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Hire Adam Bruneau or he's moving to Sweden

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When I met up with my favorite (super)man-about-town Adam Bruneau, it was so freakin’ hot and sticky outside. It seriously felt like we were suspended in unpleasantly tepid Jell-O. So my intention was to have the laziest afternoon interview ever but, as it goes, talking with this dude about his many projects and adventures got exciting. He's one of those quietly brilliant people - genuinely full of ideas and sincerely interested in what people are doing. His broad range of talents, sweet approachability, and un-obnoxious tirelessness make him a popular partner in Atlanta collaborations. I have no idea what the hell made me think this could ever be a lazy interview. So there we sat, mainlining iced tea and talking about school bus graveyards and how Adam is quitting this city for Sweden if someone doesn’t pay him for his awesomeness soon.

What’s the haps, adam?

I'm finishing the Back Pockets record – that’s cool. My little brother’s having a baby this weekend so I gotta buy some cigars.

It seems like everyone ever is involved with the Back Pockets right now - What are you doing for the record?

Mostly working with Em [Kempf] on the overdubs and stuff. Yeah, there’s gonna be a ridiculous number of people going on tour – we need to get a school bus or something.

I know of this school bus graveyard in North Georgia. Seriously, there are, like, hundreds of busses from different decades. Let’s go get one.

Oh hell yeah, that sounds amazing. Let's go!

So tell the people who you are. Where did you grow up?

All over Gwinnett.

Do you think growing up in the suburbs does something weird to your brain?

Definitely. I think it explains the kind of people [who end up] in Atlanta; they didn’t fit into the small towns. So they gravitate to the nearest big city. I think it explains why everyone wants to try to so hard like, “yay, I escaped the suburbs so I have to do everything!” City kids are born used to it all, so the energy isn’t the same.

What projects do you have going on right now?

I just finished a 2D and 3D video for this Portugese band Stereo Alligator. It was sort of an experiment with this free 3d program. Before that, I did a video for Swedish band Mono Stereo.

I know you recently traveled to Sweden. How was that?

I loved it. I’m seriously afraid it’s gonna take me away. It’s so much easier to make a living in music there. Their government actually gives money to venues to pay bands with, just in case no one shows up. They financially take care of their artists in ways you wouldn’t imagine in the US.

Adam, don’t move! I’ll make someone hire you. Sorry, I’m okay. What else are you working on?

I want to do another 3D video, like skeletons surfing. But I don’t know if I’ll be able to do that before [Back Pockets] tour.

Also, I’ve been working on the Falcon Lords website – they’re an awesome band. They work a lot. It’s good to see people in Atlanta who are really working to develop something in a real way, not just on a local level. They really know what they’re doing.

Okay – you’ve played with everyone in Atlanta, it seems like. What are some of your favorite projects / bands you’ve been involved in?

I helped with The Spooks’ album – don’t say I’m in The Spooks or anything! I’m not. But I helped. I also did a sound collage for the last Deerhunter album, played with Lotus Plaza last year – that was all really fun.

Oh! I just recorded karaoke song for Danger Woman. She called me up and said “88 Keys…” that’s her code name for me, “…I need you to do a secret mission!” It was to record a karaoke song for her. She’s so hilarious and energetic.

Cel-Ray Moxies – just started drumming with them – yeah, I’m all over the place with this.

I don’t get paid for any of these by the way – but that’s the way it is.

(I have to interject here: we are sitting next to a wall of fliers for upcoming music shows. The whole time we’re talking, Adam keeps pausing to point out posters for shows that he’s either playing or that feature bands he’s previously worked with. Seriously, this happened like 6 or 7 times. At another point, Derek Lyn Plastic came up to us to talk to Adam about playing with Stepdads, a new local supergroup thing with Derek Lyn Plastic and Facehugger – just one more in-the-works project that Adam didn’t even remember to mention. This kid gets around.)

Who are you a fan of in Atlanta right now?

The Plaza Theater – I love what they’re doing. They’re doing a local filmmakers night soon, with animation and stuff – Brett W. Thompson is doing that. (Note: look for an upcoming interview with this beautiful, camera-happy animation leader.)

Also the Carnivores. I just added theramin to a song they’re working on for their new album. They’re one of my favorites right now.

What would you change about the Atlanta creative environment?

I’d make it so you can make a living playing music – that’s the main thing. The other thing would be making it easier to get out of Atlanta – it’s so hard get out of Atlanta.

Yeah, it’s a comfortable little cocoon sometimes.

Exactly. There are plenty of places to play and practice – you can forget that there’s a whole world beyond Atlanta

And more focus from people here. Maybe less stuff going on. It’s just a sea of all this stuff bombarding you – it’s hard for the things to stand out, and you end up missing stuff. But maybe that makes Atlanta a good laboratory for sensational things.

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