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Speakeasy with Kevin Hart

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Kevin Hart turns Comedy Central specials into sold-out national tours like the shit's easy. Currently on his third Live Nation tour in as many years to promote his newest hour, "Laugh at My Pain," Hart is opening up to audiences with a more personal glimpse into his life before the fame. Hart recently spoke with Creative Loafing about his career, his kids and his new tour, which comes to the Fox Theatre tonight.

You have had an unbelievable run of successful projects for the last two years. Did you ever truly imagine your career would take off to these heights?
Well, I always dreamed big and envisioned things like this happening, but I've been doing comedy for 13 or 14 years, so it wasn't an overnight success. That's the reason why I put my blood, sweat, and tears into it - so I can look back and say, 'wow, I'm doing it, I'm doing what I said I would.'

You've been touring non-stop while writing new material, and acting in television and films. How do you keep up with that pace?
This is my third year strong touring, and it's been successful so I'm happy. You've gotta stay motivated though, that's the only way to push yourself. I'm happy, but there's so much more I want to achieve, and so I keep setting higher goals for myself. That's how the most successful people in the world become who they are.

Your first major project was Soul Plane, which you wrote when you were really young... How did that process end up happening for you?
Soul Plane was the first big movie I wrote, but the first big project for me was a movie called Paper soldiers. The little things that put you in postitions to do big things are the best things to do.

It seems like fatherhood gave you a lot of great material for your past specials. What's the next frontier of life you're waiting to experience that you think will be your next creative inspiration?
In the new hour that I'm touring with now, "Laugh at My Pain," I basically touched into a world that Richard Pryor and Martin Lawrence and Eddie Murphy have tapped into. Eventually you get to a place where you've talked about all the happiness, but every comedian has a dark past. My childhood was crazy, I had a father on drugs, my mother passed away, but I dug deep and found ways to make people laugh from that pain, and I think right now this is the best hour I've done.

How does your uncle feel about the “Say it wit ya chest” phenomenon that came from your "Seriously Funny" tour?
These sayings and slogans take off so fast, you say things and don't even realize how popular they'll become, but he's had fun with it, and I definitely have a few new ones that will be coming out of “Laugh at My Pain.”

I recently saw that you're now doing the Jordan commercials with Dwyane Wade?
Yea, and to me, that is huge! I've been a Jordan fan, a fan of the brand and the person himself, so to get the opportunity to represent the brand is crazy to me. They've never used a comedian to promote the brand, so it's huge and trend-setting.

Can you hoop at all?
Man, I got game. I played 9th-12th, averaged 3 points a game, 2.2 assists, and half a steal. Not a whole steal, you know, like, I'd deflect the pass and someone else would go get the steal.

So are you getting free J's for your kids?
Of Course, gotta lace the kids. My son stays J'd out now, and my little girl, you know, I don't want her playing for the other team, so I keep the J's to a limit. I find her the most feminine Js I can.

Are you sick of traveling yet, or are you excited to get to Atlanta?
Oh man, I can't wait to get to Atlanta!

Why is that, what do you do in particular when you come to Atlanta?
Come on man, what do you think?

You hit the strip club, don't you?
Got to! Got to hit the strip club when I'm in Atlanta.

Which ones do you go to?
There's so many, but I'm kind of an Onyx fan myself. I'll probably be at Onyx on Friday night.

So is that what you're doing with all that Live Nation money?
You gotta put it somewhere, I put it in the crack of a strippers ass.

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