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"24:" 8-9 a.m.

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click to enlarge Jack making Renee a pancake breakfast.
  • Jack making Renee a pancake breakfast.

It is certainly no kind of profound revelation that “24” has always been a pretty testosterone packed show where only Jack Bauer could save us from the terrorist filled world. Not to get all Feministe on you guys, but the ladies are generally either there to show us that:

a) No matter how strong of a female character they may be, the women in Jack’s personal life will always end up dead, crazy, or get written out of the show. Once they have served the purpose of showing Jack’s inability to have personal connections, they are no longer needed.

b) They are the “snakes in the garden,” to use Hastings expression from last night.

c) They are Chloe.

Last night was the writers attempt to throw the shows track record for a whammy. Around every plot twist, women were being thrown into positions of power. In no particular order are the Women’s Lib “24” style moments from last night. President Hassan’s wife, Dalia is now the new president of the IRK and will assist President Taylor in finalizing the Peace Summit which was threatened after her husband’s death. Chloe is now the Acting Head of CTU. President Taylor gives ex-President Sleaze Logan a firm talking to when he arrives to help get the Russians back on board the peace plan. And finally, Renee once again proved her awesomeness when she recognized the Russian hit man who killed Samir.

Ok. So, there is an actual plot surrounding all of this. Sad music is cued as Hassan’s body is taken out of the execution room. Samir is the only terrorist left alive, and according to the EMTs will be able to fully recover for questioning. That is, he would have been able to if the Russians hadn’t gotten to him. One of the EMTs, of course, is a Russian in disguise who delivers a lethal dose of poison to Samir. This would have been a flawless plan to kill off all of the terrorists that could implicate the Russians in the assassination of President Hassan, except for the fact that as Renee is leaving the crime scene she recognizes the murderous Russian from her days under cover with the mob. Despite Renee and Jack’s efforts to get out of town and go make sweet sexy times, they have become targets yet again.

Meanwhile back at the Peace Summit, President Taylor and the creepy Russian diplomat butt heads on Russia’s continued involvement in the peace accord now that Hassan is kaput. Taylor tries her best to sound convincing, but the Russian doesn’t want to hear it. Luckily, the IRK ambassador has a plan to save the day: Make Mrs. Hassan into President Hassan. Taylor goes for it, and with pretty little coaxing is able to get Dalia to take the helm. Even with this development, the Russian is still unconvinced. It’s time to bring in the big guns. Or President Logan. It makes sense that the trickster Russians still wanted him in their sandbox after his treacherous presidency a few seasons back. Birds of a feather…

At CTU, Chloe receives word that she will be replacing Hastings as Acting Head of CTU. What?! I was glad to see Hastings take his demotion like such a champ. He has grown to be one of my favorite new characters this season, and I would have hated to see the writers make him leave on a bad note. On the same note, how excited was everyone to see that Chloe is finally in charge! Now we don’t have to waste time having people who aren’t in the know slow her down. Shit is about to get done.

So what happens next was a little creepy and voyeuristic on the writer’s part. They just had to make the Russian hit man who killed Samir watch through his sniper gun as Jack and Renee finally get to it. And to make matters worse, he shoots Renee right as she’s getting out of bed wrapped in nothing more than a sheet. Well, right after she tells Chloe she recognized the Russian that’s about to shoot her. Way to kill the moment.

Jack finds the fastest cab driver in Manhattan to get Renee to the hospital in under a minute in rush hour traffic. If that’s not impressive, than the fact that they kill Renee to re-motivate Jack into another six hours certainly is.

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