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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

“24:” 11 a.m.-12 p.m. Are you ready to get Jacked?


Please tell me no one had started to actually trust that Logan was interested in helping President Taylor? Ok, good. As we have all been anxiously awaiting, Logan’s evil core is beginning to come to a head.

This week’s father-son bonding, ahem, scorned males seek revenge finally amps up as Jack and Cole storm Dana’s holding location. While I have enjoyed watching them water board our Russian terrorist princess, I’m ready for torture Jack-style. Jack and Cole easily overwhelm the private security forces guarding Dana and fly the coop. Apparently Logan didn’t remember who he was messing with when he thought that a few private security guards would be sufficient protection for Dana. This is Jack Bauer we are dealing with, people. The man that only episodes ago took out an entire covert-op intended to kidnap President Hassan. Come on!

Once Jack has liberated Dana he tells her that he will only let her go if she hands over the evidence of the Russians involvement. Dana misjudges the amount of crazy in Jack’s eyes these days and laughs in his face at the request. Jack immediately pulls his gun on Dana and then Cole moments later. Dana tries to get into Cole’s head with what I can only hope is foreshadowing for the rest of the season, by telling him that all Jack is interested in is killing everyone involved in the Russian’s evil plot so that he can avenge Renee’s death. Please, let this be true! Jack isn’t ready to give up all of his cards yet though, and tells Cole that this is just redneck talk so she can get herself out of a pinch. Cole buys it and they continue on Operation Justice.

Back at CTU, Logan is busy at work on his evil plot. He manages to convince Taylor to let his man servant into CTU as a mole where he can monitor the Jack search. I’m curious to see where the President Taylor-as-Logan’s puppet goes in the next couple of episodes. She’s been digging herself deeper and deeper for the last few hours, so rock bottom must be near. The Russians then join Logan for a quick pedicure and gab about what it’s like to be evil conspirators as they plot how to kill Jack Bauer.

Meanwhile, Jack, Cole, and Dana are heading to the security deposit box where The Evidence is being held. Jack waits in the shadows outside the bank as Dana and Cole head into the retrieve The Evidence. Dana is still trying to sweet talk Cole back to her side, but Cole is holding strong thanks to his lessons from Jack. Unfortunately, despite being able to brush off Dana’s tricks, Cole still falls for the booby trap Dana has set in the box. Flash bomb in your face, Cole! With Cole out, Dana calls the cops in an awful Southern accent, to report Jack waiting outside. Since the cops are still on the hunt for Bauer, this gives Dana time to try and make a run for it. But not before she creepily caresses Cole’s unconscious body.

Jack is quickly held up by two NYPD officers sent to hold him in custody until backups arrive. This works for about 30 seconds, which is just long enough for Dana to get away. Dammit! A shot to one of the officer’s toes is enough to let Jack get away. Jack chases Dana into a building down the street where she waits to kill him. Not surprisingly, soft-core prison for five years was not exactly sufficient preparation for Dana to overtake Jack. As soon as she runs out of bullets, Jack corners her and takes the evidence. Knowing she is now worth nothing, Dana pleads for her life. Unfortunately for her, the Nina Myers parallels continue! Dana hadn’t seen the previous seasons to know that if you kill Jack’s wife/girlfriend, you die. And now we can draw the Dana/Jenny portion of this season to a close! Three cheers for Jack! Let the slaughters begin!

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