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Thursday, March 31, 2011

A few questions with David Hale and Kris D

David Hale and Kris D
  • David Hale and Kris D

Athens-based artists David Hale and Kris D are exhibiting a massive show of collaborative work at Young Blood Gallery this weekend. The 300-plus works in Medicina are culled both from their frequent live painting performances as SoulHawk at the New Earth Music Hall and studio work. In between their busy schedule of installing the show, we caught up with them to get a peek at their work and ask them a few questions.

Their answers and more details about Medicina after the jump.

What's your background?

David Hale: Both Kris and I are from the Atlanta, we grew up at different times in different suburbs, with both times and locations neighboring each other. Kris grew up in Lilburn and I in East Cobb County.

We both went to School at UGA and got degrees in Painting/Drawing. We met while I was a sophomore in college, through crazy synchronistic events. I began working under Kris as an apprentice of sorts and things have move forward through a blessed trajectory from there.

David Hale and Kris D
  • David Hale and Kris D

When did you start collaborating?

DH: We started collaborating in many ways from that initial beginning in around 2004, but our technical collaborations began just over a year ago as a live performance painting with Pretty Lights in ATL at King Plow. After this initial collaboration Kris went on pilgrimage to India for about 5 months, and upon his return we hit the ground running. We began working extensively as "SoulHawk" through live painting, and then planning these upcoming gallery shows. In this process we rented a Studio just across the hall from my tattoo shop, Anchor Tattoo, in Athens, GA. Now we work almost entirely collaboratively, Kris is beginning to tattoo, and we will work collaboratively in that medium as well. The future is expansive.

David Hale and Kris D
  • David Hale and Kris D

How does that live painting change your process, as opposed to working in a studio?

Kris D: Both the live painting space and the studio space are polar opposites really. The studio setting is generally a solitary space with that allows more time for introspection, reflection, and refinement. Its quiet here and the distractions are minimal. The ideas and creative choices that are made in this space rely on this and are formed by this. With live painting, the window to complete a painting is only a few hours at most. It is any thing but solitary and quiet and there is absolutely no time for the type contemplation that the studio allows. Everything is so immediate! Although David and I haven't been focusing on live painting much over the past year, it is a nice break from the studio to take occasionally. Though different worlds each one kind of fuels and balances out the other.

David Hale and Kris D
  • David Hale and Kris D

What's the idea behind Medicina?

KD: Medicina is something that first off is paying respects to the myriad cultures and lineages of the past that cultivated Medicine of any form. This type of Medicine could be expressed in stories, myths, plants, animals, art, music...Its is a potential that exists within us all......Second off, Medicina is something that speaks of the place where these lineages and cultural offerings of the past meet the present.....What do these Medicines do? What do they speak of? Well, they speak of wholeness....How the parts and fragments that we see and feel actually connect with each other. They speak of healing and transformation....They contain maps that point the way to move forward while returning to something that has long been lost when you look at the cultural landscape of today........There is a cultural cusp today where people of many trades and walks of life are going through a massive transformation from the innermost part of their being.....Our intentions are to position our selves on this cultural cusp and do our part to support the furthering of this greater transformation and healing. For us this is happening in the medium of art......Medicina.....

Medicina opens at Young Blood Gallery on Sat., April 2 at 7 pm. More details at Young Blood and Ponce Crush.

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