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The Televangelist: 'Lost' Season 6, Episode 12

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click to enlarge I'm having a WELL of a time!
  • I'm having a WELL of a time!

For much of "Everybody Loves Hugo" I thought "this is a lot like last week ... except last week did it better."  So we revisited again the "love conquers all theme," this time starring Hurley and his one time quasi lady love Libby.  Since we're being reintroduced to some of the myriad characters from days past (Hey Michael!  Hey PIerre Chang!), it seems the writers realized they needed to kill off some of the extras still milling around.  What's Ilana all about?  Who knows - bang! Gone.  To quote my friend Dekalb: "she didn't blow up. She was Artzed."

One puzzle piece that warrants further investigation regards Michael and the whispers.  In the past the voices have often (if not always?) signified the coming of Smokey.  My presumption early in the episode was that Michael was just yet another manifestation of Smokey, sent to lure Hurley into foiling Richard's plan to blow up the plane, and lead him straight to Locke.  Later, their second meeting had me wondering.  Michael seemed sincere, but could that just be Smokey's trick?  Let's assume Michael was telling the truth - the souls would want to be freed somehow, right?  Would they leave the island if Smokey did?  In the war between Jacob and Smokey, whose side are they on?

Just like last week, the characters are slowly awakening to the reality of their other life, and more paths are crossing.  Desmond, after having been thrown down a well by Flocke, engaged in some instant karmic retribution by running down poor, goddamn, can't-catch-a-break-in-ANY-timeline John Locke.  Locke reminds me of Walter from "Breaking Bad" - just when things can't get any worse, they somehow do.  Buzz kill, Darlton.

In the end, "Lost" did what "Lost" is best at doing - splitting up the gang and reuniting certain factions.  The Ocean 815 are together again (is poor Jin still stuck with Widmore?), and Richard, Ben and Miles have gone off to destroy the plane.  Of the three remaining factions, who will face off next week?

Next week: titled "The Last Recruit," and set to manic music apparently

Musings and Miscellanea:

  • Remember when we thought Ben and Richard had all the answers?  We knew that once we found out all about Henry Gale a.k.a. Ben Linus we would know everything about the island.  Wrong turn!  But Ricardus, certainly, with his never-aging skin and mysterious ways and knowing Jacob personally ... wrong turn again!  What's your most peevish red herring, guys?  Mine has to be Abaddon.  The name, the amazing actor ... so much promise, and all for more or less nothing!
  • I loved Hugo's mom in this ep
  • Desmond = #42!
  • The island kid MUST be Jacob ... right?
  • That island picture in the doctor's office is from a Mac OS X screensaver
  • "Do dead people yell at you a lot?" - Miles
  • If Libby is there voluntarily how can the Doc haul her away and restrict her access to things?
  • "Jacob is not telling us what to do because Jacob never tells us what to do." - Richard.  So true!
  • I'm so confused that when I saw Radzinsky on Modern Family I thought it was part of "Lost!"

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