation plan given to him by the president. Good thing too, because Bruckner had sent his secret ops cronies to do whatever necessary to take Hassan alive to deliver him to the terrorists. Bruckner’s men have no idea what they were getting themselves into when they went after Jack (and Renee!). A predictable, but still enjoyable, shootout transpired in an underground tunnel full of fun hide-and-go-seek spots for Jack and Renee to kill people from.

Dana/Jenny meanwhile has been busy whispering away to Samir to help him avoid getting caught. At one point she slips and mentions that she is working for someone else. Bonus points to whoever guesses the right employer! It’s gotta be someone good if they were able to get her convict ass a job at CTU.

The hour ends with Tarin activating the dirty bomb. So, wait, you ask: “Weren’t the terrorists waiting to do that until they found out if Taylor was going to give up Hassan?” Make up your mind, Samir! Gawd!

Next week is going to a two-hour episode of explosions and delight! Get your rest!

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