Wednesday, November 30, 2011

John Morse brings Roadside Haiku to NYC

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Remember the Roadside Haiku project? Last year, local artist John Morse put up a few hundred signs of cleverly subversive verse around town and managed to stir up a little attention and controversy in the process. Well, NYC's Department of Transportation took note and contracted Morse to write a few fitting haikus for the city's light poles and parking lots. You can check out the signs and a map of their locations.


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Angry filmmaker guy: Herman Cain is the "American Tea-Party-Berlusconi" of partying

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Everyone sure has soured on Herman Cain, haven't they. Finally, it seems the world is realizing that the former pizza man and one-time Republican frontrunner (sooo crazy) probably didn't even actually want to be president, he just wanted to heighten his profile, sell some books and have a little fun. (Actually, it was nearly a month ago when Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank posited that Cain's candidacy was an elaborate ruse.)

The myriad allegations of marital infidelity — the most recent of which might have served as the final nail in his fake-campaign coffin — demonstrate that Cain didn't historically behave like a person who might eventually run for president. That's fine. But, even once he'd decided to run for president, he continued acting like a person who was running for president (and not just because he didn't learn about Libya and just yelled 9-9-9 all the time).

See, Herman Cain likes to party.

In his early November column, Milbank said Cain "drank alcohol during public appearances, even in the morning," and now Ladd Ehlinger, a conservative filmmaker (who apparently already had beef with Cain) had this to say on his blog ...

All you are doing is playing your friends, your supporters, and some of my very good friends for your own fame and glory. And drinking parties. Yes - you drink like a fish, you flirt all over the place, and everyone who's attended CPAC knows it. Nothing wrong with partying. Unless you lie about it. And try to deceive the public about it. If you want to be the American-Tea-Party Berlusconi, then be up front about it, don't be a damned coward.

Want to toast Herman Cain's political demise (hell, he probably is)? Here's a cocktail suggestion from Good magazine ...

The 9-9-9 Cocktail
1 oz. barrel-strength bourbon (I used Four Roses OBSQ Recipe, 110.2 proof)
½ oz. Cointreau
9 dashes Angostura bitters
9 dashes Peychaud’s bitters
9 raspberries
4.5 oz. patriotic American sparkling wine

Muddle raspberries in a cocktail shaker. Add bourbon, bitters, and Cointreau, with a few pieces of cracked ice. Stir. Strain through a fine-mesh sieve into a Champagne flute. Slowly top with sparkling wine.

H/T Gawker.

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L.A. Weekly picks Dragon*Con over San Diego Comic Con

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  • Joeff Davis
It's just one fan's opinion, but Liz Ohanesian of the L.A. Weekly has written an interesting piece called "Dragon*Con vs. San Diego Comic Con: Which Should You Attend?." Ohanesian writes detailed comparisons between the two events based on con-criteria, and gives Dragon*Con the edge in "Best Con for Cosplayers," "Best Con for Music," "Best Con For Parties," and "Best Con for Alternative Culture." With its Hollywood influence and national press attention, SDCC wins out as "Best Con for Toy Collectors," "Best Con for Fan Panels," "Best Con for News" and "Best Con for Pop Culture." They tie for "Best Con for Artists." Ultimately she finds that her heart belongs to Atlanta's Nerdi Gras:

A lot of my friends have referred to SDCC as the "work" convention and Dragon*Con as the "fun" convention. I want to take that a step further.

While I enjoy both conventions, Dragon*Con is more my speed. I'm not interested in superhero movies or Glee. I like checking out cool things in the exhibit halls, but I don't actually shop much at conventions. And while I can appreciate a creative marketing campaign, I get incredibly annoyed when bombarded with ads at virtually every turn I take. My taste in entertainment leans towards the things that aren't hyped and I was able to find more of what genuinely interests me at Dragon*Con.

What I love about conventions, is hanging out with people, making new friends and bonding over some shared interest that a lot of other people might find odd. At Dragon*Con, I was able to do what I love most at conventions and only that. I went to small panels where fans had a great chance to interact with each other. I met a lot of intelligent and creative people and came back with new pals. At Dragon*Con there's a real sense that everyone is welcome and everyone is accepted, just as long as you return the sentiments. Even in the convention scene, this can be hard to find.

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Newsdome: British public-sector strike is the largest in a generation

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Sen. Christopher Dodd
>> The U.K. closed its embassy in Iran today and expelled Iranian diplomats after the British embassy in Tehran was attacked by a plain-clothes militia. Meanwhile, thousands of public-sector employees protested today in the U.K.'s biggest strike in a generation against plans to push back retirement and pensions. So, how's that 2012 Olympics coming along, London? (the Wall Street Journal)

>> Police in riot gear arrested more than 200 Occupy protesters outside City Hall in Los Angeles today, and authorities in Philadelphia arrested nearly 50 from the street. How are kids going to learn to clean up after themselves if authorities keep arresting them? (USA Today)

>> The U.S. Federal Reserve along with the European, Canadian, British, Japanese and Swiss central banks agreed to temporarily reduce the cost of dollar loans starting Dec. 5 to ease the euro zone debt crisis. Stocks rose more than 3 percent today, so everything must be okay again! (Reuters)

>> Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., announced he would not run for reelection. Now Sen. Christopher Dodd, D-Conn., is expected to announce he too will not run again. That leaves the biggest piece of financial regulation in history, Dodd-Frank, looking like it will never make it to fruition. A lofty political act never materializing? That never happens--not. (NY Mag)

>> And finally: When asking the new iPhone 4 voice-activated assistant Siri where an abortion clinic is in New York City, Siri answers, "I didn't find any abortion clinics." When asking the same question in Washington, D.C., Siri will direct you to an anti-abortion crisis center. Siri don't preach. (the Raw Story)

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The Televangelist: 'Sons of Anarchy,' Season 4, Ep. 13

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My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.
  • FX
  • My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

"Tell me you love me."

Was there anything more chilling last night than Tara's stone-cold recitation of that line? Twice? "To Be (Act 1)" illustrated how, as Gemma said (with utter irony) that "secrets are killers." No one knows that better than Gemma, who has always reminded me of that quote from Mean Girls, "her hair is so big because it's full of secrets!" SAMCRO also seems to have worse communication issues than the cast of "Lost," who routinely ran around on a very confusing island not asking questions or bothering to volunteer pertinent information. It shows how splintered SAMCRO has become that Jax doesn't seem to trust anyone with any knowledge, nor does he accept any that's given to him (and that which he does is not the whole truth). When Opie tells Jax the truth, Jax says "I will find out the truth!" When Gemma tells Jax the "truth" about JT (omitting her own part in it, of course), Jax accepts it whole-hog and goes on a vigilante mission which - note! - he prevented Opie from doing at the beginning of the episode. If it is a club issue (which, it is and was, both for what Opie suffered as well as Jax), then the club should have been informed. At the very least, don't pin it on the Niners. It has taken four seasons to get SAMCRO on decent terms with the Niners and Mayans, and with one very questionable omission on Jax's part, Tig is pushed into a homicidal frenzy against them. The look on Laroy's face during the chase scene tells it all. This is not over, and whatever else happens with SAMCRO this season, they will have the Niners to contend with in the next.

But as for this season, there's still so much to come. The meet with the Irish and cartel is still in motion. For those who haven't cared as much about the Feds/jail/Gallindo/IRA this season, there's suddenly a hint of an interesting twist (a la Season Three). When Romeo calls for intel regarding Otto, he is told there was no turncoating on his part. It would appear Romeo's contact is an associate of Linc Potter. Once you start side-eyeing Romeo's organization, your gaze will undoubtedly fall upon his right-hand man Luis Torres. Is Torres a Federal agent? If so, the deal between the cartel and the Irish just got a lot more interesting. It would take a pretty neat trick to somehow get Bobby and Juice off the hook, too, but it's not out of the question. Sutter tweeted this week that the finale would be "a thick, intense quieter finish to a very, very noisy season. i promise, no cliffhangers" [sic]. I think it's reasonable to assume that to start next season, SAMCRO will return to just an MC, without the gun and drug connections. And that, to me, may be the most interesting season of all.

Of course, all of this is based on whether there will be a SAMCRO, or anything like what we know of it today. The club is in complete chaos. Some members are incarcerated, some are going on killing sprees, others are getting killed, and Jax is at home highlighting notes while his de facto wife and his mother are engaged in a game of master manipulation. Tara and Tig really went off the rails last night, but whereas Tig did nothing but cause more trouble for the club, Tara has learned "what [Gemma] taught me" and allowed Jax to know the truth about Clay via Gemma before providing him with the means to end him. What's more, she trumped Gemma's ploy to keep Jax in Charming by holding over her the information of Gemma's involvement (or at least knowledge) in JT's death, and her affair with Clay.

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Lawmaker wants jobless to perform mandatory community service to receive unemployment benefits

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State Sen. John Albers, R-Roswell, is following up his let's-drug-test-the-unemployed legislation with a bill that would require out-of-work folks to volunteer 24 hours each week if they want to receive a benefits check.

According to a press release from the Senate about the proposal (known as the "Dignity for the Unemployed Act"), Georgians would be able to receive unemployment benefits so long as:

o Individual makes a claim and has been unemployed or employed less than full time during the regular work week and has recorded his/her deductible earnings
o The individual has registered for work and has continued to report to an employment office as required by regulations prescribed by the commissioner
o The individual is able to work, is available to work, and is actively seeking work in the labor market
o The individual has participated in reemployment services, such as job search assistance services
o The individual is willing to work under the same general terms and conditions as existed since the beginning of the base period
o The individual has been paid sufficient wages for insured work to qualify for a weekly benefit
o The individual has performed at least 24 hours of service per week, either paid or unpaid, for a nonprofit charitable organization

Albers and state Sen. Barry Loudermilk, R-Cassville, say the proposal would give the unemployed a chance to improve their communities, learn valuable skills, and network with possible job contacts. The state Labor Commissioner would have the option of waiving requirements in certain cases, Albers said, in which compliance "would be oppressive or inconsistent with existing law." Nowhere in the legislation, that we saw, is anything about assisting with the cost of transportation.

“At the heart of welfare is the notion that government is responsible for the prosperity and success of our lives,” Albers said in a statement. “It is not. Government is responsible for providing the environment and helping people when needed with a 'hand up' and not a 'hand out.'”

Requiring community service to receive state assistance seems to be all the rage among Southern conservatives, as similar legislation was introduced earlier this year in both Florida and North Carolina. (The proposal in the Sunshine State, which died in committee, only required four hours each week.)

So, in addition to peeing in a cup and filling out job applications that head straight for the trash bin, Georgia's unemployed would be required to fill up their gas tank to drive to the local animal shelter, where they will scoop dog poop. Or they can just go pick crops in south Georgia. Pretty soon Georgia's unemployment rate will drop simply because the jobless have been pestered into leaving. Brilliant!

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MODA's 24 Hours of World AIDS Day Events begin tonight at midnight

Posted By on Wed, Nov 30, 2011 at 9:51 AM

The Museum of Design Atlanta is marking World AIDS Day, Thursday, December 1, with 24 hours of programming starting at midnight and continuing through 11:59 pm of December 1.

Visitors to the museum will also have the opportunity to take in the two AIDS-related exhibitions currently on display at MODA: Graphic Intervention: 25 Years of World AIDS Posters and The AIDS Memorial Quilt. A complete schedule of events after the jump:

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Attn Media Savvy Girls: Final Days to Submit to #GSOTU (shout out to @JaneFonda)

Posted By on Wed, Nov 30, 2011 at 8:45 AM

The other day, sometime Atlantan Jane Fonda Tweeted about the pending deadline for the Women's Media Center's Girls' State of the Union Project.

The video says submissions close today, but the contest Web site's closing date is December 5, 2011 at 11:59PM

Judges include Kyra Sedgwick and Marisa Tomei, and five winners will be invited to present at the Women's Media Center's State of the Union report at the National Press Club in January.

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5 things today: The Chameleons, Puscifer

Posted By on Wed, Nov 30, 2011 at 8:00 AM

1. The Chameleons Vox play the Shelter
2. Puscifer plays Cobb Energy
3. Hop City beer tasting at Octane Westside
4. Le Doulos screens at Emory's White Hall
5. Sex and the Second City continues at Alliance Theatre


5 things today: The Chameleons, Puscifer

Posted By on Wed, Nov 30, 2011 at 8:00 AM

1. The Chameleons Vox play the Shelter
2. Puscifer plays Cobb Energy
3. Hop City beer tasting at Octane Westside
4. Le Doulos screens at Emory's White Hall
5. Sex and the Second City continues at Alliance Theatre


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