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Film Clips: Hit and Run

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Hit and Run, written by and starring Dax Shepard.
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  • Hit and Run, written by and starring Dax Shepard.

THE APPARITION: (PG-13) When a frightening series of unexplainable events start occuring in a young couple's home, they go searching for answers. What they discover is that there is a apparition of sorts in their home as the result of a para psychological university experiment in which a group of researchers conjure an otherworldly spirit. The problem is, the more they believe the happenings they experience are real, the more violent the apparition becomes, eventually resulting in it becoming real and killing its victim. The question remains, how long can they tell themselves the corpse-like hands choking their necks aren't real?

HIT AND RUN: (R) This comedy is about a young couple living the 'small town' life until one day, Charlie's (Dax Shepard) less-than perfect past is revealed. Annie (Kristen Bell) discovers that Charlie is actually in the witness protection program because he was the former getaway driver of a bank-robbing outfit. As they go on the run from Charlie's former partners, they are joined by a dopey US Marshall (Tom Arnold) who is supposed to protect them, but can barely keep himself safe in everyday life. Written by Shepard, this action comedy is high-speed hilarity.

PREMIUM RUSH: (PG-13) Attention all hipsters: a movie about riding fixed gear bikes, sort of. When hardcore bicycle messenger Wilee (Joseph Gordon-Levit takes a package for delivery he is given the notice of premium rush, which means it must reach its destination in 90 minutes. But when a random man approaches Wilee and demands the package he just received, something appears to be fishy. Wilee quickly rides away from the angry man, but soon finds himself at the mercy of being chased by a series of bad guys trying to kill him for the package. Wilee realizes this could be his last delivery, ever.


THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (PG-13) Move over Tobey Maguire, there's a new Spider-Man in town. NYC's favorite web-slinger is back on the big screen, this story follows a new thread in the Spider-Man chronicle. Peter Parker is an outcast at high-school, struggling with girls, bullies, and newly-found spider powers? As Parker works to uncover the mystery of his parents' death he is led to the lab of Dr. Curt Connors, his father's former lab partner. But as Parker grows closer to Dr. Connors, he starts to realize Connors might not have been the kind lab partner Parker's father thought he was. Playing tonight at 7:30 p.m. at the Fox Theatre, 660 Peachtree Street

2 DAYS IN NEW YORK: (R) Chris Rock plays Mingus who lives a happy life with his french girlfriend, Marion, and their children from previous relationships. Until one day, when Marion's family comes to visit from Paris, Mingus' life gets turned upside down. Her family seems to know no boundaries when it comes to topics such as racism, sex, politics, and any other hot-button issue. As Mingus struggles to keep his cool, their relationship is stretched to the limit in this rom-com. Midtown Art Cinema, 931 Monroe Drive

CELESTE AND JESSE FOREVER: (R) Two high school sweet hearts, Jesse and Celeste, got married but now in their thirties it appears their marriage is falling apart. After a separation and plans for a divorce, Jesse and Celeste can't help but still spend time together and remain best friends, until one day Celeste discovers Jesse has found someone else. Realizing she might have made a mistake leaving him, Celeste starts to question if she and Jesse will be stuck on one another forever. Midtown Art Cinema, 931 Monroe Drive

COMPLIANCE: (R) (3 stars) This indy film is about the manager of a fast food joint and a teenage girl working the cash register, Sandra, the manager, and Becky don't exactly get along. Typical story of youth versus the establishment, until one day, Sandra receives a call from a police officer claiming that Becky has stolen money from a customer's purse. He asks Sandra to detain Beck until he can arrive, but then he goes further to say that if she can strip search Becky herself, then she can prove her innocence or guilt. As ethical and cultural lines are crossed and rules and customs are bent and broken, employees and Becky start to question the legitimacy of the officer asking Sandra to carry out these tasks and then this drama becomes an examination of compliance. Midtown Art Cinema, 931 Monroe Drive


THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (PG-13) Move over Tobey Maguire, there's a new Spider-Man in town. NYC's favorite web-slinger is back on the big screen, this story follows a new thread in the Spider-Man chronicle. Peter Parker is an outcast at high-school, struggling with girls, bullies, and newly-found spider powers? As Parker works to uncover the mystery of his parents' death he is led to the lab of Dr. Curt Connors, his father's former lab partner. But as Parker grows closer to Dr. Connors, he starts to realize Connors might not have been the kind lab partner Parker's father thought he was.

AMERICAN REUNION (R) The fourth installment (excluding the spin-off, straight to home video films) in the American Pie franchise, features all the original characters from this teen, coming-of-age comedy series. While (most of) the characters are acting like grown ups with real jobs and families now, their high school reunion brings back the same old hi-jinks, bodily humor, and awkward moments the first three films created.

THE ARTIST 5 stars (PG) In this pitch-perfect recreation of Hollywood's black-and-white silent films, the effortlessly charming Jean Dujardin plays a swashbuckling matinee idol who stubbornly refuses to change his ways when the film industry switches to sound. Even in the film's most downbeat moments, director Michel Hazanavicius uses clever visual gags to convey The Artist's emotional core, while the story's metaphor for professions transformed by new technology proves enormously relevant in the Internet age. - Holman

BATTLESHIP (PG-13) When a fleet of US battleships discover an unidentifiable object in the open water of the ocean, a team of naval officers are sent to investigate. Upon arrival, they discover that the hunk of metal is actually an alien ship that they have just engaged. The movie, which is really nothing like the Hasbro board game it is supposedly based off of, is a blockbuster of explosions, hot babes, action sequences, and is a CGI masterpiece. To save earth, the battle must be won on the water. You sunk my battleship!

BERNIE (PG-13) This comedy is about assistant funeral director Bernie Tiede (Jack Black), who was everybody's best friend. In his small town he taught Sunday school, sang in the church's choir, and he was always around to lend a helping hand. But when he befriended Majorie Nugent, his kindness was truly tested. Majorie, a rich and affluent widow, literally ran Bernie into the ground with her chores, manipulating, conspiring, and oppression. People were shocked to one day learn that Majorie was dead, with Bernie being he prime suspect for murder.

BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD (PG-13) This Southern-styled fairy-tale is about a young girl named Hushpuppy who lives in "Bathtub," a river delta community, with her father Wink. When her father contracts a strange illness, nature goes out of control with extremely high temperatures melting ice caps and unleashing prehistoric creatures called 'Aurochs.' To help save her father, young Hushpuppy must brave the world alone, in search of her mother for answers. UA Tara 2345 Cheshire Bridge Road

THE BOURNE LEGACY (PG-13) When the top secret, government organization behind the creation of Jason Bourne decides to kill off all of its genetically modified agents, they had little idea how hard bringing one of them down would be. Agent Aaron Cross, who has had scientifically-engineered mutations on two of his chromosomes, is the perfect killer. Cross is faster, smarter, and stronger than even the most trained government agents. As he fights to uncover the scheme he is caught up in, Cross spirals into an international espionage journey where every step he takes is a narrow escape from death. Starring The Avengers Jeremy Renner as agent Aaron Cross, this installment in the Bourne film series is an action-packed thrill ride.

THE CABIN IN THE WOODS (R) A horror story that follows the trip of five friends to a remote cabin in the woods. As things start to get a little creepy, the audience thinks they are seeing the same old recycled horror story. But as the movie progresses and the twists get more and more absurd, this movie begins to turn the formulaic horror movie genre into something unique and different.

(R) While we often find ourselves laughing at the expense of politician's errors or slip-ups, funny men Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis take the comedy of political campaigns to a new level of hilarity. Ferrell plays Cam Brady, a fast-talking, slick politician who will do and say anything to be reelected for a fifth time. After running unopposed for the last four terms, Cam is surprised to learn someone is running against him. Enter Marty Huggins (Galifianakis), the director of the local tourism center who is being supported by benefactors who have hatched a plan to get Cam out of office. As their campaigns begin, it becomes clear that these two absurdly ridiculous politicians will be battling it out for every last vote.

CHERNOBYL DIARIES (R) When a group of tourists visiting Ukraine decide to go on a slightly sketchy tour of the nuclear disaster area at the abandoned Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, the tour starts off innocent. The group is unsure if they should really be in an infamous nuclear disaster area, but their local tour guide assures them that everything is fine since the nuclear radiation levels have receded. The problem is, once they are ready to leave, their van (of course) won't start. Before long, the group realizes something or someone is lurking in the shadows of Chernobyl, and that something or someone is after them. To survive, they navigate the deserted plant and hope to make it through the night.

CHIMPANZEE (G) This documentary from Mark Linfield and Disney follows the story of Oscar, a young chimpanzee who is separated from his family during a skirmish with another group of chimps. In an unlikely turn of events, Oscar is 'adopted' by a full grown male chimp who finds him alone in the forest. This documentary offers a rarely seen glimpse into the world of chimpanzees, following the heartwarming story of Oscar.

THE DARK NIGHT RISES (PG-13) Christopher Nolan's third and final installment of the Batman series, Bruce Wayne is met with a completely new set of challenges. Bane, a hell-bent villain wants to watch Gotham burn to the ground and has a personal vendetta against the exceptionally wealthy Gotham residents. With Anne Hathaway staring as Catwoman and Tom Hardy as Bane, this movie is promising to be one of the most watched films this summer.

DARK SHADOWS (PG-13) Tim Burton's newest film is a horror/comedy flick following Barnabas (Johnny Depp) who has moved from England to America in 1752. Building a new life in Maine, Barnabas quickly becomes a wealthy and successful man, his life is perfect until he makes the mistake of breaking the heart of Angelique Bouchard. Angelique, a witch, turns Barnabas into a vampire and buries him alive to teach him a lesson. Two centuries later, Barnabas' tomb is discovered and he is unleashed upon the modern world. As he meets his modern-day descendants, Barnabas is confronted with problems of the modern days and must face Angelique's wrath for breaking her heart once again.

THE DICTATOR (R) Sascha Baron-Cohen plays dictator Haffaz Alladen, of the oil-rich African nation of Waadeya. He is an egomaniac and executes practically anyone who disagrees with him. When summoned to NYC by the UN with concerns about his nuclear program, Alladen tries to adjust to the American way of life. While this film misses the unexpected hilarity of unscripted Borat, the political incorrectness is enough to make anyone laugh.

DIARY OF A WIMPY KID: DOG DAYS (PG) The successful book series makes a run at the big screen with the 'wimpy kid' Greg Heffley. Greg, in an attempt to avoid the 'dog days' of the summer, pretends that he has a job at a local upscale country club. Despite his best efforts, Greg can't escape the embarrassing and hilarious dog days of the summer.

DR. SEUSS' THE LORAX (PG) In this adaptation of Dr. Seuss' beloved picture book, a young boy tries to woo a girl by bringing a tree to their treeless home, leading to a flashback of how the land lost all of its trees. This comedy's nod towards environmental conservation is balanced out by a hilarious performance from Danny DeVito as the Lorax.

THE EXPENDABLES 2: (R) This action film has literally everyone's favorite butt-kicking star on the cast. Whether you're partial to the quiet, strong-type like Chuck Norris or the high-kicking Jet Li, or maybe you're into more traditional bad-asses like Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Statham or Willis, this movie has them all. The plot is simple enough, the band of seasoned mercenaries lose a partner to a mission, but when they go to seek revenge for their fallen brother, they discover there's more to this mission than revenge. With the possibility of one of the largest nuclear weapons ever created being in play, the Expendables must bust out the biggest guns, explosions, muscles, and machismo to save the day. Classic.

THE FIVE YEAR ENGAGEMENT (R) From the producer of the marital comedy Bridesmaids, comes a new twist on the romantic comedy, a film spotlighting the time between the proposal and the marriage. When Tom and Violet get engaged, they have no idea what they are in for because it seems everything in the world is working against them getting married. The comedy ensues as this couple learns what it takes to make an engagement work.

FOR GREATER GLORY A group of men and women make the decision to risk everything for their freedom, when a small rebellion becomes an army with the help of one general whom everyone believes in. Chronicling the Cisteros War in the 1920's, this film tells the story of a group of people standing up against the atheistic Mexican Government.

HOPE SPRINGS (PG-13) Meryl Streep plays Kay, a devoted wife to Arnold (Tommy Lee Jones), who has been feeling like their decades-long marriage is missing the spice it used to have. She seeks the help of a famed marriage counselor (played by Steve Carell) in a small New England town called Hope Springs. She persuades Arnold, who is a man of routine and very conservative about his love life, to come to Hope Springs with her. As their week of therapy begins, Kay and Arnold attempt to ignite that special spark their marriage once had.

THE HUNGER GAMES (PG-13) In a post apocolyptic world, the countries that once made up North America is now called Panem. The Capitol, a technological metropolis that controls everything, is surrounded by 12 districts. Every year, one boy and girl are selected from each of the twelve districts at random to compete in the Hunger Games, basically a Gladiator style fight to the death. When teenager Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) volunteers to take her younger sister's place in the games, she is almost certainly sentencing herself to death. Based on the young adult novel by Suzanne Collins, Katniss must fight to the death in order to survive and return home to her sister.

ICE AGE: CONTINENTAL DRIFT (PG) Everyone's favorite group of prehistoric mammals are back, but this time their whole world is changing and shifting, literally. As the continents drift apart Manny, Sid, and Diego's world becomes a life at sea, using an iceberg as a makeshift ship. When the gang runs into a band of pirates led by an angry baboon, Manny's journey to reunite with his love takes a detour. Come see Pangaea split apart.

THE IRON LADY 2 stars (PG-13) Meryl Streep gives a predictably rich and insightful lead performance in this thin, superficial biopic of Margaret Thatcher, England's first female prime minister. The Iron Lady seems primarily interested in the doddering, elderly Thatcher who speaks to her deceased husband Denis (an excellent Jim Broadbent), while the wishy-washy script refuses to form an opinion about Thatcher's controversial politics. - Holman


2 stars (R ) In this adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs' classic sci-fi adventure, Civil War cavalryman turned Arizona prospector John Carter (Taylor Kitsch) finds himself transported to Mars, where he takes up the cause of Martian Princess Dejah Thoris (Lynn Collins, who's like a classy Megan Fox) against a vicious warlord (Dominic West). "Friday Night Lights'" Taylor Kitsch brings laid-back charisma to a role that the film can't seem to decide is a tortured hero or a charming rogue. John Carter proves too silly and rushed to work as a respectable fantasy epic, but too heavy and convoluted to achieve pure escapism. Pixar's Andrew Stanton delivers astounding visual effects, including the hero's ability to make incredible jumps in the Martian gravity, but John
has a harder time getting off the ground. - Holman

JOURNEY 2: THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND 3 stars (PG) In the sequel to Journey to the Center of the Earth, Sean Anderson (Josh Hutcherson) and his mom's new beau (Dwayne Johnson) pick up a cryptic signal originating from the mysterious island from Jules Verne's books. Taking full advantage of the technologies at his disposal, director Brad Peyton places his cast upon a fantastic tropical paradise full of amazing creatures and fantastic landscapes. Full of baseline humor, teen angst, and family bonding moments there's an equal amount of intense chases and thrill rides on both ships and beasts to balance it out. Journey 2 is a definite improvement in the franchise and definitely worth seeing. - Edward Adams

JOYFUL NOISE (PG-13) Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton share the spotlight as members of a small-town members with ambitions to take the choir to a national championship.

KATY PERRY: PART OF ME (PG) Pop star Katy Perry's road to stardom was not an easy one, and coming from a religious family with her outlandish personality, Perry wasn't always understood in the beginning. This film follows her journey with exclusive on/off-stage footage, interviews, early performances, in this documentary of one of today's biggest stars.

LOCKOUT (PG-13) In the future prisoners are kept on a space station, which seemed like a good idea until an uprising allowed the prisoners take control of the station. The president, whose daughter was taken captive by the prisoners during the uprising, asks for the help of an ex-government agent (played by Guy Pearce) who is convicted of conspiracy. For the safe return of his daughter, the president promises Pearce's freedom. Action-packed, gun fights and battles ensue as just one man attempts to save the president's daughter from a vicious group of convicts.

THE LUCKY ONE (PG-13) US Marine Sergeant Logan Thibault (Zac Efron) returns from his third tour of duty in Iraq, safe and sound. He is convinced his safety in battle was from a photograph of a beautiful woman (Taylor Schilling) he found on the ground during battle, keeping the photo with him at all times. Upon his arrival in the states he travels to North Carolina, searching for the woman who kept him alive without even knowing it.

MADAGASCAR 3: EUROPE'S MOST WANTED (PG) Alex the lion (voiced by Ben Stiller), Marty the zebra (Chris Rock) and their furry and/or four-legged friends work to make it home to New York from Africa in the third entry in the animated franchise. Stranded in Monte Carlo, the foursome joins up with a traveling animal circus, taking a tour of Europe along the way. Friends are made with the former; fun is made of the latter. In 3D.

MAGIC MIKE (R) Mike is a dancer, to be more specific he's a stripper at Club Xquistie, which is an all-male strip club. Mike has everything he could ever want: women, money, partying, and fun, but he wants something more. When Mike is not headlining in the club, he is making custom modern furniture. One day, when Mike meets the sister of a new dancer he has taken under his wing, she changes his perspective on everything and Mike must face the realities of the life he lives. Starring Channing Tatum and Mathew McConaughey, chances are, women will really like this movie.

MAN ON A LEDGE 2 stars (PG-13) Disgraced cop turned convict Nick Cassidy (Sam Worthingon) threatens to leap from the ledge of a high-rise Manhattan hotel. Is he really suicidal, or is he part of a complicated heist to clear his good name? Like Worthington struggling with his American accent, Man on a Ledge tries to impersonate earlier, better New York caper flicks like Dog Day Afternoon and Inside Man. Danish director Asger Leth builds suspense in the heist scenes, but doesn't capture the Big Apple's colorful character, so everything feels overcooked and slightly phony. It ends on a satisfying note, but Man on a Ledge won't put on the edge of your seat. - Holman

MANSOME (NR) Executive producers Will Arnet, Jason Bateman, and Ben Silverman take a look at the man's identity in the modern world, interviewing actors, models, experts, and comedians to define what it means to be a man today. Masculinity is questioned and picked apart as this film hilariously investigates manhood. UA Tara, 2345 Cheshire Bridge Road NE

MARLEY (PG-13) Made with the support of Bob Marley's family, director Kevin McDonald takes an inside look at Marley's impact on music and his social and political impacts as well. With rare footage, performances, interviews with people close to Marley, this film offers a portrait of a cultural icon. Midtown Art Cinema 931 Monroe Drive Atlanta GA

MARVEL'S THE AVENGERS (PG-13) In a culmination of the recent resurgence of comic book superhero movies, The Avengers are on the big screen, featuring an all-star cast including The Incredible Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), Captain America (Chris Evans), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), and Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner). As the story goes, the safety of Earth is threatened by Loki, a demigod from Thor's alternate universe, who brings with him an army of diabolic villains. The group of superheros must put their super-egos aside and work together to defeat Loki and his army. This summer blockbuster is a must-see for all superhero fans, if not for the great cast, then just for the sheer number of superheros featured in the film.

MEN IN BLACK 3 (PG-13) Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are back as the Men In Black, in the third installment in the MIB franchise. In this film, Agent J (Smith) wakes up one day to find his partner Agent K (Jones) has been dead for over 40 years. Apparently, K is at the center of some alternate reality where he doesn't exist in present day. Now, J must go back in time to 1969 when K is still alive in order to figure out how this alternate reality was created.

MIRROR MIRROR (PG) Julia Roberts stars as the evil queen in this remix of the classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs tale. The evil queen banishes Snow White into the fore in order to swoop in and steal the prince who has fallen in love with Snow White. But Snow White has different plans and enlists the help of seven little dwarfs to try and save the prince from marriage to the evil queen who is only after his money.

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: GHOST PROTOCOL 4 stars (PG-13) Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and his IMF team of superspies must go rogue to catch a nuclear terrorist obsessed with launching World War III. Pixar director Brad Bird makes a confident leap to live-action with this outlandishly exciting spy flick, unified by plausible gadgets and jaw-dropping set pieces, which include Cruise dangling from Dubai's Burj Khalifa tower, the world's tallest building, as a sandstorm approaches. Simon Pegg deserves top billing for his hilarious comic relief. - Curt Holman

MONSIEUR LAZHAR (PG-13) When an Algerian immigrant teacher applies for a job in a Montreal middle school, he is given the task of replacing a teacher who has committed suicide. The teacher Lazhar replaces, was loved by all of his class deeply. While Lazhar helps the class heal from the loss of their teacher, he himself begins to heal from the pains of remembering the terrorism that forced him to leave his homeland.Midtown Art Cinema 931 Monroe Drive Atlanta GA

(PG-13) Wes Anderson's newest film, chronicles the love story between two twelve-year-old children while at a summer camp in New England during the 60's. The lovers make a pact via love letters to run away together, but when they come up missing, a mad search begins to find them. Capturing the dry hilarity and absurdity of his expertly created characters, Wes Anderson creates a classic comedy in the way only he can.

MY WAY (NR) This Spanish film about Marc, a man struggling to juggle his public life where he dabbles in real estate as a agent, and his private life where he earns the majority of his money as a drug dealer. While his wife Tes makes an honest living in advertising, Marc is constantly under the pressure to sell more drugs while still trying to be a good father. As balancing the life of a family man and being a drug-dealing gangster becomes harder and harder, Marc has to make difficult choices to do what he thinks is right. UA Tara Cinemas 2345 Cheshire Bridge Road NE

MY WEEK WITH MARILYN (R ) Based on two books by British director Colin Clark, My Week With Marilyn recalls the week in 1957 that young Clark spent as set assistant to The Prince and the Showgirl, where he became friends with Marilyn Monroe (Michelle Williams). When Monroe's new husband Arthur Miller leaves London, will Monroe focus more on work or play? Co-starring Kenneth Branagh as Laurence Oliver.

OCTOBER BABY (PG-13) When Hannah suddenly faints during a college play, during medical examination, she discovers that she was actually adopted. Even more shocking, she soon learns she was adopted after a failed abortion attempt by her birth mother. Faced with her own mortality and the fragility of life itself, Hannah sets out on a trip to find her birth mother and herself. In this coming of age story, the idea of family is challenged and redefined through Hannah's journey.

THE ODD LIFE OF TIMOTHY GREEN: (PG) When parents Cindy and Jim Green have exhausted all outlets of trying to become pregnant, it seems they will never have a child of their own. When the frustrated parents have a moment of inspiration, they grab a pen and paper and write down all the wonderful traits and characteristics their hypothetical child would have. After a good laugh, they bury the box in their garden and forget about it for a little while. Then one stormy night, a muddy boy shows up in their home, seemingly as if he grew straight out of the garden. As they fall in love with their new son Timothy, he starts to rub off his own magic charm on the rest of their small town, as everyone discovers just how special Timothy is.

PARANORMAN: (PG) Norman is a strange kid. His parents don't seem to understand him, the kids at school pick on him, and most of his friends are dead, that's right; dead. Norman can see and talk to ghosts, which is great until one day Norman is warned that the ghost of evil witch is planning to raise the dead. Norman must get the town of people who think he's weird and crazy to believe that they are in danger and stop the witch before the town is taken over by zombies.

THE PIRATES! BAND OF MISTFITS (PG) The same people who created Chicken Run and the Wallace and Gromit series, have created a new stop-motion film about a pirate captain who just isn't very good at being a pirate. Voiced by Hugh Grant, the Pirate Captain is a lovable dope with aspirations of winning the "Pirate of the Year" award and finally getting some credit for his exploits as a buccaneer. Given directors Jeff Newitt's and Peter Lord's track record together, this movie is sure to be a great one.

PEOPLE LIKE US (PG-13) Sam is a young salesman, as his biggest deal of the year collapses in on itself, Sam gets the news that his father has passed away. When Sam returns home to handle and organize his father's estate, he makes an incredible discovery that he has a sister named Frankie he never knew about. As Sam reconnects with his new found family, he begins to rethink the way his own life has played out.

PROMETHEUS (R) It's 2089 and a team of scientists (including Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender and Charlize Theron) is aboard the titular, trillion-dollar spaceship, on their way to a distant, mysterious planet which - they hope - holds the secret to the origins of humanity. They're unfortunately wrong , although they do manage to uncover a host of nasty, drippy, dark things in the process in this, Ridley Scott's sorta faux-prequel to his '70s sci-fi horror film Alien.

SAFE (R) Jason Statham plays Luke Wright a washed-up cage fighter in an MMA-style fighting circuit, essentially being paid to get beat up in front of a crowd. But when Luke wins a rigged fight he was supposed to lose, hell breaks loose, the Russian Mafia murders his family to teach him a lesson after costing them a small fortune. Then when Luke witnesses the Russians going after a young girl named Mei, he snaps and goes into an all out war against the mafia. In an attempt to redeem himself and avenge his own family, Statham delivers his usual action packed performance.

SAVAGES (R) Ben and Chon have it all, money, a luxurious California beach house, exotic sports cars, the finest medical marijuana grow house in America, and a beautiful girl named Ophelia. That's right, the best-friend, business partners share a girl friend (I'm still trying to figure that one out). Regardless, when a Mexican drug cartel decides to move its drug business North, they demand that Ben and Chon partner up with their operation. When they refuse the cartel's offer, the leader, Elena, has Ophelia kidnapped. Now the Ben and Chon have to go guerrilla in order to get their girl back. From director Oliver Stone, this film is jammed with action and the star power to match.

SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN (PG-13) An evil queen (played by Charlize Theron) wants to eat the heart of her dear, fair stepdaughter Snow White (Kristen Stewart) to cement her evil queendom. But the daughter escapes, chased by the huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) who was hired to kill her. Medieval swordplay and scowling ensues in this "dark revisionist" take on the Grimms' fairy tale. Plus: dwarves!

SPARKLE: (PG-13) Sparkle's voice is enough to turn heads and she has the face to match. When one day she is discovered by a member of her church who hears her singing, he is able to convince Sparkle and her sisters to sing together in a local club. As their popularity starts to rise, Sparkle and her sisters have to avoid similar pitfalls their mother (played by Whitney Huston) fell into as she was once trying to become a star. With big music industry voices like Cee Lo Green, Whitney Huston, and Jordin Sparks, this Motown homage film has the sound to back it up.

STEP UP REVOLUTION: (PG-13) When Emily, the daughter of a wealthy developer, moves to Miami she is instantly drawn to Sean. As the two's romance buds, Emily learns Sean is the leader of a dance crew called 'MOB' that creates flash dance mobs around the city. But when Emily's father makes plans to destroy the historic neighborhood MOB is based out of, Sean, Emily and the rest of MOB turn their dance mobs into visual protests in hopes of saving the neighborhood.

TAKE THIS WALTZ (R) Margot is happily married to Lou, a cookbook writer, and her life seems great. But one day, when she meets a man named Daniel, their chemistry is immediate and intense. She soon discovers that Daniel is actually one of their neighbors, and begins stealing away moments with him, forcing Margot to reexamine how relationships can change perspectives of love, sex, and herself. Midtown Art Cienma 931 Monroe Drive

TED (R) Mark Whalberg plays John, who lives with his childhood teddy bear named Ted. When John was a little boy, he wished Ted would come to life and his wish came true! But now, with John and Ted all grown up, John is beginning to realize that Ted's boozing, drugging, and womanizing might not be the best influence on him. From the Seth McFarlane, the creator of Family Guy, this film is not for children!

THINK LIKE A MAN (PG-13) The story of a group men's love lives that are turned completely upside down when their respective ladies buy Steve Harvey's new book that teaches women to act like ladies but think like men. When the ladies start turning the tables on their respective men, they conspire to reverse the book's power and use it against the ladies. Featuring an all star cast of names like Gabrielle Union, Meagan Good, Kevin Hart, Jerry Ferrara and others, this comedy puts a new spin on how relationships work.

THE THREE STOOGES: THE MOVIE (PG) The three stooges are back at it after a sabbatical from the screens of movie theaters for over 40 years. The same slapstick comedy and dopey humor that made the original vaudeville act hilarious is back for this reincarnation of a classic piece of American comedy. In the new film, three infants are left on a nun's doorstep (the nun is played by Larry David) and are raised at the orphanage run by the nuns. When they are grown up and learn that the orphanage is facing foreclosure, they set out into the big world to save their home. Along the way, they become entangled with a murder plot and end up starring in a reality TV show with the cast of MTV's Jersey Shore .

TO ROME WITH LOVE (R) Woody Allen's latest film follows the interwoven love stories of eight people, staring Alec Baldwin, Penelope Cruz, Jesse Eisenberg, Ellen Page, Woody Allen, Roberto Benigni, Judy Davis, and Greta Gerwig. A hilarious take on the romantic cliches in Rome.

(PG-13) In the future, a company called Rekall can transform your dreams into realities. But when Douglas Quaid's (Colin Farrell) manufactured reality goes wild, he becomes a hunted man. Soon Quaid realizes that the joining up with a rebel alliance is the only way for him to get his life back from the control of Chancellor Cohaagen. Quaid, with his back against the wall, discovers who he truly is in this Sci-Fi thriller.

TYLER PERRY'S GOOD DEEDS (PG-13) Tyler Perry plays the title role (sort of) as Wesley Deeds, a successful businessman who, despite his good fortune and great life, is unhappy. One night he discovers the janitor Lindsey (Thandie Newton) has been letting her daughter sleep in a supply closet at night while she works. Will Wesley's friendship with Lindsey teach him how to be happy for the first time in his life? Spoilers.

TYLER PERRY'S MADEA'S WITNESS PROTECTION (PG-13) When George, an investment banker, figures out that he has been picked as the fall-guy for a mob's ponzi-scheme, George knows he and his family are in danger. When he decides to go into witness protection, there's only one woman with the spunky attitude and size to match that can keep them safe, Madea! Tyler Perry's comedic alter-ego, the overbearing, say-anything Madea is back on the big screen.

THE WATCH: (R) When four, bored suburban guys come together to form a neighborhood watch group, they expect their newly founded watch group to just be an excuse to take a break from their dull lives. Their plan to just goof off is quickly spoiled by their discovery of an alien invasion in their town. Now the guys have no choice but to defend their homes, and their world, from being taken over. Starring Jonah Hill, Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn and Richard Ayoade this comedic smash up is promising to be a laughing riot.

WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU'RE EXPECTING (PG-13) This comedy follows the lives of different couples going through the magical time of a pregnancy. While some mothers go on hormone-powered crazy streaks, the fathers are just trying to tell their kid apart from the others at school. Fueled by a great line up of actors and comedians, this film hits all the high points (and low points) of the hilarity involved with a pregnancy and parenthood.

WRATH OF THE TITANS (PG-13) Perseus, one of the earliest heroes of Greek mythology, must face the dangerous underworld to save his father Zeus. Zeus has been taken captive by his son Ares and his brother Hades. Epic battles ensue, pitting Perseus against the infamous Titans like Cyclops, Medusa and a cast of other mythological monstrosities.

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