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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vampires Really Do Suck!

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Team Who f'n cares! - EDWARD ADAMS

On Tuesday, 20th Century Fox threw a Vampires Suck release party at the Dave & Buster’s at Discover Mills. In case you couldn’t deduce from its title, the film’s a riff on the Twilight series and the fanaticism the franchise has inspired.

Twilight is about a girl choosing between necrophilia and bestiality — between a dead guy or a dog,” said Jeff Davis, who works at Netherworld Haunted House, which co-hosted the event. “ …and somehow parents let their children watch. We don’t really get it either.”

It may not have been the intention, but based on what we saw at the party, Vampires Suck seems to be helping the trend more than hurting it.

Even some Twi-hards couldn’t resist the parody and came out the party. Twenty-three-year-old Katie Quinn from Lawrenceville, for instance, moonlights as Bella Swan. Quinn surfs the web to track down Bella’s outfits and stocks up. Quinn mentioned she currently has four complete outfits — with jewelry — and some miscellaneous shirts, dresses, and other articles of clothing. It doesn’t stop there; her bedroom set down to the candles and action figures is copied straight from the Twilight films.

“I’m a Twi-hard, but if I can’t make fun of it, then what’s the point?”, she explains.

Indeed. Now where can we get one of those “Team I don’t give a @!*#” t-shirts.

Vampires Suck opens Friday, August 20 at area theaters.

Vampires Suck at Dave & Busters
Vampires Suck at Dave & Busters Vampires Suck at Dave & Busters Vampires Suck at Dave & Busters Vampires Suck at Dave & Busters Vampires Suck at Dave & Busters Vampires Suck at Dave & Busters Vampires Suck at Dave & Busters Vampires Suck at Dave & Busters

Vampires Suck at Dave & Busters

By Edward Adams

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Comedy Central goes back to the future with more "Futurama"

Posted By on Thu, Jun 24, 2010 at 9:18 AM

Good news, everyone! "Futurama," the animated sci-fi satire canceled by Fox in 2003, returns for all-new episodes beginning tonight, June 24, on Comedy Central. It's a triumph for "Futurama," which previously existed as four straight-to-DVD films/episode collections broadcast on Comedy Central. Last year the cable channel announced plans to pick up the show for 26 more episodes, but without the original voice cast due to a short-lived contract dispute. But all the regulars are back, including Billy West as bumbling 20th century human Fry and Katey Sagal as cyclopean pilot Leela.

Bad news, everyone! Despite its multiple reincarnations, "Futurama" remains an underachiever. It's as if Matt Groening, creator of "The Simpsons," decided for his follow-up show to skip "The Simpsons'" decade of genius and go straight to the level of energetic, snarky mediocrity that both shows occupy. "Futurama" has memorable characters, a bright, spiffy design and clearly a devoted following, but has almost always fallen short of its potential. From that perspective, tonight's back-to-back episodes show consistency, proving every bit as strong — or weak — as the show has always been. The premiere's first 90 seconds includes a deliberately groan-worthy pun on "Futurama's" new broadcast home:

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