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'True Blood:' season 3, episode 10

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Minute episode recap: "Blah blah blah, vampire emergency blah."

Now to the good stuff: Sookie's a fairy. "How fucking lame."

Her words, not mine. And while my initial reaction was to agree wholeheartedly, the more I thought about it, the more the idea grew on me. Sookie now has the potential to actually grow into to someone/something complex and interesting. We can hope at least. Her "lyin' ain't right" sermons are dull, dull, dull and lead to that annoying kind of drama most people try to leave in high school. Plus, I don't think we can technically call her a waitress anymore. When was the last time she showed up for a shift anyway? I'm sure Arlene would know.

According to the all-powerful Wikipedia, notions of fairies range from sweetly stubborn Tinkerbells to demonic hobgoblins. While it's likely Sookie skews more Tink than troll, it seems that there are kind of no set rules when it comes to defining a fairy's character, motivations and power. Given that the season finale is Sept. 12, I doubt we'll get too much into what fairy-dom means for her besides making her that much more enticing to vampires. But it could turn out to be pretty awesome to watch her learn to harness her Jedi fairy powers — surely the light palm is only the beginning. She'll need a teacher, of course, and in the grand tradition of "True Blood," let's hope it's a hot new shirtless season 4 man-fairy instead of Claudine.

Or this guy?
  • John P. Johnson/HBO
  • Or this guy?
Speaking of season 4, season 3 is starting to feel like one long set-up, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Seasons 1 and 2 were tighter plot-wise and built to solid conclusions that resolved major storylines. With only two episodes left, and seemingly countless side stories (Holly's a witch, Crystal's a panther, Tommy's a trouble maker, Jason's jealous of the quarterback...), it's hard to imagine how it will all satisfyingly come together. It's a tall order to top a good Maenad smiting, but if anyone can do it, Russell Edgington can.

The main problem as I see it is not only all the side stories, but also all the time spent on backstories, namely Sam's Sawyer-esque past (heck, they even have similar fashion senses!). It seems like this would've had greater impact and use in the first half of the season rather than waiting until episode 10.

Then there was Jesus and Lafayette's fiesta of a V hallucination that registered somewhere between Disney World's teacups ride and that creepy acid trip of a boat ride in Gene Wilder's Willy Wonka. They covered ground from rural Mexico to the plantation-run South all in an effort to reveal that they too have "special powers" that span generations, including a black-magic-practicing grandfather on Jesus' side. Also, Lafayette calls Jesus a "shaman in a Sunday hat," a reference to season 2 when he referred to Eggs as "Satan in a Sunday hat. Satan in a beautiful fucking Sunday hat." How all this will come into play in the final episodes is uncertain, perhaps there'll be another Tara exorcism. At the very least, they could try to cure her of that awful accent she tries to pass off as Southern ("I cain't take no mo'!"). Sheesh.

OR ... this could be building to some kind of epic Lord of the Rings type battle where all sides come together to fight the dark lord (Edgington). In which case, I take back everything I said.

Bill: "Every supernatural I have ever met believed the fee were wiped out of existence ... by vampires."

Yvette: "Am I worth nothing to you?"
Eric: "Less than nothing you gold-digging whore!" in half Nordic and half English. Apparently there's just no equivalent to "gold-digging whore" in Nordic.

Lafayette: "Them fuckers [Crystal and family] is a whole new dimension of trash."

Sam: "There are two rules in this bar: no dancin' and no religion."

Jason: "I'm good at protectin' people — it's the only thing I'm good at."

Pam: "Blah blah blah, vampire emergency blah." One of the best quotes yet, and worth quoting a second time.

Eric: "Your lack of sentiment has always been an admirable quality. Don't disappoint me now."

Jason: "Momma," when Crystal reveals herself as a panther

Sookie: "I am not just some kind of prisoner you can just lock up whenever you wanna take off."
Eric: "Yes you are."
Sookie: "I knew I shouldn't have trusted you."
Eric: "You were right."

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