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Commissioner Pitts knows you can't be trusted with Four Loko

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Four Loko is loco. Not only is it 11 percent alcohol by volume, it also comes in enormous cans, so drinking one is — no shit — the equivalent of drinking between four and six 12 oz beers. Plus, it's loaded with caffeine, so even if you're drinking enough to die of alcohol poisoning, you won't realize it until you're practically dead. And because it's super cheap, it's become particularly popular among college students, who we know will drink anything if it's cheap.

Colleges across the country are in the process of banning Four Loko and beverages of its ilk — others include Liquid Charge and Joose — from being sold on campus after a string of "overdoses," but in many places lawmakers are seeking wider bans to protect potential overindulgers both young and old. Add to that list Fulton County Commissioner Robb Pitts, who issued a press release today saying he'd seek ways to ban the beverages countywide.

The release says:

[Commissioner Pitts] has asked County staff to review the County’s jurisdiction over alcoholic beverage sales, particularly in unincorporated South Fulton. Even if the County is unable to completely ban the sale of these types of beverages, Pitts hopes to require the posting of signage warning of the dangers of these beverages.

By providing caffeine that “boosts” energy, experts believe alcoholic energy drinks mask the impact of alcohol and may lead to overdrinking. Additionally, packaging resembles energy drinks, rather than traditional alcoholic beverages. Packaging does not always carry warnings about caffeine content. They are marketed to younger drinkers, and may be more enticing than other alcoholic products to underage drinkers.

“We already see the ravages of binge drinking on young people and the community,” said Commissioner Pitts. “It is not difficult to draw a line between alcoholic energy drinks and risky behavior. The results are potentially catastrophic.”

Remember when everyone freaked out about Sparks being dangerous, so they took the caffeine out of it? Caffeine-free Four Loko is sure to follow.

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