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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Chance White's Perfect Party: Remnant - A Post-Apocalyptic Steampunk Epic

One of the most rewarding aspects of co-producing the Atlanta 48 Hour Film Project, is the opportunity to meet so many talented filmmakers, and folks in Atlanta's extended creative community. While reaching out to promote this year's registration, I received an email back from Chance White, Atlanta's reigning champion, inviting me to take a look at Remnant, an ambitious collaborative Web project he's working on.

What I found was an amazing world...

Between celebrating a screening of his Award-winning film at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner; collaborating on Remnant; working on paying gigs at his company, White Flame Studios; and preparing to defend his Atlanta crown at the 48HFP, Chance White took some time to chat with us:

On the set of Remnant: Rin Leigh, Matt Silva, Chance White, Cooper Andrews, and Owen Smith
  • Dim Horizon Studio
  • On the set of Remnant: Rin Leigh, Matt Silva, Chance White, Cooper Andrews, and Owen Smith

1. How did Remnant come about?

Remnant was originally created by Matt Silva and Erin Leigh Bushko of Penny Dreadful Productions as a steampunk fashion line that caused quite a stir at Dragon*Con and other conventions. They had a grand multimedia vision for the world they were creating. Matthew and Jared Young were inspired by this and approached them with the idea of creating a Web series. I was brought in shortly after. My role has been co-director, editor, and visual effects. When I was originally approached by Matthew and Jared about being a part of this, I was incredibly inspired by what already existed of the Remnant universe and couldn't wait to delve into that world. It's been vastly rewarding.

Remnant Needs You: Jim Le Sees the Light
  • Brothers Young Productions
  • Remnant Needs You: Jim Le Sees the Light

2. For this project, you're part of an impressive team of collaborators. How did the group come together?

The great production design is thanks to the amazing costumes originally designed by Matt Silva and Erin Leigh Bushko of Penny Dreadful. Many of the costumes you see in the series actually already existed. From there Matthew and Jared Young contributed their production design expertise in the areas of set building. We had an incredibly talented DP in Owen Smith, and we had creature effects by Andre Freitas of AFX Studios, all of those contributions combined and what we have now is the result.


3. What's the benefit to working on Webisodes as opposed to film or other projects?

Remnant has been very creatively rewarding. We wanted to make unusual choices, and really push the art. Our goal was to create pieces of a larger story via intimate character driven vignettes, which when viewed as a whole, paint the picture of a truly epic story and world. We've learned a great deal through the process, it's been very exciting. It's been a fine line to balance on figuring out how much information to give the audience and knowing what to leave out. We want to challenge the audience to engage with this world. This is the first proper series I've had a chance to be involved in. Watching the audience grow as the story unfolds has been truly incredible. I can't wait until all of these pieces are on the board. I think people will really be excited and want to see even more.

They Kickstarted It!
  • They Kickstarted It!

4. How is it being funded? What has been the most successful method?

We funded this project via Kickstarter. Our original goal was to raise $2000, which was just meant to pay for supplies and catering. All cast and crew did this out of passion, and I think the results show that. We were lucky to double that initial goal thanks to the great fan community (steampunk is a growing niche fan base and Remnant had already garnered quite a bit of notice and following, which we benefitted from).

Nurse Ratchet

5. What are your aspirations for this series?

We hope this initial series will enable us to tell more stories in this world. Whether on the big screen, on HBO, or season 2 of the Webseries.

Chance White and other 48HFP team leaders at the Plaza Theatre
  • Phuc Dao
  • Chance White and other 48HFP team leaders at the Plaza Theatre

6. You are currently the reigning City champ for the Atlanta 48 Hour Film Project. How has 48HFP influenced your work? What are the benefits you've experienced from winning and from participating in the project?

The 48HFP has been invaluable to me as a filmmaker. The limitations really force you to be creative and tell stories in an economic fashion. It also of course has trained me to appreciate time, and repeat the mantra 'time is a luxury'. We got the opportunity to screen The Prince's Perfect Party at the Atlanta Film Festival and Cannes. It's been truly amazing! The amount of notice and recognition has been inspiring.

You are invited to: The Princes Perfect Party
  • WFS
  • You are invited to: The Prince's Perfect Party

7. How do you plan to defend your title?

We hope to build on our experiences to this point and tell another great story. Our bottom line is to tell a story that we find inspiring, that excites us, first and foremost, and hopefully the audience will enjoy the result of that as well. I've always found the best work comes from a place of passion, not pandering to what is popular or what's cool.

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