20 most hated ATL bands, rappers, guilty pleasures, and electro douches — and why we love them 

A totally scientific, improbably irrefutable, fair and objective survey with which you will most certainly disagree

Haters are going to hate this list; but there are rules to this game.

The task of compiling the 20 most hated Atlanta music acts into one Holy Grail of Hometown Haterade is a serious undertaking — one that musn't be approached all willy nilly. So we established an unimpeachable set of criteria, one that favored rationale over emotion. When all else failed, we arm-wrestled.

What emerged was a shortlist of key questions that guided the final order of the countdown:

1) How hated art thou? Hyperlocal hate might buy you some much-needed indie cred, but to ball with the big boys one must be reviled on an international scale.

2) How "Atlanta" art thou? In a city overrun by transplants, we strongly considered how intrinsic Atlanta is to each artist's development and identity — whether they're natives, current residents, or simply passing through Hartsfield-Jackson.

3) How relevant art thou? One must earn the right to be hated, so consider it a badge of honor. It's a sign that people acknowledge, perhaps even respect, your current position and impact on music — no matter how passionately they think you suck.

In an attempt to leave no stone unturned, we skewer the usual suspects (insert favorite trap rapper here), throw in several indie surprises (f'n hipsters), even slay a sacred cow or two. Our scientific polling and research led us to the best compendium of player haterism ever invented by Al Gore — the Internet(!) — which we scoured for comments, slander, and pure, un-spellchecked revulsion ("Major Shade"). That's followed by our own two-cent critiques ("Haterade"). Most importantly, we defend each artist in question with reasons why they deserve your unyielding adoration in spite of themselves ("Playerade").

Because, in the end, it's all love around these parts.

— Rodney Carmichael

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