'Frisky Dingo's' main man

An epic battle worthy of classic comic books is currently raging as the superhero Awesome-X vies with the nefarious Killface -- only both larger-than-life figures must contend with the kind of budgetary and management issues that afflict any small business. The creators of "Sealab 2021" have cleverly disguised these struggles as the animated comedy "Frisky Dingo," airing on the Cartoon Network's Adult Swim late-night block beginning Sunday, Oct. 15 at 12:30 a.m. "Frisky Dingo's" staff secured a brief interview with the supervillain Killface.

Although you speak with an English accent, your clawed toes and skull-like head suggest that you're not necessarily human. What's your origin story?

"Skull-like?" That's your lead-off question? I'm a bit confused -- I thought this was to be more of a "puff piece" like they do for celebrities and such, not a personal attack. We all have skulls, you know. Just some -- talking to you, America -- have lots more fat on them. My head is just in excellent shape, is all. I have a lean ... how does it go? "A lean and hungry countenance," is what I have. And to answer your question ... well, I've forgotten it now, but I did live in Arizona for quite a number of years.

Prior to building the Annihilatrix, have you attempted other world-conquering schemes?

Well, I toyed with the idea of drilling a massive hole in the Earth's crust. All the way down to the gooey magma bits, and then all that boiling hot muck would just ooze out of the hole and melt every single living organism on the planet. I still get the giggles imagining people screaming like mad and climbing up cell-phone towers trying to get away from it, but then guess what! The tower just melts and they all splash in anyway! But hey, nice try!

Do you have any role models in arch-villainy and/or corporate management?

Without sounding like an utter cad, I can't think of any supervillains whom I admire more than myself (he said, blushing like mad!). But corporate types? Hands down, Lee Iacocca. Remember when he turned Chrysler around? They were making the absolute worst cars in the world, and he said, "Hey, guys. Come on. Let's at least try to be No. 1 in something. Seat belts! Let's try to make the best seat belts in the world." And you know what? They did!


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