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'The Walking Dead' Season 2, Ep. 3: That's one hefty sacrificial lamb

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We make a pretty good team, huh Shane. Shane?
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  • "We make a pretty good team, huh Shane. Shane?"
So, listen. I had maybe two too many glasses of wine before I watched "The Walking Dead" last night. I know that because my notes look like this (this is just the first couple minutes):

God damn. Ripped.

Shane is turining into something .


In my defense, Shane is ripped and IronE Singleton is a ridiculous name. I'll do my best with this recap, is what I'm saying.

Oh, and real quick, another symptom of my drunkies — besides sloppy keystroking — was that I kept getting hung-up on minutia. For instance, the scene in which Rick is eating a sandwich. Nope. No way there's still bread that isn't moldy, said I. BUT, a couple helpful coworkers pointed out to me that the farmhouse folks have a generator, so it could presumably have been in a freezer. Also, I'm a gross jerk for being nitpicky.

Things aren't looking good for Carl. And here's a thing I have to say I think the show's writers are taking for granted: that we care that things aren't looking good for Carl. But, hey, Rick and Lori and Shane and Otis care, so we pretty much have to. "I'm trying to do right by that boy," says Otis (trying = "tring" in Gwynedd-speak). Wowee! By the end of the episode it's evident that someone didn't think he was trying quite hard enough.

Otis and Shane are still being chased by a zombie horde, and with all of the legged zombies chasing them, Otis almost gets bitten by a dumb one with no legs.

Hershel has bad news for Lori and Rick. Basically, if Shane and Otis don't get back soon with the supplies, he's gonna have to go ahead and operate on Carl without a respirator. Lori's all, like, seriously, everything is fucking horrible, so maybe it would be better if Carl just died. That's the spirit, Lori. Carl wakes up for a sec to talk about his ill-fated deer encounter (RIP deer) and remind everyone what a good actor he is. Then he has a seizure and reminds everyone what a GREAT actor he is.

Daryl and Andrea are in the woods still looking for Sophia (who? — JK, but if they find her and she's not dead, I'm not watching this show anymore), and come across a suicide zombie dangling from a rope. He left a note: "Got bit. Fever hit. World's gone to shit. Might as well quit." Very good! This guy was clever, just not clever enough to kill himself in a way that would make him not become a zombie. Andrea makes Daryl put the poor zombie out of his misery, because she's people and that's how people are.

"I don't know if I want to live," says Andrea, "Or if its just a habit." And Andrea isn't just being a brat this time. Everyone seems to have reached a point in their existential soul-searchings in which they're wondering if living is a thing they want to keep doing.

Except for Otis. He seems very much like he wants to keep living! Wasn't in the cards, though, was it? Shane arrives back at the farmhouse sans-Otis. But, it's OK, because Shane says Otis told him he'd cover him and he should keep going. Otis is so noble! Hershel is the best vet ever! And Carl is so good at looking like a little combed corpse-in-a-coffin (even though he pulled through the surgery).

I'm a really big fan of how we find out what actually happened to Otis. I'm also just a really big fan of what actually happened to Otis. You guys. Shane made sure Otis was out of bullets and then shot that motherfucker in the leg, and left him as big, fat bait for the zombie horde. Otis took a little bit of Shane's hair (a token). Incidentally, Shane also keeps his guilt in his hair, so just goes ahead and gets rid of it.

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