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Pablo Francisco 

Comedian hits the Punchline April 18-20

Comedian Pablo Francisco has a way with words, or at least the sounds of other people's words. His gift for impersonations has people thinking he's Don LaFontaine, the now-famous movie-trailer voice-over genius. Francisco brings his fast-paced stand-up routine to the Punchline from Fri.-Sun., April 18-20.

You're well-known for your impersonations of everyone from Arnold Schwarzenegger to William Hung. How did you develop your talent for mimicry? I had some neighbors who lived behind me growing up, and ... those guys would always say, "Hey man, you sound like this person," and after a while, you know they were about five or six years older than me, it would just turn into ... a routine. I had some funny friends and they would go to a comedy club, and I couldn't get in at the time and they would just tell me, "You know what, there was a comedian there doing this impression and I think you can do it better than him." And it just took off from there.

How did you get so interested in the dance-club beat thing? I mean, did you go out to clubs a lot? In Atlanta there was a place called Backstreet. It was a kind of nightclub for a very homosexual crowd, bisexual ... the kind that is [open] 24 hours. I go, "No, I don't believe it." And I get there, it was cool, open for 24 hours. And these girls take me there. And come in ... [makes sounds like beats] ... It's 10 o'clock in the morning ... [beats] it is 4 o'clock in the afternoon. [beats] And I go, "Man, that same beat just going on and on and on." And I just go, "Wow, that's probably the most longest song!" I think that club is closed down.

There is a lot in your routine about how music affects your sex life. How did that come into it? We had a roommate that would always bring girls from the beach over. I was really amazed how this guy would get ready, put cologne on and have five dollars to his name and bring girls back to the apartment and have sex on the couch. And he used to use my radio and take it in there at night. I decided to keep it, put it in my room. So he came home and he was like, "Oh my god ... I want to hear some music." So he just put the TV on and I got up to go to the bathroom and he was on the couch having sex with this girl and the music on the TV was the "CHIPS" theme. I was laughing my ass off. You could hear them having sex to "CHIPS" and "Star Trek" and ... then the soccer game would come on. I am going, "Huh, wouldn't that be funny and I could just put it in a bit with just all different kinds of music?"

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