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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Great City Hall East Rummage Sale continues…UPDATE

Dick Cheney, eat your heart out
  • Dick Cheney, eat your heart out
The antique oak card-catalog cabinets are gone. So are the museum-style display cases. Also, most of the heavy metal filing cabinets, solid wood tables and hundreds of chairs. Truth be told, most of the items left in the basement of City Hall East after three full days of frenzied liquidation are functional, but not terribly exciting. Imagine the furniture section of a Goodwill, if it covered more than two acres.

Still, there are a few one-of-kind finds to be had. For instance, if you're looking for a munitions cabinet the size of a garden shed, then CHE is your place. The thing is made of steel plating, stands seven feet tall and weighs more than a Ford F-150 pickup, but if you need somewhere safe to store your rocket-launcher and plastic explosives — and who doesn't? — you can't afford not to own one of these babies. (For those comparison-shoppers out there, it's a Porta-Mag, model 1050.)

Comes fully assembled (guard not included)
  • Comes fully assembled (guard not included)
Just as strange are the two free-standing guard houses for sale. Actually, I take that back — one's already been sold and the other is still waiting for someone with $500 and the kind of paranoia that would compel him to station a guard at the end of his driveway. You certainly wouldn't see any more pizza fliers on your doorknob.

Well, hello dollie!
  • Well, hello dollie!
And there are still a few not-quite-as-unusual things left. When I stopped by at 5 p.m. Wednesday, there were two police saddles left and a large, solid oak drafting-style table in great condition. The rummage sale portion of the liquidation runs through Saturday, after which everything that's left will be sold next Thursday, Sept. 2, in an absolute auction, meaning the top bid wins, no matter how low. There are some very cool old dollies and hand trucks that will be sold then, after they're no longer needed to haul stuff to the loading dock.

I'm told that the Great City Hall East Rummage Sale cleared $42,000 on Monday, $18,000 on Tuesday and $8,000 on Wednesday. At that rate, I'd estimate the rummage sale will take in about $80,000 for the week. My guess is next week's auction could bring in another $10,000 or so. With most of the best stuff already gone, I've heard that the private company running the sale is prepared to cut the posted prices by Friday at the latest. In the meantime, haggling is permitted.

UPDATE — Reader Tyler Lynch, a social-media specialist, sent us some of his photos from what looks to be the opening day of the sale. Enjoy.

  • Tyler Lynch
  • Anticipa-ay-tion!

Inside every desk — a free surprise!
  • Tyler Lynch
  • Inside every desk — a free surprise!

Wassily-inspired chairs, $25 a pop
  • yler Lynch
  • Wassily-inspired chairs, $25 a pop

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