Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Atlantic Station opens electric-vehicle charging station

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Mayor Kasim Reed joined Atlantic Station officials today to cut the ribbon on the solar-powered station located across the street from the Stargate Millenium Gate.

Via Atlantic Station:

The Atlantic Station charging station will be able to fully charge any of the currently available U.S. electric vehicles — including the Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf — in three to seven hours vs. the standard charging time of 11 to 25 hours, depending on the type of electric vehicle.

Motorists will not be charged to use the charging stations through the end of 2011. Beginning January 2012 motorists will be charged $3 per hour to use the station. Guests will be able to pay to use the station with apps on their smart phones or with a card swipe at the station.

Now we know exactly where to go to ask for rides when gas prices spike to $57 per gallon. (Twiddles thumbs, cackles, adjusts monocle)

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Georgia drug and alcohol counselors had a bad week

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Drug and alcohol counselors — like other medical and mental health professionals of their ilk — are held to a certain standard of behavior. For instance, they shouldn't scam Medicaid, because that's bad. And they probably shouldn't get caught abusing the substances they help people kick, because that's hypocritical. If they're driving, it's also illegal.

WSBTV originally reported that on Saturday, an Alpharetta-based drug and alcohol counselor was released from jail after he was arrested for DUI. According to police, Ron Verlander of the National Organization for Addiction Healing — a faith-based, non-profit addiction ministry — was pulled over for driving on the wrong side of the road and allegedly caught with an open container in his vehicle.

And down in Jeff Davis County, substance abuse counselor Robert W. DeHaven of DeHaven Healthcare, Inc. pled guilty last Friday to committing Medicaid fraud from from December, 2005 to April, 2010. Prosecutors say his company systematically collected reimbursements for services it didn't render. He'll serve two years in prison and will pay restitution to the tune of $270,000.

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Omar walks into a Starbucks...

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On the set of the upcoming season of "Community" (a series that gets better with each subsequent season), Collider's Steve Weintraub sat down with Chevy Chase, joined by Michael K. Williams, best known as anti-hero Omar from "The Wire."

While Chase yammers on about a Vacation project he's developing, Williams keeps things characteristically short as he explains what happens when he walks into a Starbucks.

Complete article is here:

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DC Comics hits reset button today

Posted By on Wed, Aug 31, 2011 at 1:59 PM

Speaking of gimmicks to rename/renumber/relaunch comic books, DC Comics resets the odometer on a grand scale beginning today. As co-publishers Jim Lee and Dan DiDio explained in a preview issue, "This September, DV DC Comics explodes with 53 new #1 issues! The entire line of comic books is being renumberd with new, innovative storylines featuring our most iconic characters helmed by some of the most creative minds in the industry." The first title in "The New 52" is Justice League #1, penciled by Lee and written by Geoff Johns, on sale in comic book shops and digitally today, Aug. 31. (Here's a guide to all of them.) Local comic book folks involved with the relaunch include writer Paul Jenkins, who's taking on Deadman with DC Universe Presents, and writer Nathan Edmondson, who'll be reviving the con man Grifter.

This amusing short by young filmmaker Patrick Willems pokes fun at the event mentality of comics publishers and the obsessiveness of fanboys:

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Georgia's economy among worst ... is this news?

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Yup. Another day, another list. This particular day's list — put together by the website — says Georgia is among the ten states with the worst economies in America. We came in at number nine (the rest, in ascending order were Mississippi, Nevada, West Virginia, California [maybe surprising?], Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, Michigan and Kentucky).

Here's what AlterNet had to say ...

9. Georgia

Georgia's economy would be the world's 28th largest if it were a country. It is headquarters to 1,700 multinationals, including Fortune 500 companies like UPS, Home Depot, Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines. It also has lots of poverty, low incomes and a lot of uninsured workers. More than half of Georgia's jobless find themselves among the ranks of the long-term unemployed.

Unemployment rate: 10.1 percent

Share of unemployed out of work for more than 27 weeks: 51.2 percent

Per capita income: $37,366

Median household net worth, as a percentage of national average: 98 percent

Poverty rate (2008): 14.7 percent

Share of the population without health insurance: 19 percent

Foreclosure rate: 3.4 percent

Last week, the site listed ten states with economies that have fared best through the recession. Looks like North Dakota — which took the top slot — knows who to thank.

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Newsdome: Suicide bombing kills nine in Russia's poor southwestern region Chechnya

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Fighting in Chechnya in 1995
>> Three suicide bombings last night in Grozny, Russia, killed nine people and wounded 28 others. They were enacted by two Chechens, no older than 22. Rebels in the poor Chechnya region in southwestern Russia fought for independence in the '90s, but have been aimed at imposing Islamist rule in recent years. Sad to say, but suicide bombers have now made you aware about Chechnya. (CNN)

>> Libyan rebel leaders have set a Sept. 3 deadline for Muammar Qaddafi's loyalist forces to surrender or face increased military assault. The deadline is symbolic as it's the end of Eid al-Fitr and the holy month of Ramadan. And a happy Ramadan to you, Muammar! (the Washington Post)

>> Hurricane Irene caused more than $10 billion in damages in the United States, mostly from flooding. Is Hurricane Katia next? (AFP, Bloomberg)

>> The Justice Department filed a complaint to block the AT&T merger with T-Mobile, the second and fourth largest cell phone carriers in the country. Though AT&T claims it would bring 5,000 call-center jobs back to the U.S., the government says it "would remove a significant competitive force from the market." Can the government get T-Mobile to change their commercials? God, they're the worst! (Bloomberg)

>> And finally: Pastor Mike Stahl of the Living Water Church in Miramar, Florida, has a divine idea: create a national registry of atheists like the one for sex offenders. Take it away Mike: "[If] they are radical atheists, whose hearts are as hard as Pharaoh's, in that case, if they are business owners, we would encourage all our Christian friends, as well as the various churches and their congregations NOT to patronize them as we would only be 'feeding' Satan." Don't forget the registry for Jews, Muslims and agnostics too. (BPW New Times)

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Dragon*Con’s new policy: Buy a ticket or you’re not allowed inside

Posted By on Wed, Aug 31, 2011 at 9:06 AM

Bad news for folks who planned to drop by Dragon*Con this weekend to snap photos with stormtroopers. The rumors of a new crackdown on gawkers and uninvited guests at the annual sci-fi fest — which this year celebrates its 25th anniversary — seem to be true.

Dan Carrol, Dragon*Con's media director, says access to the event hotels will be limited to guests and paid attendees, or "members." "The hotels will be checking for Dragon*Con badges or hotel key cards," says Dan Carrol, the event's media director. Kenny Wright, convention coordinator at the Hyatt Regency, confirms: “Normally you could go through the hotel, but not the actual event,” he said. “But for this year, you can’t go on hotel property throughout the whole event,” daytime included.

But some event organizers said access would only be limited during "evening" hours. According to Brenda Tackett of the Dragon*Con gaming division, people without an official badge, pass, or hotel key will not be allowed inside the event hotels past “evening hours.” A media relations email echoes this view: "The hotels will be enforcing badge policy in the evenings. No one will be allowed into hotels without a hotel key or a Dragon*Con badge. Thank you for your cooperation."

Continue reading »

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'Scarface' returns to get high on its own supply

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Tony Montana and his little friend make a one-night return engagement to movie theaters at 7:30 p.m. tonight. The Scarface Special Event celebrates the Sep. 6 release of Brian DePalma's beloved 1983 gangster movie on Blu-Ray. Preceded by "a mini featurette that will include interviews with popular filmmakers and talent on how this cult classic has influenced society and filmmaking through the years," Scarface screens at Hollywood 24, North Dekalb 16, Phipps Plaza 14 and other theaters outside the perimeter. Here's everyone's favorite scene:

So if you're tired of all the remakes and reboots of classic films that have defined this summer's cinema, well, you're S.O.L., because Al Pacino's Scarface was actually a remake of 1932's Scarface: The Shame of a Nation starring Paul Muni and George Raft.

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5 things today: Killah Priest, Man or Astro-Man?

Posted By on Wed, Aug 31, 2011 at 8:00 AM

1. Killah Priest plays the Five Spot
2. Man or Astro-Man? plays The Earl
3. Out of the Past screens at Emory's White Hall
4. Matt Pharr headlines a big line-up of comedians at the Masquerade
5. Food Truck Wednesdays at the Stove Works


5 things today: Killah Priest, Man or Astro-Man?

Posted By on Wed, Aug 31, 2011 at 8:00 AM

1. Killah Priest plays the Five Spot
2. Man or Astro-Man? plays The Earl
3. Out of the Past screens at Emory's White Hall
4. Matt Pharr headlines a big line-up of comedians at the Masquerade
5. Food Truck Wednesdays at the Stove Works


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