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'The Killing' Day 9: 'Undertow'

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How was school today?
Um, be careful what you wish for? A few weeks ago I whined about Stan's pacifistic warning to Bennet on the cold, rainy evening of Rosie's funeral. Last night Stan made up for it tenfold, beating the teacher senseless in a blind rage while Belko squealed like a rabid dog in the background and kicked and punched a boulder — something I found so freakin' crazy and weird, but couldn't quite pay attention to I was so fixated on Stan. See, I like Stan. He's a sensible, loving guy, who generally seems to do right by people (now that he's outta the mob, of course). But he's got a wife who's becoming increasingly nutso and a second mortgage, so he's feeling the pressure. To make matters worse, Bennet's looking increasingly not guilty. But Stan has no idea, and Mitch's efforts to call him go unanswered since, like the rest of us, he probably puts his phone on silent before a clandestine beatdown.

Yikes - this can't end well for anyone involved.

So how'd we get here anyway?

Things start to look even worse for Bennet and Muhammed after their tapped conversation is translated. Holder tries to get a judge friend to sign off on his preemptive wiretap under the Patriot Act, but he refuses and gets ruffled enough to tell on Holder to Oakes. Sheesh. Tryin to solve a murder here.

"I asked you to stay here to solve this case, not ruin my career!" Oakes yells. "Oh, is that what I've been doing all these years?" replies Linden before walking out.

Amber finally gets her hands on Muhammed's number and delivers it to Linden and Holder at the station after a stalled attempt to do so over the phone. The detective duo tracks the phone to a market where they spot the suspect and apprehend him after and Indian Jones-esque chase scene through the food stalls. During his interrogation, some confusion arises when Muhammed starts talking female circumcision and "traditional marriage." Turns out two girls stopped by Bennet's house the night of the dance - first Rosie to return the books, and then 12-year-old Aisha, the missing girl from the mosque. Bennet and Muhammed have been so cagey this whole time because they're trying to save a girl from mutilation, not subject her to it.

Bennet, meanwhile, decides to ignore the principal's imposed furlough and returns to work. He tries to overlook his co-workers' condemning looks ("Hey Tom, can I borrow your projector 7th period?" "Uh, sure.") but can't escape the judgement of his students who've written "KILLER" in bold red letters on the dry erase board. Rather than opening up their books, the students rise one by one and walk out of class in about as far from an "O Captain my Captain" moment you can get.

The Richmond campaign's mudslinging backfires and Mayor Adams deflects the accusations with falsified proof of a vasectomy. Darren broods over a few shots of whiskey before heading to Tom's loft to ask for ... $5 million? Darren has a master plan that involves positioning Tom as a do-gooder philanthropist through some revitalization projects, a move that, Darren says, will make the playboy's stadium a much easier sell to Seattle citizens. "Better than having DUI, coke or hooker next to your name," Darren says, presumably (#WINNING). "At least I know I'll never have 'loser' next to my name," Tom says in at jab a Richmond's flailing mayoral bid — and in a wild overestimation of public opinion. But since Tom crumples up hundred dollar bills in his sandwiches like potato chips and loves to throw money away on frivolous bets, he challenges Darren to a kind of sudden death free-throw challenge, only Tom gets to watch from the sidelines and peg Darren in his perfectly coiffed noggin with basketballs. If Darren makes it in, he gets his $5 mil. If not, he has to resign from the campaign. He shoots, he — COMMERCIAL. Argh! Oh - there's still 15 minutes left in the show. Yup, there's Darren at his desk with the basketball. Looks like we're good there.

With Bennet's arrest thwarted, Linden again finds herself answering to Mitch who at least wants an arrest and at most, payback. When she sees Bennet on campus at the high school, she returns home to sob on Rosie's bed. It's here Stan finds her, and she blames him for letting Rosie's killer run wild. Stan gets that killer look in his eye and backs out of the room without saying a word.

And so here we find ourselves, with Belko beating a rock to hell and Stan doing the same to Bennet, despite his protests. At home Mitch pulls laundry from the dryer in that calm way mob wives do after they've ordered a hit, and comes across Rosie's Grand Canyon shirt. An identical match to the pink souvenir tee she identified from the meat locker. Realizing her mistake (Seriously what are the chances?), she tries to phone Stan, but to no end.

Will Bennet survive?

WTF Belko? Seriously.

What's the deal with the sister and Jasper's dad and the sister and Belko? Remember all that personal drama at the funeral?

Amber's not in the clear with me yet. We still have no explanation for why a pregnant lady would huddle in the corner of a dark nursery with a hammer. There's a real chance she's still behind Rosie's murder. She could have lied about the no heavy lifting - Linden never checked with a doc on that. And if she's evil enough to kill Rosie, she's evil enough to frame her husband for it.

No sign of Rick this episode, and I'm not complaining.

Will the note in the Koran from the mosque that looks like it was written in Rosie's handwriting -
"Adela Friday, 11:45" - turn up anything besides a dead end?

PRIMARY SUSPECT: Belko's crazy shot him back into the lead on AMC's Suspect Tracker. I haven't ruled him out, but I am suspicious of Amber still.

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