Monday, December 27, 2010

Interesting: Gwinnettians not keen on transportation tax if Beltline gets slice of funding

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Massive public-works project to suburbs: Why do you hate me?
  • Perkins + Will
  • Massive public-works project to suburbs: 'Why do you hate me?'
The regional transportation tax voters will decide in 2012 might be a tough sell in Gwinnett County, the Gwinnett Daily Post reports.

A poll commissioned by the Gwinnett Village Community Improvement District shows only 32 percent of the survey's 802 respondents support the one-cent sales tax ballot measure that could fund new roads and transit.

We've wondered whether voters in Fulton and DeKalb counties would reject the referendum because an all-suburban leadership is deciding what projects are eligible for funding from the tax. GVCID's poll, however, suggests that a $2.8 billion endeavor near and dear to some intowners' hearts might play a bigger role in Gwinnettians' decisions. From the Daily Post:

About 46 percent of respondents were in favor of placing rail service to metro Atlanta on the list, and 45 percent were in favor of earmarking funding for the replacement of the Jimmy Carter Boulevard and Pleasant Hill Road bridges over Interstate 85.

Just one percentage point behind was the proposed extension of Sugarloaf Parkway to Peachtree Industrial Boulevard.

The poll also asked about metro projects, including improvements to Interstate 285, which got nearly 40 percent approval and Atlanta’s Beltline, which came in much lower at 22 percent. In fact, more than 50 percent of respondents said they would be less likely to favor the sales tax if the Beltline was a part of the project list.


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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We get hate mail: 'You're weekly line-of-stupid-bull$@#% doesn't float...'

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The only thing we love more than hearing from our readers is hearing from our haters.

CL Publisher Henry Scott received this delightful missive yesterday:

what's up hank? i just wanna let u know that the loaf is a pretty good newsrag here in the city. but outside the perimeter and beyond (real america)...you're weekly line-of-stupid-bullshit doesn't float as well like it does with these braindead morons that make up much of atlanta and other metro areas of america. if i were you, i would get in step with reality (i'm aware that reality is a really bad drug at the loaf) and listen to what urban and rural america has to say. nobody out there agrees with anything that the loaf preaches and if i were you...i would shut the fuck up and listen for a change.

p.s. fuck u.

sincerely with all my love [cliché nickname removed to prevent this wonderful fellow from possibly being identified]

The e-mail has all the hallmarks of an excellent piece of hate mail. Grammatical errors. Punctuation's all f'ed. A reference to "real America" and cheap shot at people who live in the city. With a bit more time at Free Republic and a little more bourbon, the writer's e-mails will only improve.

Please continue sending any comments, suggestions and typo-filled, passive-aggressive e-mails.

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We called it: Four Loko soon to be caffeine-free

Posted By on Wed, Nov 17, 2010 at 2:38 PM

In late October, when bureaucrats from sea to sea — Fulton County Commissioner Robb Pitts among them — were looking for ways to ban alcoholic energy drinks like Four Loko, mostly because the drinks kinda, sorta, sometimes kill people, I made a prediction:
Remember when everyone freaked out about Sparks being dangerous, so they took the caffeine out of it? Caffeine-free Four Loko is sure to follow.

Well, Pitts can officially turn his attention back to his quest to acquire the Georgia Music Hall of Fame, because Four Loko is about to get a little bit less loco:

The manufacturer of popular caffeinated alcohol drink Four Loko said Tuesday it will remove the caffeine from its products, pulling the blend off the market just as the Food and Drug Administration is poised to ban it.
Phusion Projects said in a statement posted on its website that the company will remove caffeine and two other ingredients from its products going forward.
The announcement came as the FDA is expected to find as early as Wednesday that caffeine is an unsafe food additive to alcoholic drinks. That finding essentially would ban Four Loko and other drinks like it.

Have you ever tried Four Loko? It's really, really disgusting. It tastes and smells like cough medicine mixed with stale beer that was mopped up off of a bar floor. And then laced with poison. Will people really continue to buy this shit when it's caffeine-free?

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Gidewons call off Halloween opening for Club Reign

Posted By on Fri, Oct 29, 2010 at 5:46 PM

Apparently no one will be making it rain in Club Reign this Saturday night, as we'd previously posted. It turns out that the Gidewon brothers decided there were too many competing events this Halloween weekend — including their own horror-themed throw-down tonight at Compound — so they pushed back their opening party until next Saturday, Nov. 6.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Gidewon clan to open Midtown nightclub for Halloween

Posted By on Tue, Oct 12, 2010 at 4:59 PM

Make it Reign, baby!
  • Courtesy Club Reign
  • Make it Reign, baby!
It won't be Vision. And it won't be SPI, thank God.

No, when the Gidewon brothers finally open the doors of their latest and, already, most controversial nightclub, the name on the marquee will be Club Reign. (Not to be confused with Rain, the hip-hop club in Mechanicsville.)

According to club spokesman Chris Kappy, Reign will open Saturday, Oct. 30, for a Q100-promoted Halloween party. But don't expect too much crunkness. (Crunkiosity? Crunkitude?) "We're not going to go with a huge fanfare to blow the doors off because some of our neighbors are still looking for reasons to get us shut down," Kappy explains. "We're expecting some push-back from the neighborhood."

That's probably a reasonable expectation, to say the least. Since July 2009, when Michael Gidewon filed an application to open a new, 20,000-square-foot club at 1021 Peachtree St. — since divided into separate nightclub and lounge spaces — the "first family of Atlanta nightlife" (as we called them in a cover story last year) was forced to fight several rounds of legal battles against neighboring residents and businesses that wanted to prevent the clubs from opening.

The clubs' opponents used every avenue to wage war against the Gidewons — filing lawsuits and legal challenges; speaking out at public hearings; creating an anonymous, anti-Vision website, www.keepmidtownsafe.com; collecting 1451 signatures on an online petition; writing letters to persuade Mayor Shirley Franklin and other public officials to deny the required permits; and generally bad-mouthing the Gidewons and their previous clubs at every turn.

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sad day for Snooki

Posted By on Thu, Jul 1, 2010 at 2:04 PM

Starting today, tanning salons will be taxed 10% on their services as part of President Obama's plan to raise a boatload of money for his big ol' healthcare plan. Many local salon owners are orange red with fury over the new tax, saying no other industry is directly targeted by a special tax under the health care bill.

Admittedly, it's a bit of a stretch, with supporters claiming the tax will cause less people to tan, therefore causing less cancer and reduced medical costs. If I learned anything from The Situation, it was this: GTL is a way of life.

John McCain, on the other hand, would never deprive Snookers of her New Joisey-given right:

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Grabar: All liberals are jerks who generalize and call me names

Posted By on Thu, Jun 17, 2010 at 10:42 AM

Mary's gay bar Mary Grabar is back!

The local conservative columnist, whose writing is too often a painful catalog of her petty personal resentments and deep psychic wounds, is back with a doozy about how all the libtard progressive commie elite lefty loser liberals should stop stereotyping tea partiers as unsophisticated goobers who "can fix cars, bake a cherry pie, and clean a pistol." No stereotypes there. Nope.

Grabar thinks that if the liberal elites didn't have their view of RealAmerica™ obscured by ivy and very large mugs of latte, they might be able to see that some tea partiers are wise and great intellectuals. For example: Mary Grabar, Ph.D.

Grabar, Ph.D. is also ticked off at liberals for mischaracterizing tea partiers as paranoid and irrational.

Speaking of paranoid and irrational, does anyone else remember the column Grabar (Ph.D!) wrote in 2008 comparing Obama supporters to marauding soldiers who rape virgins? That same perfectly rational, not-at-all paranoid essay also included this window into Grabar's Ph.D-possessing soul:

“The snotty kids who made fun of my language grew up to embrace Spanish and promote bilingualism in the workplace and in schools. Most of them support Barack Obama.”

In other words, you liberal fancy-panted swells never invited undergrad Mary Grabar to your "cool" parties. Now Dr. Mary Grabar, Ph.D. is gonna make you pay.

She's gonna make us all pay! Ahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

James Howard Kunstler's wacky, wild tour of Atlanta

Posted By on Wed, Jun 9, 2010 at 8:31 PM

Pecanne Log's Christa points our attention to a wonderful visual tour of Atlanta, conducted by James Howard Kunstler. The world's most lovable hater of dumb growth was recently in town for the Congress for the New Urbanism's annual conference.

Screen shot 2010-06-09 at 4.11.39 PM

If you want the brutal truth, follow the link. He refers to downtown's Marcel Breuer-designed library as the "Fuhrerbunker." He makes fun of our parking decks. He does manage to say some kind things about what appears to be Broad Street, possibly my favorite downtown area because it a.) reminds me of Athens, Ga., and b.) actually feels like a city street. Unfortunately, that's just one street.

Click the photo above to view his thoughts on the city, including Atlanta's bizarre fascination with blank walls.

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Egypt figures out Elton John is gay

Posted By on Tue, May 4, 2010 at 12:41 PM

Was it the outfits? The maudlin songs about tragic blondes?

Or maybe it was the fact he's been speaking publicly about sex with men for 34 years, and has been married to a dude for five of them.

Whatever the reason, someone in Egypt apparently just now figured out part-time Atlantan Elton John is gay and is using this fact as an excuse to ban a concert he has scheduled there later this month.

'How do we allow a gay, who wants to ban religions, claimed that the prophet Eissa (Jesus) was gay and calls for Middle Eastern countries to allow gays to have sexual freedom,' head of the Egyptian Musician Union, Mounir al-Wasimi told the German Press Agency dpa.

Like Iran, Egypt has no gay people.

In related news, Mounir al-Wasimi probably just got himself banned from playing parts of the U.S. by referring to Jesus as a mere prophet.

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Decatur might outlaw fun things with wheels

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Decatur's curbs, planters and statues are under siege — apparently at the hands (feet?) of pesky skateboarders and rollerbladers — and the City Commission is ready to crackdown.

But, rather than target the few scofflaws who are doing the damage, the Commission is considering passing legislation that would outlaw skateboarding — and inline skating, roller skating and scootering (or whatever it is people do on scooters) — altogether in the downtown business district. According to an online forum on the city's website:

The City continues to receive complaints about skateboarders who disregard pedestrians and cause unsafe conditions on crowded sidewalks and in crowded public areas.  In addition, persons have used skateboards to “ride” on curbs and edges resulting in damage to property and to the surface of the plaza. Most recently, persons using skateboards have been sliding along the edge of the Celebration statue causing chipping and damage to the marble.

Private property owners have also seen property damage to curbs and edging as well as persons using skateboards going from the private property into the public street, particularly using the marble planters in front of 200 East Ponce de Leon Avenue to go into the right turn lane at East Ponce de Leon Avenue at Church Street.

As of 4 p.m. today, 24 commenters on the open forum were against the legislation and 21 were for it (6 others were ambiguous on the matter, voting either "neutral" or "maybe"). Many in favor of the legislation brought up the fact that the city recently spent $90 grand to build a skateboarding facility in McKoy Park, while those against outlawing skating in downtown pointed out the absurdity of penalizing kids and teenagers who are outside exercising, or those people who use skates and skateboards as means of conveyance. The Commission will take up the ordinance tonight at 7:30 p.m. at Decatur City Hall in the Commission Meeting Room.

(Photo from decaturga.com)

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