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Re: “Clock ticking on $250 million infrastructure bond vote

Sorry Demosthenes, but if all you can come up with is one bike lane - albeit one that would aid bike commuters a lot - I'm voting NO. $250mm is way too damn much for that - even assuming it's guaranteed that you'd get it. This city needs to grow up and learn the value of public money.

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Posted by cityzen on 02/15/2015 at 10:14 AM

Re: “Clock ticking on $250 million infrastructure bond vote

I have to admit the bike projects specifically sound very helpful for me personally (Dekalb Avenue would be great if it connected the beltline with Downtown and the Stone Mountain Trail into Decatur). I also just feel like there are a lot of other items that need to be done and no cash to do them (that's not being boondoggled elsewhere).

I really fall back on the sewer project. It has cost a fortune in water bills and watershed management seems like an unholy mess, but the water works and the sewers have been getting replaced all over town. Crappy, but no one had been killed by getting sucked into a broken sewer line lately.…

Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos.

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Posted by Demosthenes on 02/14/2015 at 8:04 PM

Re: “Fernbank fight

This is the largest old growth forest of it's kind still standing. Most of Georgia looked like this hundreds of years ago. Then settlers cut it all down for farming and now we have mostly common pine. (long leaf pine forests are 98% wiped out too ) They are trying to preserve this place and nurse it back to health from invasive species (there are hardly any native bank ferns left!) So, if I we need to wait another year so they can restore it to health, that's fine. I am thankful to even have such a beautiful old growth forest right here in my home town and our kids and grandkids will enjoy this very very rare place for generations. These places will soon be gone forever. We are grateful for all the hard work the wonderful folks are doing to preserve this unique spot.

Posted by yemaya56 on 02/13/2015 at 12:01 PM

Re: “City offers limited chance to get warrant wiped off the books

Granted they were a generic 80s glam rock band, but Cherry Pie was half-way listenable.
Wiping them off the books seems a little extreme.…

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Posted by Voxpopuli on 02/13/2015 at 11:38 AM

Re: “Clock ticking on $250 million infrastructure bond vote

@ Demosthenes, your pragmatic reasoning has a lot to be said for it. But are there really enough projects on the list that sound as if they are worth doing to warrant turning a blind eye to the usual shenanigans? Which ones are you keen to see done?

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Posted by cityzen on 02/13/2015 at 11:06 AM

Re: “Clock ticking on $250 million infrastructure bond vote

Reed is a douche, yes.

Here is my concern.

The "region" voted down the TSPLOST two years ago for similar reasons (douche leaders & minimal project clarity) and there is no Plan B in sight (wasn't the "better second option" going to be passed by now?) . Today, we have no visionary fixes to years of ass backwards GA politics for transportation/Infrastructure even on the table from the state.

Now we have the chance to pass a quarter billion dollar infrastructure improvements bond package and everyone is back to "just say no" and bitching about Reed's Sphincter and the Nod Squad (both great monikers btw).

1) Waiting for a 2017 election and then some more competent leadership (based on historical evidence, not sure leadership gets any better based on the last 3) is more pie in the sky dreaming
2) They are bound to actually use some of the money to fund infrastructure projects (even if some portion goes to "pork", won't it always?)
3) 2017 election would result in a 2018-19 bond and that is another 5 years away from even breaking ground on any changes.

The Federally mandated Sewer renovations project feels similar to this situation. I'm sure that everyone on Shirley & Campbell's donor lists got paid, but in the end we have a better sewer system and we are not dumping as much shit (literally) into the 'Hooch.

I feel like the vote is crappy vs. nothing.

I'm leaning strongly towards crappy.

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Posted by Demosthenes on 02/13/2015 at 10:34 AM
Posted by nohyphens on 02/12/2015 at 3:54 PM

Re: “Clock ticking on $250 million infrastructure bond vote

Reed doesn't care,


Let's wait.

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Posted by Brecko77 on 02/11/2015 at 9:49 PM

Re: “Clock ticking on $250 million infrastructure bond vote

If you read the article about the Bankhead Highway bridge, it mentions that the city is trying to decide if taking it down will be covered by this bond or not. That should be one of the most frightening things any of us has heard coming out of city hall. It means they really haven't decided what they're going to spend $250,000,000 on and have structured things to allow them to change their minds all they want. They know they want a big pot of money to play with but what it is used for is going to be for them to decide after it is approved. Giving Kasim Reed and the nod squad a quarter of a billion dollars in mad money is not a recipe for success. As much as I want infrastructure upgrades, it's unlikely we are going to get the best use of this money under the current administration.

As difficult as it is to wait, deferred gratification is one of the signs of being a mature and responsible adult. The responsible thing is to vote no and wait until the inevitable turnover in city hall in 2017 election comes to be. The power structure that put Reed and his allies in office are quickly losing power due to demographic change. Waiting until the next administration is in office will be the best use of delayed gratification in our lifetimes.

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Posted by Reed doesn't care about common people on 02/11/2015 at 6:51 PM

Re: “Clock ticking on $250 million infrastructure bond vote

Between our clown-of-a-mayor and city council, I can think of a total of four or so people I would actually trust with $250M. All the rest are simply bobbing-head Reed Nod Squad members. Trustworthiness in four out of 17 people, coupled with lack of transparency of "the list" even BEFORE the vote is held, will likely equal two NO votes for me.
I will definitely be voting NO for the facilities part (we shouldn't be spending almost 10% of the total bond on a freaking swimming pool when there is so else needed to be done); still undecided about the transportation part.

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Posted by DRHillis on 02/11/2015 at 6:03 PM

Re: “Clock ticking on $250 million infrastructure bond vote…

Now if only ESPN and Fox Sports would give Kasim's Sphincter the widespread coverage it deserves...

1 like, 6 dislikes
Posted by Beverly Fraud on 02/11/2015 at 4:36 PM

Re: “Clock ticking on $250 million infrastructure bond vote

@ voxpopuli
"Voters might not know some specifics until after they cast their ballots."

Amen. It's reminiscent of Nancy Pelosi's statement the House would have to vote for Obamacare legislation before they could find out what it contained.
In other words, blind them with bullfeathers.

3 likes, 3 dislikes
Posted by Burroughston Broch on 02/11/2015 at 9:23 AM

Re: “Clock ticking on $250 million infrastructure bond vote

I wouldn't trust the mayor or most of the city council with $250 either, Brecko.

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Posted by wesleywhatwhat on 02/10/2015 at 11:07 PM

Re: “Clock ticking on $250 million infrastructure bond vote

How many members of the current council would you trust with $70 million?

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Posted by Brecko77 on 02/10/2015 at 9:55 PM

Re: “Clock ticking on $250 million infrastructure bond vote

Christian DiCenso,

A city administrator admitted several months ago the city would not simply focus on the most pressing infrastructure, despite historically low interest rates. That means that the most pressing issues will deteriorate further and cost more when interest rates are higher in the future, assuming that the economy recovers to a point that justifies higher rates.

Atlanta needs infrastructure repairs, but a lot of people are uncomfortable giving Reed and this council $250 dollars, given their track record. Maybe the next mayor, but certainly not this one.

12 likes, 2 dislikes
Posted by Brecko77 on 02/10/2015 at 9:53 PM

Re: “Clock ticking on $250 million infrastructure bond vote

@Christian, there is no easy answer; but at the very least you have to make politicians pay politically when they pay private entities with taxpayer dollars for PRIVATE purposes.

If there is one thing that could be done: make the phrase "Kasim Reed's Sphincter" THE defining legacy of his two terms in office, so that if he ever attempts to foist himself on the public again by running for political office, the voters will have a handy reference to all he is about...

Seems at least one sports blog in New Orleans has already referenced the term "Kasim Reed's Sphincter." Would that "Kasim Reed's Sphincter" go viral for the good of the Atlanta taxpayer.

Let's hope Falcon fans aren't so enamored with the team that they can't do their part to give Kasim Reed the legacy he FULLY and RICHLY deserves.

7 likes, 5 dislikes
Posted by Beverly Fraud on 02/10/2015 at 7:56 PM

Re: “Clock ticking on $250 million infrastructure bond vote

@Beverly Fraud

So, what else can we do about that? How can you make him care?

Maybe I have the purpose of a vote misconstrued. It is a choice, "a formal indication of a choice between two or more candidates or courses of action" (Apple Dictionary).

I don't believe that there is an alternative, is there? It's either pass it, or don't. How would it be better if it didn't pass? I see the city officials saying, "well see, they don't want it passed, back to funneling cash elsewhere."

I apologize for coming off like a know-it-all. I don't know shit. Just a concerned bike rider, commuter, inhabitant of Atlanta.

2 likes, 3 dislikes
Posted by Christian DiCenso on 02/10/2015 at 7:45 PM

Re: “Clock ticking on $250 million infrastructure bond vote

Umm, Christian DiCenso, it's not that people don't care about infrastructure, it's that KASIM REED didn't care, because he put a higher priority on funneling $250 million to Arthur Blank than he did on fixing the infrastructure in the city.

Glad we cleared that up for you. Class dismissed.

8 likes, 1 dislike
Posted by Beverly Fraud on 02/10/2015 at 7:05 PM

Re: “Clock ticking on $250 million infrastructure bond vote

I mean, if you don't vote for this, how is that going to show that we care for updating infrastructure? It may not be perfect, but at least its something in the right direction.

If you don't like it, why don't you run for office then?

1 like, 13 dislikes
Posted by Christian DiCenso on 02/10/2015 at 3:30 PM

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