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Age: 26
Status: Available

Gavin is one of our mall hotties. Not only is he pleasing to our eyes, his English accent also makes him pleasing to our ears. He picked it up in England, too. How about that!

How long have you been hot?
Since right after high school.

Where did you meet your last mate?

What makes someone sexy?
Personality and how they carry themselves.

Describe your ideal evening.
Hanging out, drinking red wine, having a good conversation and no expectations.

What's your strangest habit?
My mom would say it's that I mix my food together on the plate.

What's the strangest dream you can remember?
Someone I was talking to turned into a cat. He climbed up a tree and we continued talking while I was trying to catch him.

What are your ambitions?
To move back to England, to be a photographer and to be happy.

What are your fears?
My dad taught me not to fear anything, but I don't like insects.

If you had a cologne, what would it be called?
Dirty Little Secret.

Do you have a motto?
Put everything in its place.

Which reality contest show do you think you could win?
It wouldn't be "Survivor." I like food too much and I'll get on somebody's nerves. "Battle of the Network Stars." I'm not a star, but if I became one, I'd kick some serious ass.

A great personality, a great smile and I like legs.

I don't like kankles. (Gavin explains that "kankles" is slang for "fat ankles.").

If you were king of the world, what's the first thing you'd do?
If you're crossing the street and the light turns, I want it to be legal to hit you.

Can't we all just get along?
I would hope so.

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