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Re: “The Lena Baker Story: Moral minority

I saw some of the movie today. Its ugly, brutal and ignorant. The things Black people allowed the whites to do. She never told anyone the threats that man made about burning her family. ( NOT THAT IT WOULD DO ANY GOOD) Her mom told her to quit and she didn't even tell her. Yes I saw him take her. SMH THERE WERE JUST AS MANY BLACKS AS WHITES. THE INDIANS FOUGHT THEM BUT NOT OUR SCARY BUTTS!!! SURE there were uprisings and eventually we were freed as a people. Its 2014 and we are committing genocide. We are just in a different form of slavery ( The government and the penal system). And now we killing each other in record numbers and still being kept on the plantation (jail) Why do you think black people have so many felonies and can't get jobs? Sure its our own fault for committing the crimes. But who made the laws? Who's giving us the guns and the drugs? Think about it and it don't take a high school diploma to figur it out!!! Everyone got paid for the injustice done to them but BLACK PEOPLE!!! OF COURSE PROPERTY CAN'T GET PAID!!! IS THAT WHY WE GET PUBLIC AIDE, DISABILITY, MEDICAL ASSISTANCE AND SUBSIDIZED HOUSING!!! THE BLACK MALE NEEDS TO WAKE UP BECAUSE YOU'LL BE LIKE THE DINOSAURS. EXTINCT!!!!😢 I'M JUST SAY'N From Chicago

Posted by I'M JUST SAY'N on 12/12/2014 at 3:01 PM

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