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'The Killing' Day 4: Sounds of silence

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Does Bennet know more about Rosies disappearance than hes letting on?
"I am just so ready to start living," chirps Rosie on camera the night of her disappearance. The sentiment is an all too obvious reminder that Rosie's life ended before it even began. Still, watching her say as much is an important moment — it's the first time in four "days" we get to see Rosie as a living breathing person. Until now, she's simply been a ghost, a lifeless form immortalized in a series of brutal crime scene photos.

A trend is fast developing in the series in that each episode wraps with what appears to be a telltale lead in the case: Last week a damning cell phone video pointed at Kris and Jasper. This week a photo and a series of letters seem to implicate hip, dreadlocked English teach Bennet. It's a device that feels a little thin — the leads are clearly red herrings at this point because it's too soon to reveal the killer.

But, let's discuss.

Despite the fact that the sex video turned out to be a dead end (pun not intended, but I'll take it), there remains something suspect about Kris and Jasper. Maybe they're just paranoid about getting in trouble for drugs, but they both appeared surprisingly relieved that all the cops had on them was their homemade dungeon porno. "It's not what you think!" Jasper tells Linden. "That's what you got? You don't know shit," Kris laughs at Holder. The pair's hiding something for sure — whether or not it's related to Rosie's murder is another question.

As many suspected, the girl in the video wasn't Rosie, but her skittish BFF Sterling in Rosie's wig and costume. She claims the blood found in the cage was the result of a chronic nosebleed, although it seems a like stretch that a nosebleed would lead to such "Dexter"-fied levels of splatter and bloody hand prints. The dialogue between cops and kids lays on the teen angst, which is no doubt exacerbated by all that damn rain. Sterling did the nasty on camera because she wanted the attention she never got living in Rosie's shadow. Plus, Jasper was "nice" to her. Kris defends his innocence by explaining he'd never hurt Rosie because she was always "nice" to him. Someone needs a hug.

Sterling lets on that Rosie might have been leading a kind of double life, riding the 108 bus after school most days. Holder and Linden think there might be a connection to Rosie's sassy high heels from the pilot and whoever she's meeting after hours. Holder hops on the 108 and rides it to the end of the line where he follows one of Rosie's fellow students to the Seattle All-stars after-school hoops-program headquarters, which is covered in Darren Richmond campaign paraphanalia, and where — drum roll — Bennet is a coach.

Bennet figures heavily in this episode, in consoling Mitch at school with one of Rosie's favorite books and in authoring a series of letters to Rosie that seemingly cross the teacher-student line. Linden finds the notes hidden in a globe lamp in Rosie's room. "Go beyond the limits of what you know even if you're afraid," begins the note, which includes a lengthy quote from Beryl Markham's acclaimed (and disputed) memoir West With the Night: "There are all kinds of silences and each of them means a different thing," it starts, and goes on to describe the sounds of different silences, saying "There is a certain silence that can emanate from a lifeless object ... It is a soundless echo."

The term "a soundless echo" gives the episode its title and acts a a metaphor for the reverberating effect Rosie's death is having on the community. It makes me wonder if the unnamed book Bennet gives to Mitch is West With the Night. Would there be a clue to her death in that?

The show's political posturing remains its most uncompelling element at this point, save for the guest appearance from Alan Dale aka Charles Widmore ("Sorry bout the dead girl.") as Gwen's disapproving Senator father.

Perhaps there's a link between the mayoral campaign and Stan Larsen's newly revealed ties to the mob? I'm also wondering about Jasper's wealthy absentee father. Will he remain a ghost as well, or possibly return from oversees and provide a possible link between the different groups circling around Rosie's murder?

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