Saturday, April 30, 2011

Most popular damn posts o' the week

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Everywhere we looked news was breakin'. Mayor Kasim Reed was settlin' lawsuits. Georgia politicians were enjoyin' tax breaks. MARTA Police were makin' arrests and the transit agency's board were ponderin' fare hikes. Yes, news, like your delightful scribes, never sleeps. Here's what folks were most interested in this week on Fresh Loaf, which is siphoning gas out of your car while you read this.

1. Have we stopped and asked ourselves why we really care that Prince William and Kate Mid— ohmygod, y'all, she just seems so right for him, you know?!?

2. IHOP this week briefly stole the title of "Place Where Crazy $#it Happens at 2 a.m." from Waffle House. Oh, and the restaurant chain needs to hire that Boba Fett gent as a spokesman.

3. Gov. Nathan Deal put the pen to the paper and made it official: We can now decide if we want the option of purchasing alcohol in stores on Sundays. Next step: Convince your friends and neighbors to approve the referendum.

4. How Atlanta managed to avoid getting ravaged by this Wednesday's tornadoes and severe storms astounds me.

5. Thanks, Black Panthers, for ruining what was sure to be a really thought-provoking Ku Klux Klan rally! Geez.

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5 things today: Saturday

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1) The Inman Park Festival celebrates its 40th anniversary.
2) SMKA presents The 808 Experiment at the Loft.
3) Atlanta Gay Men's Chorus stages Divas 2 at Conant Performing Arts Center.
4) The Sound Table celebrates its anniversary with DJ Cosmo Baker.
5) Reptar plays the Big House.

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5 things today: Inman Park Fest, SMKA

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1) The Inman Park Festival celebrates its 40th anniversary.
2) SMKA presents The 808 Experiment at the Loft.
3) Atlanta Gay Men's Chorus stages Divas 2 at Conant Performing Arts Center.
4) The Sound Table celebrates its anniversary with DJ Cosmo Baker.
5) Reptar plays the Big House.

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Friday, April 29, 2011

Film Festival Fever: Old School & New School

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Red Carpet, Blonde Drapes
  • WireImage
  • Red Carpet, Blonde Drapes

Two tidbits on Atlanta related film festivals:

Atlanta's own Turner Classic Movies is hosting the 2nd TCM Classic Film Festival in Los Angeles from April 28 - May 1.

The event launched yesterday, and based on the remarkable photo album posted on Facebook, coupled with the fast and furious Twitter traffic (hashed tagged #tcmff), and remarkable live blogging by a team of writers, color me impressed.

(The most recent post as of this writing reports from an 8:15 AM screening: "A surprising number of festival attendees were up and eager to start the day with an 8:15 am screening of TAXI! (1932) this Friday morning. And there’s nothing like a Warner Bros. Pre-Code starring James Cagney to wake you up and get you buzzin’. It’s better than a double shot of expresso (sic).")

What I love most about the coverage thus far is what a robust experience they have created. Not only are festival-goers being treated to unique opportunities like Club TCM and pool side screenings, but the festival organizers have invested in ancillary experiences like on-line reports and the aforementioned social media—all of which allow those of us NOT attending the event in person in Los Angeles to participate.

The Web site also includes fun "interactivites" like a Guest Book that allows you to press your hands and feet into virtual cement, and there are also promises of Web casts, but as of this writing, I couldn't find evidence of them on the site.

What follows is a photo gallery of an impressive opening night Red Carpet opening. Click here to watch the video highlight package.

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Theatrical Outfit, GET announce 2011-2012 seasons

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TELL US WHERE IT HURTS: Cast of The God Committee
  • Bill DeLoach
  • TELL US WHERE IT HURTS: Cast of 'The God Committee'
Theatrical Outfit and Georgia Ensemble Theatre have joined the Alliance Theatre and Aurora Theatre in announcing their 2011-2012 seasons.

Theatrical Outfit, located downtown at the Balzer Theatre at Herren's, does not reschedule Tony Kushner's musical Caroline, or Change and seems to leave December open for a possible Christmas show:

The Green Book (Aug. 17-Sep. 11) "In the days of Jim Crow laws, the “Green Book” let black tourists know where it was safe to dine and stay overnight, the “tourist homes” or private residences made available by African American homeowners. Set in 1953, this stirring new drama by Atlanta writer Calvin Alexander Ramsey takes place in just such a home, in Jefferson City, MO, where a black military officer, his wife and a Jewish holocaust survivor all spend the night only hours before W.E.B. Du Bois is scheduled to deliver a speech in town.

Freud’s Last Session (Oct. 12-Nov. 6) "On the day England enters World War Two, legendary psychoanalyst Dr. Sigmund Freud and rising Oxford professor C.S. Lewis clash about love, sex, the existence of God, and the meaning of life, just weeks before Freud ends his own. Freud’s Last Session by Mark St. Germaine (The God Committee, produced by the Outfit in 2006, pictured) explores the minds, hearts and souls of two of the world’s most brilliant men addressing the greatest questions of all time." Given that artistic director Tom Key has played C.S. Lewis in his one-man show, I have a hunch who one of the actors will be.

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Photo of the Day: Rise Up Atlanta

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"All the ladders are borrowed from all over Atlanta, I asked people to lend me them." Said Virginia Artist Charlie Brouwer who was commissioned by Flux Projects to create the piece "Rise Up," which now towers on the Moreland Avenue edge of Freedom Park. "I have tried to get the ladders from as wide of a group as possible, I wanted to create a piece which would work as a metaphor for the interdependence of the community," he says. "It is like the combined hope and dreams of everybody depending on each other."

Brouwer estimates he has so far used about 160 different ladders coming from more than 100 different places in Atlanta, including, the King Center, Ponce De Leon Library (they lent a library step stool), the High Museum and many other families, organizations and businesses. The piece will be up until the first week of June.

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Whoops. Braves pitcher arrested for DUI

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Ga. State Patrol picked up Derek Lowe last night for drunk driving
  • Ga. State Patrol picked up Derek Lowe last night for drunk driving
Amid the excitement surrounding the Royal Wedding NFL draft, Sports Illustrated reported this morning that 37-year-old Braves pitcher Derek Lowe was picked up for DUI last night:
Braves pitcher Derek Lowe was charged with drunken driving, another blow to a team already dealing with allegations that pitching coach Roger McDowell spewed homophobic comments before a game in San Francisco last weekend.

Gordy Wright, a spokesman for the Georgia State Patrol, said a trooper stopped Lowe's vehicle about 10 p.m. Thursday on an Atlanta street. The trooper detected an odor of an alcoholic beverage and administered a field sobriety test, which resulted in Lowe's arrest.

Besides DUI, Lowe was also charged with reckless driving and improper lane change. About those allegations against pitching coach McDowell, a Fresno, Calif. family — represented by high-profile attention monger attorney Gloria Allred — has accused him of spewing gay slurs and threatening them with a bat at a game in San Francisco. McDowell has since apologized, but The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) is calling for disciplinary action.

The Braves released the following terse statement about Lowe's DUI:

Obviously we are concerned and disappointed about the events involving Derek Lowe overnight. We are currently gathering information and plan to address this matter later today.

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"American Idol" Recap: Bye De Bo, Casey

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This week we are down to the final six and learn immediately that the songs performed are by the one and only Carole King, whom I guarantee no one in the competition except for maybe Casey has ever heard of. They probably spent most of their research time saying to themselves, “Oh, THAT’S Carole King.” We also learned that Babyface would be joining Interscope Records Guy in the mentoring of the kids. I wonder, again, if any of them know who Babyface is (except, again, for Casey, because he’s really smart). On to the show.

The Good -
Casey Adams AND Haley Reinhart — “I Feel the Earth Move”
Holy gawd, my dreams have come true. Haley and Casey are performing a duet that people will actually get to vote on AND they’re singing what’s possibly Carole’s most well-known song, which is a sure-fire way to score some major votes. So the performance was super fun. On their own, they each rocked it like they do, but when they brought it back together for the chorus, it was a little frightening. They finished it off with an awesome ending harmony and SteTy went nuts.

Lauren Alaina — “Where You Lead”
Ok Ken Cook, you know I lurve you right? I know there’s some serious weather happening right now, but you’re making me miss Lauren’s entire mentoring video package. I guess tonight’s the night the wardrobe director was sabotaged by her intern and was somehow stuck underground. Lauren’s earrings were bigger than her face and her blueish cowboy boots completely clashed with her tie-dyed one-shoulder toga. The performance was actually pretty good for Miss Peach Fuzz. Notice I said “performance” there and not “singing.” RDog totes agreed with me AGAIN. I'm glad to see she stepped out of her pageant queen comfort zone.

Scotty McCreery — “You’ve Got a Friend”
Ken Cook, I’m glad you’re only interrupting the country singers thus far and Ima let you finish, but seriously you’re kind of chapping my ass right now. Anyway, I actually DIDN’T know that James Taylor didn’t write this song, so that was a nice surprise. Also a nice (but painful) surprise, is that Scotty did this song justice. Honestly, and y’all know I hate country, I really enjoyed Big Balls’ added twang. JLo made a good point that he did a great job of telling the story of that song. It pains me to say this, but I think he’s safe for another week. Unless America lost its mind after finding out Obama’s actually American.

Casey Abrams — “Hi De Ho”
This kid is simply brilliant. I can’t EVEN right now. Casey mixed a little of his Jack Black with a lot of Cab Calloway. There were trumpets and a piano and harmonicas and backup singers in mis-matched outfits. I feel like I’m in a Kerouac novel, and Casey is leaving me shivering for more.

Scotty and Lauren — “Up on the Roof”
FINE, Ken, I’m moving into the basement already, which is a bit ironic considering title of the the song that’s about to come on. Ok, really I’m sitting on the stairs leading to the basement, kind of like Lauren and Scotty are doing right now. Wow, Lauren looks really pretty sitting down. She also SINGS really well sitting down and is completely stealing the show from Scotty. HA! JLo complimented Scotty for singing great backup to Lauren. I don’t think that’s AT ALL what they were shooting for, but good on you Miss Peach Fuzz!

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gloATL digs in at new digs

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gloATL has found a home, and last night Atlanta was invited to come get a good look at the place. The dance company—known mostly for its sprawling, migratory performances in open, public spaces like the Woodruff Arts Center and the streets of Castleberry Hill—recently announced that the former warehouse Goodson Yard in the west midtown arts complex the Goat Farm will become its permanent home. The group's new work Chapter III: This is World, which will have two more performances this weekend, had its premiere there last night, Thursday evening, April 28. Click here for a slideshow of pictures from the performance. A full review after the jump.

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Morning Newsdome: The Queen deprived Kate Middleton of "Princess" title

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>> Prince William wed the boringly dressed Kate Middlebum Middleton this morning at Westminster Abbey. Kate is now Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge, which the Queen deliberately named her hours before the ceremony to deprive her the title Princess Catherine. Still, better than being a commoner. And all it cost British taxpayers was $32 million. (the Guardian, USA Today)

>> President Obama will visit Alabama, the hardest hit by the tornado of the seven Southern states, where 210 people lost their lives. It's the worst U.S. natural catastrophe since Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Get over your hatred of Alabama and help out. (Reuters, MSNBC)

>> While at yesterday's U.N. Security Council meeting, U.S. ambassador Susan Rice said that Muammar Qaddafi has been issuing his troops Viagra, a war crime since it means superiors are encouraging rape. No one listened to Rice, though. (Reuters)

>> Two hundred and forty-seven people on the terrorism watch list purchased guns in 2010, which is totally legal. They've got to protect themselves! It's constitutional law! (AP)

>> And finally: Legit presidential candidate Donald Trump said "fuck" three times at a Las Vegas speech yesterday, which the Republican crowd loved, including the gem aimed at China: "Listen you motherfuckers, we're going to tax you 25 percent." This douchery raises a lot of questions about his credentials ... Rand Paul demands to see Trump's birth certificate! (Political Wire, the New York Times)

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