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ATL Bookmarks: Collin Kelly

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>> Birmingham-based author Gin Phillips speaks at SCAD's Ivy Hall tonight about her new novel, Come In and Cover Me. The book was recently chosen for the Oprah.com book of the week and lit mag Ploughshares writes that the book hits "with several affecting wallops that linger, long, in the bone." The reading tonight begins at 6:30.

>> Local lit blog Kill Your Darlings ATL has released a fairly comprehensive calendar for literary events in Atlanta in February.

>> Atlanta's Joshilyn jackson made it into the Atlantic's 15 most anticipated books of 2012 with A Grown Up Kind of Pretty. In a review for the AJC, Gina Webb writes that the novel "would leave you brokenhearted if you could stop laughing long enough. But in a Joshilyn Jackson book, that will never happen."

>> Collin Kelly reads from his new novel, Remain in Light, tonight at the Georgia Center for the Book. Remain in Light has been nominated for the 2012 Townsend Prize.

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If you think Brookhaven should be a city, get on the bus

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As I write this, folks from Brookhaven are heading to a 3 p.m. hearing at the Gold Dome to discuss whether their Northeast Atlanta neighborhood should be able turn itself into a full-fledged city. They're coming on a big bus chartered by Brookhaven Yes!, a pro-cityhood group formed earlier this month. Hmm, I wonder what the people are likely to say when they get to the hearing.

Anyway, although I don't live anywhere near Brookhaven and even though a UGA study indicated that a new city there could be viable, I remain unconvinced that the local incorporation craze hasn't already jumped the shark. Sandy Springs had a long-standing and persuasive claim on cityhood. Dunwoody at least had enough commercial development already to qualify as an "edge city." But Brookhaven? It's simply a neighborhood, a loosely knit community at best.

The way wannabe Brookhavenites plan to make their proposed city viable is to engineer a massive land grab, creating a nearly two-mile incorporated area. (PDF) along the eastern edge of the Atlanta city limits that stretches all the way from I-285 to the north to I-85 to the south. Most of that area includes places no one considers as being in Brookhaven.

I'm about to go down to the Capitol myself to listen to some of the arguments in favor of Brookhaven-ness, but if some commenter can succinctly explain why a new city should be allowed to glom onto land that has never been previously associated with the community, I'd be mighty obliged. After all, Georgia already has too many places that don't deserve a city charter. And, yes, I'm talking to you, Avondale Estates, Mountain View and Pine Lake.

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A look back at some of Oscar's funniest live-action shorts

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In the dark ages before the internet, Oscar-nominated short films could take on a nearly mythic quality: you'd hear about work starring the likes of Peter Sellers, Madeline Kahn, Steve Martin and Steven Wright, but almost never found opportunities to see them. Animated shorts often had touring programs, but the live-action ones would be orphaned. Youtube shows that shorts don't always live up to their legend, but still explore amusing ideas that wouldn't support a feature film.

"How To Sleep" (1935) Humorist Robert Benchley wrote and stars in this Oscar-winning mock-instructional short about the best way to take a snooze.

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Herman Cain calls his endorsement of Newt a "momentous decision"

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Herman Cain's camp (why does he still have a camp?) sent out a press release today explaining Cain's decision — sorry, momentous decision — to endorse Newt Gingrich for president.

As usual, Cain ends up promoting himself as much as he promotes Gingrich. Some excerpts ...

I put a lot of thought and prayer into this momentous decision and it is not something I have taken lightly. In addition to recently endorsing “We the People” I decided to publicly announce my support for an individual candidate because I believe the times dictate the importance. Once my internal decision of support was made, I wanted to let my friends and supporters know who I believe holds the closest positions to the ones I promoted during my campaign, including the support of my 9-9-9 Plan to spur economic growth.

Translation: 9-9-9 NEVER FORGET.

I have great respect for all the candidates, but I believe Newt Gingrich is the best candidate to debate and defeat Barack Obama. While you and I may not agree with him on everything, we all share the same overall values and principles, and I believe Speaker Gingrich will make us proud as he represents us not only as the Republican nominee, but as President.

As Jay Leno quipped last night — I know, I know, shut up — "Herman Cain announced he's endorsing Newt Gingrich. Well, sure. Adulterers like to stick together." He really needs new writers.

I have always tried to promote bold and innovative ideas to solve our nation’s problems. Newt Gingrich is also unafraid to support bold and innovative ideas, evidenced by his record. Both of us have shown a willingness and ability to buck the system to get things done.

From here, the press release just goes completely off the Newt-endorsing-rails and turns into a pitch for his "Solutions Revolution." Oh my God, and he's still asking for money ...

Please consider sending your most generous gift today, which will help us promote the simple, efficient, and fair 9-9-9 Plan, Monetary Reform, and Regulatory Reform, in addition to other major solutions that will help our nation.

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Clearing up (kind of) the recent Occupy Atlanta arrest

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Following yesterday's post about Occupy Atlanta's Tim Franzen, there was a lot of discussion on the blog about his most recent arrest, which took place after a Friday protest at a local Chase bank branch. Franzen said in a blog post that he'd been arrested for littering. Some people thought that was ridiculous. Others thought the police caved, and that Franzen should have faced harsher charges.

After I verified with police that Franzen had, in fact, been arrested for littering, "Iwasthere" said:

@Gwynedd Stuart: What do you mean "according to police." If you there, which I was, you would know that they carried a freaking couch — God knows where they found it — and placed it infront of the front door so nobody could get out. Then they took cones and other objects and stacked them at the back door. Then, after acting like idiots for an hour, about 50 of them marched in the middle of the road, blocking traffic, screaming "cop's, pig's, murders". Thats mature.

Local journalist George Chidi posted his observations from the protest:

I was there, as part of the protest. A couch was left in front of the building's doors, along with some garbage. Some papers were taped to the windows. It was meant to be symbolic of what happens in a forced eviction after a Chase foreclosure.

No one spray painted the Chase branch.

There were people screaming epithets at the police at one point — an act with which I and many Occupy Atlanta supporters strongly disagree. We're going to have to sort that out, eventually.

But Tim isn't one of those people.

He didn't bring the couch, either. He may have sat in it. He is plainly being targeted, because he's consistently active and visible ... and because he gets press. He gets press because he's a skilled communicator.

And here's what the police said in their report (occasional emphasis added by me, edited where elipses appear):

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Art Papers auction gets started online

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Elizabeth Condon
  • Elizabeth Condon

When the annual Art Papers returns to Mason Murer Fine Art on Feb. 11 and 12, well-dressed collectors and cocktail sipping artists will be rubbing elbows on the gallery floor. Until then, the auction is getting off to start online, where one can comfortably bid in pajama pants. The online portion isn't comprehensive right now, but work by Jerry Seigel, Matt Haffner, Adad Hannah, Marcus Kenney, Gyun Hur, and almost two hundred other artists is already up for bidding. New works will be added daily up until Thurs., Feb. 9, when the online auction will close in anticipation of in person bidding.

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'Walking Dead,' 'Game of Thrones' tease returns

Posted By on Tue, Jan 31, 2012 at 9:00 AM

You can — and will — complain all you want about AMC's handling of "The Walking Dead," but the cable channel does an undeniably effective job of teasing the show's returning episodes. AMC posted a preview a couple of weeks ago, and now presents the first three minutes of the mid-season premiere, debuting Feb. 12. It takes place immediately after the shocking, violent prior episode (if I can find a better clip, I'll post it):

HBO has also released a trailer for the April 1 Season 2 premiere of "Game of Thrones," in which the war and the scheming heat up. Based on the quick-cut images, we'll need a couple of months to build up our fortitude to watch some of the harrowing sequences.

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First Slice 1/31/12: Jewish Film Fest. gets bigger, Delta is making bank, but for HOPE shrinkage is real

Posted By on Tue, Jan 31, 2012 at 8:40 AM

  • Steve Fitzgerald
Delta's making bank!

Shrinkage is real! As prospects of the HOPE scholarship paying less and less have started sinking in some Georgia college students are turning to food stamps to buy their Ramen noodles.

Facebook is not a crime! Two Dekalb teens arrested after breaking into CNN to check their status.

Oy vey! the 12th annual ATL Jewish Film Fest. kicks off Feb. 8 — now with two extra days of film screenings!

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5 things today: King Khan, Gin Phillips

Posted By on Tue, Jan 31, 2012 at 7:00 AM

1. King Khan and the Shrines play the Basement
2. Gin Phillips discusses her new novel, Come In and Cover Me, at SCAD's Ivy Hall
3. The Room screens at the Plaza
4. Tycho plays Masquerade
5. Harvest dinner at Miller Union


5 things today: King Khan, Gin Phillips

Posted By on Tue, Jan 31, 2012 at 7:00 AM

1. King Khan and the Shrines play the Basement
2. Gin Phillips discusses her new novel, Come In and Cover Me, at SCAD's Ivy Hall
3. The Room screens at the Plaza
4. Tycho plays Masquerade
5. Harvest dinner at Miller Union


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