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FLUX 2011 artists announced

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Monica Cook
  • Monica Cook

The artists selected for inclusion in FLUX 2011, the annual Flux Projects event in Castleberry Hill, were announced by Anne Dennington today. A couple longtime Flux Projects collaborators, like gloATL, are among the list, but most of the artists included haven't worked with public arts organization before.

The press release notes that, "One noticeable change will be the focus on projects that remain active throughout the event. The evening will open with a parade and end with iron fireworks. With the exception of one or two other projects, the remaining projects will run the duration of the event." With a list of projects almost twice as long as last year, that distinction should make it more possible to see all or most of the installations and performances in a single evening.

Flux 2011 happen in the Castleberry Hill Arts District on Friday, September 30, 7:30 p.m. until midnight.

Tristan Al-Haddad, Colossal Colonnade: glowing phosphorescently charged textile columns
Kim Anno, Men and Women in Water Cities: projection of people living underwater in a world after the rise of the oceans
Matthew Burge, Duets à la Turk: light and sound installation based upon Dave Brubeck’s Blue Rondo à la Turk
The Collective Project, The Hunt: interactive ensemble theatre performance
Monica Cook: sound activated, interactive animation that explores the human-animal interface
Eric Corriel, Water Will Be Here One Day: interactive projection that helps people visualize climate change
D’AIR: aerial dance engaged with architecture
Jeff Demetriou, Layne Braunstein, and Josh Horowitz, Homesick: a 3D projection chronicling the history of Earth
Dodekapus: traveling band of mystic gypsies
Craig Drennen, 1-Hour Awful (for Apemantus): durational music performance
Jane Garver, Voice Box: sound map of Atlantans singing
gloATL, Livers: roaming dance performance accompanied by a site-specific installation
Gray Matters: series of multi-media installations that imagine Castleberry as a zoo with mysterious creatures
Brian Holcomb, Control Group: interactive light installation suspended in weather balloons
Steve Jarvis, Allen Peterson, and Daniel Plemmons, Human Powered Soundscapce (HPS): mobile soundscape of percussive, stringed, and digital instruments
Krewe of the Grateful Gluttons, Lantern Art Parade: glowing parade culminating in a flying lantern launch
Katy Malone and Claire Paul: multi-media installation that visually cuts into a site's past
James McConnell and Mark Basehore, Street Preachin: performance
The Medeology Collective, Exquisite Corpse / Cadavre Exquis: VJing projections
Osborn Brown, Refleuxion: video performance piece
Allen Peterson, Hive Consciousness: iron pour and performance of glowing iron bees
Lakshmi Polavarapu, The Flying Circus: interactive music and performance art
Seana Reilly, Threshold: interactive light installations
Amy Rush, Hotel Tableaux: puppet installation
Deanna Sirlin, The Days of Awe: Castleberry community project that will light the windows of the neighborhood
Daniel B. Timms, Patrick Allen Toups, Mike Jakob, and Pete Jakob, Iron Fireworks: fireworks created from molten iron in a tradition taken from Yuxian county in Hebei Province, China
Gregor Turk, The Billboard: billboard projection
Will Young, Jellyfish: installation
Zoetic Dance Ensemble, Occupied: site-specific contemporary dance

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Photo of the day: Mercury-locks

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  • Sean Suddes/Sierra Club
The Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday in downtown Atlanta held one of three public hearings about a proposed rule change that would limit the amounts of mercury and other toxins coal power plants could release. The Georgia Chapter of the Sierra Club and Environment Georgia offered Atlantans the chance to get their locks clipped and tested for mercury during the hearing's lunch break at Vintage Hair Gallery on Forsyth Street. According to the Environment Georgia, one in six women of childbearing age in the United States "has enough mercury in her body to hamper her child’s ability to walk, talk, read and write should she become pregnant."

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Atlanta lawmaker denies trading favors for sex, comes out

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The Georgia General Assembly got its first-ever openly gay male legislator today — and there wasn't even an election!

House Rep. Rashad Taylor, a Democrat who hails from Vine City, finished up a press conference moments ago in which he announced, "I'm a gay man."

Unfortunately, the up-and-coming lawmaker was not simply declaring his sexual orientation to inspire other young, urban males to confront their true selves, but because he's battling accusations that he traded gifts and favors for sex with other men.

Taylor was lent moral support in his appearance by state Sen. Vincent Fort, D-Atlanta, Jeff Graham, executive director of Georgia Equality, and several other political notables.

We don't know much about the accusations yet, save that they came in the form of a letter sent to other lawmakers. WSB-TV has more details.

But, providing that the accusations are shown to be unfounded, then allow us to welcome Georgia's newest openly gay elected official (as opposed to all those "family values" Republicans who are still in the closet)!

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Book Review: Savage Beauty

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There is no way back for me now. I am going to take you on journeys youve never dreamed possible. --Alexander McQueen
  • Courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Photograph © Sølve Sundsbø / Art + Commerce
  • "There is no way back for me now." —Alexander McQueen
Lewis Carroll's Alice—who couldn't see the use of books without pictures or conversations—probably would have dug the new book Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty by Andrew Bolton. Not only is it dominated by pictures and conversations, but the images themselves would have saved Alice the trouble of a trip down the rabbit hole. Hallucinatory, outrageous, theatrical, otherworldly and creepy, the designs of Alexander McQueen are currently on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute in New York, an exhibit which is breaking attendance records and seems to be gathering the cumulative force of a cultural watershed moment. The exhibition catalog—with its gorgeous images placed alongside provocative, incisive, and often puzzling conversational quotes from the designer himself— makes for an interesting way to get a peek at the show for those of us who won't be lucky enough to make it to New York this summer.

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Ben's Sports Take: Chewing Tobacco Saves the Day for Derek Lowe

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The DUI and reckless driving charges levied against Braves starting pitcher Derek Lowe nearly a month ago were dropped on Thursday due to fame stature police error?

According to the story in yesterday's AJC, the arresting officer "jumped to a conclusion and made a lot of mistakes" during the April 28th arrest on Peachtree Road in Buckhead.

Lowe, who was driving his 2011 Porsche Panamera, was allegedly racing another driver in a Camaro and was ultimately charged with improper lane change, reckless driving and driving under the influence before being taken to Atlanta city jail despite performing "remarkably well" on his field sobriety test.

Defense attorney Bubba Head (real name) said that the alcoholic beverage odor that was detected on Lowe's breath "may have come from the pitcher's chewing tobacco."

Wow, it doesn't get more "baseball" than that, does it?

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"X" marks the skies for 'First Class' promotion

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As the survivors of the classic sci-fi film The Thing said in 1951, "Keep watching the skies!" Specifically, this Memorial Day weekend you should scan the stratosphere for an invasion of promotional material. According to a new press release for X-Men: First Class, which opens June 3:

To celebrate our nation's servicemembers, Twentieth Century Fox will paint the skies over 5 major cities this weekend, and Atlanta has been selected as one of the chosen.

Be on the lookout for giant X's to unfurl downtown near Centennial Olympic Park and Underground Atlanta as well as Piedmont Park, Stone Mountain Park and Callaway Gardens.

It's not whether the X's will be in form of skywriting, banners pulled by planes, or Magneto using his powers of magnetism to levitate raiload ties.

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Morning Newsdome: Judge strikes down Wisconsin's anti-union bill

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Protesters of Wisconsins anti-union bill demonstrate last March
  • Wikimedia
  • Protesters of Wisconsin's anti-union bill demonstrate last March
>> Dane County Judge Maryann Sumi struck down Wisconsin's anti-union bill because the way it passed in March violated the state's Open Meetings law. Of course the state legislature can repass the bill again properly, and they probably will. (AP)

>> Congress renewed the Patriot Act hours before it was going to expire last night, but President Obama is still in Europe. What to do!? An autopen, a robot that duplicates human signatures, signed instead. And the American government was just made obsolete. (ABC News)

>> A judge ruled today that Bosnian Serb former army chief Ratko Mladic, accused of killing an estimated 8,000 people, can be extradited to the war crimes tribunal at the Hague to face genocide charges. Mladic's son said his 69-year-old father is very frail and needs medical experts. More frail than the people he needlessly slaughtered? (LA Times)

>> Protesters of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad have taken to demonstrating at night now that more than 1,000 protesters have been killed and 10,000 more imprisoned since protests began in mid-March. An activist in Aleppo said, "The Tunisian and Egyptian uprisings sparked our movement, but we are improving the tactics day by day.” I wear my Didashah at night. (the New York Times)

>> And finally: The House GOP released their jobs plan, which oddly doesn't contain anything "that hasn't been in a thousand other plans." More odd, the plan printed 200 words to a page. A normal book has around 400 per page, and visually impaired books fit 250 per page. It's like they forgot to do their essay and made it as big a font and double-spaced to the max before handing it in late. (the Washington Post)

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Some Georgia farmers left worker-less thanks to immigration law now offering signing bonuses to woo labor

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We're shocked. Totally caught off guard. Never saw this one coming. Via Jeremy Redmon:

Migrant farmworkers are bypassing Georgia because of the state’s tough new immigration enforcement law, creating a severe labor shortage among fruit and vegetable growers here and potentially putting hundreds of millions of dollars in crops in jeopardy, agricultural industry leaders said this week. [...]

Charles Hall, executive director of the Georgia Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association, said he has been in close contact with Labor Commissioner Mark Butler and Agricultural Commissioner Gary Black about the shortage, calling it the most severe he has seen. Hall said it's possible state officials could hold job fairs to steer some of Georgia’s unemployed workers to these farm jobs, which pay $12.50 an hour on average. The state’s unemployment rate is now at 9.9 percent.

Farmers, however, say they often have little luck recruiting Georgia residents to work in their fields because it is temporary, hot and physically demanding. To recruit more workers, some farmers are offering signing bonuses, Hall said.

Anyone wanna take a field trip down to south Georgia?

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Weekend Arts Agenda: MondoHomo

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A still from Chumlum, one of the films being screened during MondoHomo
  • A still from "Chumlum," one of the films being screened during MondoHomo

MondoHomo gets it on all weekend long, Archetype shows work by Chris Revelle, and more this weekend. Details after the jump.

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5 things today: Friday

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1) Blake Butler and Jamie Iredell discuss their respective books at Highland Inn Ballroom Lounge.
2) MondoHomo returns, this year in East Atlanta Village.
3) James Taylor plays Chastain park Amphitheater.
4) Jarrod Harris performs at Laughing Skull Lounge.
5) Pinch n' Ouch Theatre stages Tape at 7 Stages.

See more Atlanta events.

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Restaurant Review: Bread & Butterfly
Restaurant Review: Bread & Butterfly

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